Eric & Quinn: “A” is for Alpha – Round #2

My last ramble about Eric and Quinn looked at how these two play off against eachother as romantic rivals, and the impact that Quinn’s presence in the story has on Eric’s actions and his emotional responses to Sookie.

That is one facet of the Quinn/Eric dynamic, and this post will look at another – Quinn’s political ties and his intentions towards Sookie.

As we touched on previously, Eric’s suspicion of Quinn is palpable from the outset. While on the surface it would be easy to chalk this up to good old fashioned jealousy, their first meeting leaves us feeling that Eric’s dislike of Quinn runs much deeper than this. The very first mention Eric makes of Quinn, even before their meeting on Sookie’s porch indicates that their paths have crossed before:

Eric’s eyes widened. “So the contest was today. I’d heard Quinn was in town. Usually, he keeps transgressions to a minimum.” – Dead as a Doornail

In All Together Dead, Eric corners Sookie in the parking lot at Merlotte’s and grills her about her feelings for Quinn, not for the first time:

“Eric,” I said, and my voice was shaking. “I don’t know why you’re here, and I don’t know why we’re having all this drama.”
“Are you Quinn’s now?” His eyes narrowed.
“I’m my own,” I said. “I choose.”
“And have you chosen?”
“Eric, this is beyond gall. You haven’t been dating me. You haven’t given me any sign that was on your mind. You haven’t treated me as though I had any significance in your life. I’m not saying I would have been open to those things, but I’m saying in their absence I’ve been free to find another, ah, companion. And so far, I like Quinn just fine.”
“You don’t know him any more than you really knew Bill.”
That sliced down where it hurt.
“At least I’m pretty damn sure he wasn’t ordered to get me in bed so I’d be a political asset!”

Hump...hump...hump...watch out for splinters there, Tiger.

Eric is right to be suspicious of Quinn. He was sent to secure Sookie by Sophie Anne, just as Bill was – the only difference being that Quinn was open about who he worked for from the beginning. But just like Bill, he was feeding Sookie a line about why he was really there. Recruiting Sookie to her employ for the vampire conference was only one of the reasons the Queen sent Quinn to her. Remember that Sophie-Anne had already tried to secure Sookie on a more permanent basis once already and failed (or more precisely Bill failed) – and she wasn’t the type to give up easily. There’s a theory that says Sophie Anne’s long term plans for Sookie involved a blood bond and possibly turning her, as she did with Hadley. This certainly makes sense for Sophie-Anne’s goals, as she would have far more control over Sookie through a blood bond and then eventually as her maker. She may even have intended Andre to undertake that role, after his actions in Rhodes. Either way it doesn’t seem that SA intended to simply keep a little human on her payroll. There’s no doubt that the clever, conniving queen would have wanted a more secure arrangement over the long term. Given what Sookie knew about Sophie Anne, Hadley and Bill by the time All Together Dead rolled around, she should have been suspicious as hell of Quinn by then. Except for briefly entertaining an idea much earlier that he’d been involved with Hadley’s murder, she is not – “At least I’m pretty damn sure he wasn’t ordered to get me into bed so I’d be a political asset.” WTF Sookie! For an intelligent girl I really don’t understand why you are so utterly stupid when it comes to men.

As Eric quite correctly pointed out, since when does the Queen send a shifter to conduct her business? After Bill made such a monumental screw up of his mission, it would have been pointless to send another vampire covertly. So did Sophie Anne send Bill off to Peru to get his screwy-up-arse well out of the way, while she sent in a shifter to try again? I think there is some evidence for this. Having observed Sookie directly and through Bill for quite some time by this point, Sophie Anne knows her well enough to understand how Sookie reacts to lying and deception, so she changes tactics. This time, instead of outright deception Bill-style, Quinn’s strategy is to be open about his connection to the Queen. This openness seems to throw Sookie off the scent but Eric discerns Quinn’s game early. Which makes his readiness to rip Quinn’s throat out the first time they come face to face a little more feasible. Eric knows Sookie has to work Quinn out for herself, since she would only put it down to jealousy if he openly questioned his motives. In the Merlotte’s parking lot scene in ATD, he is once again trying to lead Sookie to reach her own conclusions about what is bleedingly obvious to him.

