TB Season 3 – Casting Spoilers

SpoilerTV.com has posted casting calls for season 3 – giving us some concrete facts to mull over while we bide our time for Season 3.   Mr Ball’s riddles and chain yanking are really getting on my nerves so needless to say, bring it on!

So what do we have in this little box of goodies?

Tommy Mickens, Sam’s long lost younger brother is being cast.  It appears he doesn’t know about Sam and he sounds like he is going to be a royal pain in his arse.

Talbot will be “showing Bill around a magnificent mansion where he has been “invited” to stay for a spell”. In the SVM, Talbot is Russell Edgington’s lover.  So I guess it’s safe to assume that Bill is being held in Russell’s mansion after his kidnapping.  I smell Lorena by association, not that it should surprise anyone.

Gus, Jimmy, Louie and Coot – “he and his biker thugs take turns stabbing Bill and feeding on him.  Coot hates being told what to do.” Biker thugs huh?  Enter our furry Were friends who were responsible for guarding Bill during his torture in Club Dead.  The mention of them feeding on Bill has spawned some crazy theories on the forums about Bill’s kidnapping being connected to the Eric/Lafayette/Sophie-Anne V storyline.  I don’t think so.  Just like in Club Dead, the were’s guarding Bill are scummy low-life.  Showing them indulging in V just plays on general assumptions about bikers – ie. that they use drugs. Except in the True Blood universe, the drug of choice is V instead of heroin, cocaine or whatever other poison takes your fancy.

Yvetta – “Female, 20’s, gorgeously hot Eastern European is Eric’s new dancer at Fangtasia.  She speaks Czechoslovakian with subtitles and knows how to work a stripper pole. She and Eric have a sexual relationship…” So when I read this, I died a little inside.  I know, I know….in the books we had no idea what Eric was doing sexually off the page, especially at this early stage.  And while I’ll be as happy to look at Alexander Skarsgard naked as the next red-blooded female – I’m not ready to see Eric banging some European stripper.  No, I am not.  It makes me feel dirty and not in a good way.  I’m glad I have nine months warning to come around to the idea.

So the next obvious question for the bookies would be – where the hell is Alcide?  I’ve seen no casting call for him, and as he should appear early in S3 I can only guess that he has already been cast.

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  1. 1 Gigi
    November 21, 2009 at 8:02 am

    YAY!!! First of all I want to congatulate you on this gorgeous blog. I love it!! Also love your comments and insight about the characters and is wonderful to have the oportunity to read you here (and not limmited by forum rules ;). *HappyDance* Just in case, remember english isn’t my first language (sometimes I can’t express my thoughts as I really want to, but I know that you understand me lol).

    Big Hug,


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