Fashion Hell in Sookieverse – #2

Get set for more toe curling fashion disasters! It’s day 2 of the “Fashion Hell in Sookieverse” poll and today’s nominee is….

Bill – Grateful Gran’s Dead (Dead Until Dark)
So you show up at your girlfriends house in a Grateful Dead t-shirt and jeans. What’s so bad about that, right? It’s actually kind of funny for a vampire right? Bill, this was your big chance to show us that you actually do have a sense of humour. And then you walked inside, wearing that t-shirt to find your girlfriend screaming over HER GRANDMA’S MUTILATED DEAD BODY.

Fashion fail Bill. EPIC FAIL.

So does Mr Sensitive, New Age Boyfriend apologise to Sookie for his grossly inappropriate casual wear? Erm…no. Does he remove this shirt that went from slightly daggy to outright offensive in a matter of moments? Nuh-uh. Does he even acknowledge his monumental fashion faux pas? HELL no. No interest in redemption, our Bill. For anything really.

To be fair, Bill can’t be held entirely responsible since he had just gone home to get changed and didn’t know at the time Gran was dead (or at least I don’t think he knew…). But I will whip him for it anyway.

Bill listens to Kenny G in his car so he deserves what he gets.

Highly inappropriate attire for finding dead grandmothers

Tomorrow’s Victim: Eric

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2 Responses to “Fashion Hell in Sookieverse – #2”

  1. 1 Gigi
    December 3, 2009 at 5:21 pm

    Not just the black humor of wearing it for that moment, but also the irony of him having that relic piece of fashion, especially when he is always cursing being a vampire, living dead, bla bla. When I read that book, that was my first thought LOL.

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