Let myself in. Naked in ur tub. But don't call me Alpha.

Quinn’s ties to Sophie Anne aren’t the only reason Eric doesn’t trust him. If we grant that originally Quinn was sent by Sophie Anne to finish what Bill began, the queen’s death during the takeover should have been the end of that. But oh no. Then we find out that Quinn happens to be under the thumb of the new regime as well due to a debt he incurred to them while protecting his mother. The new regime are just as interested in having a telepath as the old one – with the additional agenda of kicking Eric in the nuts to keep him in line as the only surviving sheriff of Sophie-Anne’s regime. Quinn continues to hang around after Sophie-Anne’s death and the takeover of Louisianna, and if his intentions looked suspicious before – now they just outright REEK. Yet again, Quinn is in a position where he can be easily manipulated via threat to his family into giving those who control him access to Sookie. It’s probable that Quinn’s return to Area 5 in defiance of Eric’s orders and his desperate, last ditch effort to win Sookie back was actually at the behest of Felipe de Castro himself. FDC would surely rather see Sookie involved with Quinn – who he can threaten and manipulate with ease, than see her blood bonded to Eric who is showing an increasing willingness to defy and out-maneuver him where Sookie is concerned. Looking back, it seems that Eric saw trouble in Quinn from the beginning and put the pieces together a long time before Sookie did – “You don’t know him any more than you knew Bill’.

Why, of course he did. He is smart that way and THIS IS WHY WE LOVE HIM.

I do feel that Quinn cares for Sookie, and that perhaps he even loves her. But the most sensible thing Sookie ever did was give him the boot over his mommy issues. His feelings about his family lead him to make the most unbelievably stupid mistakes. While Quinn is indebted to vampires, Sookie will never be safe with him.

I feel like there’s a major showdown on the wind for Eric and Quinn. Not only do they want the same woman, but there is definitely something political going down between the two of them as well. They seem to have a history going back before Sookie, and Eric totally smells a rat around Quinn and his dubious associations. With Quinn having to align with Nevada to protect his mother and sister, and Eric looking more and more like he’s about to move against Nevada to become King (this is another one of my conspiracy theories – I told you have more than I can poke a stick at), I’m betting we haven’t seen the last of the alpha posturing between these two by a long shot.

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  1. 1 Mia
    December 12, 2009 at 12:31 pm

    I’m enjoying your blog and your insights. I had never considered Quinn pulling a Bill on Sookie before, but you could be right. I always thought Quinn was Sookie’s safety net. He’s on the road all the time, and she barely sees him or has to deal with him, but yet she gets to tell herself and Eric that she’s with someone; Sookie in running mode. Once she actually has to deal with Quinn as a real person with problems/issues, she dumps him.

    I always thought that Bill never told SA that he and Sookie broke up. After seeing what SA did to Waldo in One Word Answer, I can’t imagine Bill rushing to confess his failure. This also might explain Bill’s chronic watching Sookie from her woods and bringing Selah to Merlotte’s when Sookie worked. He was keeping tabs on her and can report back.

    In Definitely Dead, SA seems surprised with Sookie’s vehment “no” when asked about Bill accompanying them to Hadley’s as if she didn’t know they were on the outs. She also says something to Sookie about sending Bill to “investigate” her – nothing about having him seduce her, which yes, SA probably wouldn’t admit. I always wondered if Andre – Mr Initiative – had a hand in directing Bill too.

    SA seemed more sensitive to sexual abuse even as a vampire. I believe that’s how she acquired Andre. She was aware of Haley’s abuse by Uncle Barlett, and she also made a remark to Sookie about anything could happen to SA’s lawyer (who had killed a woman) after SA’s trial. I couldn’t picture her telling Bill to use sex or starting a blood bond to acquire Sookie. Andre, on the other hand, didn’t seem to have any scruples as long as it got SA what she wanted.

