Book 10 – Eric/Sookie Nookie?

This post on EricNorthman.net caught my attention today.  locketlove has some interesting spoilers for Dead in the Family (due out next May):

New info about DITF from CH (from Q&A at a ball in New Orleans on 10/30)

Claude will be in the book.

E/S are in a relationship, and there is an E/S sex scene.


If Claude is in Book 10, then he has remained behind after Niall closed the fae portal. The leaked synopsis for Book 10 states that Sookie will “come face to face with one of her more distant relatives” in the next book. Some have speculated this may be Dermott, her distant fae kin. Claude remaining in the human world certainly seems to indicate that the fae storyline is not dead after all.

And of course it’s nice to see CH confirm again that Sookie and Eric are in relationship as opposed to just having hot monkey sex. Of course we all know this domestic harmony won’t last long, but after nine books, I think we are owed at least a little quiet time with these two!

Update: The Eric/Sookie sex scene in DITF now confirmed by Charlaine during an interview with BlogTalkRadio.

Host: One of your fans wants to know if you’re willing to give a little tidbit about Eric in Book 10?
[laughs loudly] That fan is not the only person who’s asked that!…
…What she really wants to know is “Will Eric and Sookie have sex in the next book” and yes, they will.
Host: Eric and Sookie will be doin’ it in Book 10…you heard it here first!
Yes, they will.

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  1. 1 VampirePamsGirl
    November 4, 2009 at 6:40 am

    Oh yeah! Eric-Sookie nookie! I needed some good news today after reading that SciFi Wire bullcrap! Thanks and I love your blog. So many of the same opinions.

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