True Blood – More Season 3 Casting Calls!

It’s all happening today.

Another casting call out for Episode 2 of season 3. The episode will be titled “Beautifully Broken” and is written by Raelle Tucker – which fills me with dread – and directed by Scott Winant. Winant directed “I Will Rise Up”, so there’s a pro. Casting calls are out for the following parts:

[CRYSTAL NORRIS] 20s.. Barefoot in a sundress, this mysterious and hauntingly beautiful young woman shares an electric connection with Jacob [is this supposed to say “Jason”…I think so] before disappearing into the trees…no lines in this episode, 1 scene (50) VERY STRONG RECURRING

[MELINDA MICKENS] Female, 50s, dirt-poor, hung-over, trashy-looking, she wears stained clothes and lives in a shanty house styled in early dumpster. She has a mysterious link to Sam’s distant past…STRONG RECURRING (19)

[JOE LEE MICKENS] Male. 50s, Melinda’s husband, he’s a dirt poor, poorly educated man who is also amazed when he realizes Sam’s link to his wife’s early life…STRONG RECURRING (19)

[RUBY JEAN REYNOLDS] This African-American woman in her late 40s to early 50s is clearly deranged. Intensely religious and viciously homophobic, she’s being cared for in an elite private facility.sptv050769..6 lines, 1 scene (23)

[WERE-BITCH] FEMALE, 20s or 30s, NAKED, MUST SPEAK GERMAN. Seen in flashback to World War II, this naked, trembling German woman pleads for help, but suddenly and terrifying transforms…4 lines, 2 scenes (9)

[CALVIN NORRIS] This big, rugged, bare-chested man in his 40s is upset when the police arrive with a warrant to search his rundown trailer…2 lines, 1 scene in this episode; STRONG RECURRING (50)

[FEMALE REPORTER] This attractive female reporter interviews the authorities about some recent “animal” attacks…2 speeches, 2 scenes (25)

[SHANE AND KRIS] These two drunk, lowlife hillbillies incite Tara’s fury with their disrespect for one recently dead. When Shane refuses to apologize, Tara proceeds to beat him up…4 lines, 1 scene; 1 line, 1 scene respectively (51)

[SGT. KINNEY] Seen in flashback to World War II (Germany 1945), this baby-faced American G.I. in his 20s stops to assist a distressed German woman — and gets a terrifying surprise…2 lines, 2 scenes (8)

[CREEPY BIKER] This biker/werewolf menaces Sookie, but just might find she’s not the easy victim he anticipated…1 line, 1 scene (21) MAY RECUR.

So it looks like we’re going to Hotshot in season 3. Tara gets to beat someone up – yay! I hope Hellcat!Tara is back.

And “Ruby Jean Reynolds” sounds just the right age to be Lafayette’s mother. His “viciously homophobic” mother. Oooh bitches!

And we’re STILL waiting to find out about Alcide and Debbie Pelt!

Shooting starts this week so hopefully some pics or something will leak soon.



2 Responses to “True Blood – More Season 3 Casting Calls!”

  1. 1 Gigi
    December 1, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    Casting the Norris so early means we’ll have Jason as a werepanther sooner than we expected… According to Lettie Mae’s last words to Laffayette about how his mom rejected him (blah blah)Ruby Jean Reynolds sounds like his mom, too.

    About the were-bitch and the Sgt. Kinney, mmmm maybe is a new invented plot line, or just a way to introduce weres on the show. I mean, the only military with a rank related to werewolves was Alcide’s packmaster Colonel Flood. But this one couldn’t be him because (even when I don’t remeber exactly if his age is mentioned on the books) I am under the impression he is younger that this Sgt. Kinney (who could have easily 85 years or more right now, as well as the were-bitch…). Also, I’m under the impression weres, including werewolves aren’t inmortal as vampires because they actually age on books (and logically I think they also die) So I don’t think they are going to be part of the recurring characters on the show (and the info didin’t say it neither). What really makes me feel pfffff about the Sgt. description is that it seems to be another Eric’s stolen “scene” from the books (well, maybe because in fact they already made another story about how was he turned by Godric).

    Anyway, with all these other plot lines wihtin the next season, it seems we will still having between 5 and 10 minutes of Eric’s screen time as a secondary charachter, and most of it naked sexing up women and men (according to the spoilers and comments from actors and AB)… Of course, the “men sex” to please the gay audience and promotes AB’s tv gay agenda discussed by him here: http://www.afterelton.com/TV/2008/9/alanball_trueblood?page=0%2C0 (I’m not homophobic but it really pisses me off he is destroying Eric’s character for his own purposes). I’m sure he will never use Bill for it, and he already held Lafayette’s character and will have Russel Edgington for that, so why mess with Eric so much?? Just to show Bill is a better suitor for Sookie? pfffffffffff

    … And CH dares to say we, Eric’s fans, are only thinking about Eric’s sexier habits… (more pffff)

    (It seems that “pfff” is the new word of my brand-new Word of the Day calendar for the next year lol)

    • December 2, 2009 at 1:18 pm

      I forgot about what Lettie Mae said to Laf about his mother – wow that was obviously foreshadowing…nice catch.

      I’m ok with Eric getting some man action, as long as it’s not too overt. In the books there were a couple of references to this so as long as it’s handled in context (ie. he isn’t doing it for the sake of it – there is a reason for it) I think I could deal.

      But like you, I’m losing faith in Ball’s ability to do *anything* with subtlety!

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