    Sorry for the long post, but I do love reading other people’s viewpoints about happenings in Sookie’s world.

  2. 2 walgigi
    December 12, 2009 at 8:23 pm

    I agree completely with your theory. Eric’s suspicion from the beginig of Quinn’ apearance must have an “older” root, and the statement “You don’t know him any more than you really knew Bill” at Merlotte’s parking was a hint for her to reflect and think over Quinn’s motives.

    Quinn HATES vampires, they were manipulating him since her mother’s debt issue, and now, again, King Felipe has full control over him trough her mother.

    I never though for a moment he would let SA turned Sookie into a vampire, and to be sure of that, he also killed Andre. They thought they were using him, but he also was using them for his own selfish motives.

    “I do feel that Quinn cares for Sookie, and that perhaps he even loves her. But the most sensible thing Sookie ever did was give him the boot over his mommy issues. His feelings about his family lead him to make the most unbelievably stupid mistakes. While Quinn is indebted to vampires, Sookie will never be safe with him.”

    I do think he feels and cares for Sookie, but for him she means more than that. She means FREEDOM. She means freedom from the vampires that he hates so much because Sookie = POWER. And if he can have control over her, he can CONTROL everyone who needs Sookie’s telephaty gift because they will depend on him.

    FREEDOM, POWER and CONTROL -that’s what Sookie really means to him now. She’s his ticket to freedom and he will kill anyone (as your theory also say, including Eric) who stands between him and her.

  3. 3 Dan
    December 12, 2009 at 10:22 pm

    I don’t has CH has time for this conspiracy. Maybe his initial persuit of Sookie was Queen prompted, but almost a forgone conclusion that a Supe is gonna fall for Sookie after they have spent anytime alone with her. Especially a Supe with half a heart. Queen’s desperate attempt was not uncommon. He had probably expected Sookie to call him. When she didn’t and he realized Eric was running interference, he made a desperate move. But displays of anger are not going to win Sookie back. Notice Eric trying so hard, besides obvious moves to protect her, to force her hand. Now she just drives to Shreveport “to sit beside him.”.

    I need to find your other theory about Eric intending or having any chance of taking down Nevada. I don’t see it. Sookie would not be of value to them because she must be willing. As Eric said to Andre in Rhodes “she must be kept happy”

  4. 4 Dan
    December 12, 2009 at 10:34 pm

    Writing corrections:
    Quinn’s desperate attempt (not Queen’s)
    Eric STOPPED trying so hard with Sookie.

  5. 5 Frida
    December 13, 2009 at 12:11 am

    Haha!:D You’re all so conspiratorial, I can’t believe you came up with all these theories! xD But I’ve got to say, huge parts of them make a lot of sense 😮 Walgigi: The ‘Quinn want’s Sookie for Freedom, Control and Power’ part; I agree, there might be some truth in that, but I don’t think he’s AWARE that that’s his part of his draw to Sookie, though :s But that part totally shook up my views xD But anyway; I loved this post, it really gave me some new and fresh perspective 😀 Can’t wait to read more! And yes, Eric has the wits that makes him our kind of man ^-^ That and his exellent humor ;D

    • 6 ksr
      December 14, 2009 at 10:27 am

      “…he deliberately went at night…If he was only there to proclaim his love, it would make more sense to go during the day when you have no chance of being caught…” There is a great likelihood that he did it just because he is an idiot! Or more likely because CH needed to let Eric give Sookie more blood and fall within her bad, cause otherwise there is no chance to deal with her stubbornness and break down her prejudice against sex with Eric! To bring Quinn to her house during the night, organize a fight between Bill and him, fall both of them out and finally let us enjoy Chapter 10! That was a goal I guess! It’s sounds so cynical even to me… while your theory looks pretty much nicer, interesting and poetic! So I’ll take yours! ;)))

  6. December 13, 2009 at 12:13 am

    Quinn’s initial pursuit of Sookie was definitely queen prompted, no maybe about it. He tells her outright that he is working for her very early on, that he sent her to ask her to work the conference. He’s arranging Sophie Anne’s wedding. Bill has been sent to Peru – PERU lol – like she couldn’t get him further out of the way. Quinn comes to Hadley’s apartment to help her sort through Hadley’s things – he’s really there because Sophie Anne wants him to oversee things in case her bracelet turns up. He was Sophie-Anne’s puppet in the same way that he is now FDC’s.

    I don’t dispute that Quinn cares about her, he does. But he is being manipulated the same way Bill was.

    What’s suspicious about Quinn crossing into Area 5 again in DAG? He shows up at Sookie’s house – at NIGHT lol – knowing full well that Bill was close by. He picks a fight. He is acting desperate, he’s grasping at straws.

    FDC sent him back to get her but Quinn didn’t want to do it – he deliberately went at night knowing there would be vampires around, knowing that Bill and Eric could show up to prevent it going any further. If he was only there to proclaim his love, it would make more sense to go during the day when you have no chance of being caught, especially since Eric was going to kill him. He was going through the motions and doing what he was told, but knowing all the while that it was a fair bet one of them would show up and he wouldn’t have to follow through.

    It was interesting that Eric told Sookie he sent Quinn away after promising him that he would take of her. He promised Quinn that he wouldn’t let them get her. Eric didn’t kill him when he should have – why?

    The whole conversation between Q and S in that scene – Sookie is confused as hell, Quinn is desperate like he is trying to tell her something and she isn’t getting it. He’s trying to warn her.

    At the start of DAG Victor is there making an appeal on Quinn’s behalf – why would a vampire be doing that for a shifter? Later in that convo after the knife is presented he says “we acknowledge your attachment to this one” – implying that they’ll keep their hands off her…for now. They want her, no doubt about it.

    Re the Nevada thing – I haven’t done a post on that yet, it’s percolating. You’re absolutely right, Sookie must be willing to be of any value. FDC has been very careful in how he has handled Sookie. He’s all but convinced her that he is not a threat – offering her formal protection, being so charming to her face…because he recognises that she has to be willing. It’s about to turn nasty from this direction, and that will be the impetus for Eric to make a move.

  7. December 13, 2009 at 12:35 am

    I can’t take all the credit – the ideas come from a lot of sources…I just expand on some things 😉

    Oh you’re so right, she totally represents freedom and control to him. Problem with Quinn is that he thinks he’s a lot smarter than he is. He thinks that she is his ticket out of the mess he’s in but he doesn’t realise that by tying her to him he puts her in even more danger. Or he just doesn’t care as much about her safety as he does about his own issues.

    I totally think that Andre was involved in the Bill thing up to his neck as well. And you’re right, SA didn’t seem to be completely aware of what was transpiring there around the breakup. Bet Andre knew the whole story though.

  8. 9 walgigi
    December 13, 2009 at 12:54 am

    Frida’s laugh, and your “Bill has been sent to Peru – PERU lol – like she couldn’t get him further out of the way” made me laugh so much and hard that I almost pee myself hhhahahaha.

    I also want to congratulate you. I think the blog has never been so active like this weekend since you made it, and it’s all thanks to your hard work. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful place and atmosphere to express. Good Job Hon!!!

    Big Hugs!!

  9. 10 Kristin
    December 13, 2009 at 4:14 am

    You will find this funny I think… In DAG Eric said before he gave Sookie blood after the faries tortured her “And I fed well before I came here” my very first thought was- Dear God I hope Eric was not not there to save Sookie because he was busy eating poor Quinn. And I think old Quinn might have even ticked Eric off enough to do it. Eric is smarter than that though… I think.

    • 11 VampirePamsGirl
      December 13, 2009 at 5:43 pm

      Nah, I don’t think we’re lucky enough for Eric to have had a snack of tiger before coming to help Sook, lol. Nice thought, though.

      Definitely some interesting theories and view points here on this one. I’m going to have to get my books back (after lending them to a friend) so I can reread and refresh to keep up with all of you. 🙂 I do agree 100% that Quinn always seemed suspicious. Things just don’t always seem to add up with him.

      And for real, WTF was up with him showing up at Sookie’s house in DAG anywhere close to night time. If he really wanted to talk to her without interruption, then he should have shown his ass up about noon! If there is one conversation/scene in all the books that I wish could have been shown even though Sookie wasn’t really there for it, it would be that one after she gets knocked out and Eric shows up. Of course though, I was quite happy with the scene we did get after Sookie woke up. ;p

  10. December 14, 2009 at 6:23 am

    God I *wish* he ate Quinn. If for no other reason than I could stop obsessing about him LOL.

    And yup, the conversation between Eric and Quinn when Sookie was knocked out is at the top of my list of Things I Need To Know About at this point. I’m hoping Eric will drop some hints in the next book, since nothing will come from Q because he isn’t in it. While I call alot of this stuff “conspiracy theories”, it’s so tongue in cheek. These books are multi-layered – you can read them as popcorn fiction and go along for the adventure and romance. But they are also mysteries. There is meant to be sub plot there, both the smaller ones within individual books, and “big picture” stuff that spans the entire series. There is definitely stuff buried that she wants us to piece together, and dialogue and passages that seem so offhand and random often aren’t. You can see this when you go back and re read the first 5 books knowing all about Bill. There were hints everywhere.

    The fact that you can approach them either way is what makes them so much fun 🙂

  11. 13 Holby
    January 28, 2010 at 11:51 pm

    I only just found your site and I am so thankful. The dialogue among posters is intelligent and objective (except that we all adore Eric, of course…but that is just because we ARE intelligent!!)
    I had never considered Quinn’s motivation quite, but you also see some of the same impulse control issues from him that you noted about Bill. In the parking lot of Hair of the Dog…”your lips are saying no, but your body…” Famous last words of a date-raper, yes? And he never even made a two minute phone call to find out how she was after she got jumped by a bitten were. Okay, he had to go to check on his employee, but he couldn’t call while driving???? C’mon. Whining in the infirmary bed about “is this where you dump me?” and then getting pissy once he realizes that she is willing to stay with him.

    Aside from the weak “babe” issue, how about calling her “blondie” before sending her into the contest cage!!! Who talks so condescendingly to a woman he might be interested in?

    I want back story…besides, if the whole story is the pit-fighting, why was Barry so outraged that Quinn hadn’t told Sookie about his past? There is something much darker there, I think. He even makes Sam nervous!!! Is he a vamp hit man, too???

    • 14 VikingLover
      January 29, 2010 at 3:39 am

      “I want back story…besides, if the whole story is the pit-fighting, why was Barry so outraged that Quinn hadn’t told Sookie about his past? There is something much darker there, I think. He even makes Sam nervous!!! Is he a vamp hit man, too???”

      That’s such a great point! I never thought of that – that perhaps he is a hit man. He definitely didn’t hesitate in killing Andre or in the possibility of killing Eric. Also, as the post said, why would the Queen of LA rely on a Were to deliver a message to Sookie. Very odd indeed. He also seems to be extremely valuable to the King of Nevada – even after he was of no use in obtaining information about Sookie. Let’s face it, it’s over – FDC has what he wants so Quinn wouldn’t be of any use to him anymore. He can’t still be so valuable just for something as mundane as pitfighting. When Victor Madden told Eric that he was taking Quinn’s request to have a private meeting with Sookie off the table, he also stated “My Master was unhappy about the tiger wanting to leave, anyway”. That was an interesting statement. Why would the King care either way. It’s as if Quinn could then disapper – his Mother is a loose cannon and would surely get him caught or killed if he tried to escape.

      • 15 VikingLover
        January 29, 2010 at 3:41 am

        Oooops, meant “It’s not as if Quinn could then escape/disappear”

      • January 29, 2010 at 3:53 am

        Quinn is leverage for Felipe.

        He’s not done with him yet, I don’t feel. Not by a loooong shot.

        He is back in book 11 apparently, I think he still has some value to Felipe. Does FDC have what he wants? I don’t know 😉 The telepath he wants to control is blood bonded to one of his area sheriffs. A sheriff who has demonstrated repeatedly that he is prepared to out maneuver, cock block, or outright defy him when it comes to Sookie. How many times has Eric crossed FDC with regard to Sookie now? The pledge is the most obvious, but I also think he did it again at the end of Dead and Gone when Sookie asked for protection. And of course he really screwed him over when they came to her house the night of the takeover, presumably to claim her…and he was already there.

        There will be consequences for Eric’s interference – FDC is playing nice right now, because he knows that for Sookie to be any use, she needs to be willing. He would rather she be willing but if it comes to it, he’ll up the stakes. The consequences for Eric blocking FDC like he has will most likely involve the return of Quinn. I think that *this* will be the catalyst for the inevitable Eric/Quinn showdown, rather than it being over Sookie.

        And I reckon Eric will come out of it King 😉

        • 17 walgigi
          January 29, 2010 at 6:00 am

          “There will be consequences for Eric’s interference – FDC is playing nice right now, because he knows that for Sookie to be any use, she needs to be willing. He would rather she be willing but if it comes to it, he’ll up the stakes. The consequences for Eric blocking FDC like he has will most likely involve the return of Quinn. I think that *this* will be the catalyst for the inevitable Eric/Quinn showdown, rather than it being over Sookie.

          And I reckon Eric will come out of it King”

          I always thought the same, but I always feared that Eric doesn’t have enough “strong” (physical and economical) vampires in Louisiana to backup him, compared to FDC’s sophisticate and powerful “elite” hierarchy of Las Vegas. I mean, if the fight is just between Eric and FDC alone I don’t care so much, but if it becomes a war, then it terrifies me the disparity between the sides. UNLESS… CH decides to make a common front consisting of the alliance of all groups of sups of Louisiana to help Eric. If you think about it, this is unlikely but not impossible because Sookie would be involved, and Amelia (who is now completing his training as a witch), Alcide (now as the new Packmaster of the Shreveport’s pack) and also Calvin and Sam wouldn’t hesitate for a second to support Eric if Sookie’s life or security is compromised. I think …LOL. Even Niall, as his grandfather couldn’t stay out of it knowing Sookie’s life could be in danger, and he also has the way to hide the “fae scent” to contol vampire’s reactions against fairies.

          It may sound like a crazy idea, but I think Victor Madden’s words about the “odd small group” Eric had with him at Sookie’s house the night of the invasion of Las Vegas to Louisiana sounded like the foreshadow of a bigger event that could involve all group of sups at a larger scale…

  12. 18 T.Rece
    February 19, 2010 at 5:45 am

    Something that bugs me about this whole Quinn mess.

    From DD-ATD Sookie is “dating” Quinn but he is rarly around. Then ATD happens, QS are still together, Sookie is awaiting Quinns arrival which never happens. He leaves her high and dry. He’s MIA until the take over. And At no point during his absense does Quinn make the effort to get a message to Sookie. He makes it seem like he was under lock and key. But then he has no hesitation to return to Bon Temps agaisnt Erics orders to talk to Sookie. I just don’t get what changed for Quinn that would allow him to act so differentlly. Unless there are outside forces

    • February 19, 2010 at 6:30 am

      Totally outside forces at play I think. Perhaps FDC actually made him come back to secure her for him (better that she’s attached to Quinn who is his pawn and under his control, rather than blood bonded to Eric who is becoming increasingly defiant and unpredictable). The fact that Quinn showed up for the first time at the takeover and quite obviously under orders makes me wonder if he wasn’t under lock and key (in reality or metaphorically) during that period that he didn’t make contact. The whole thing just reeks really, doesn’t it.

      • 20 T.Rece
        February 19, 2010 at 4:34 pm

        Well Im with you on the outside forces bc you’re right he is still under FDC’s power during the take over. And I doubt FDC just released him like that. I think that it can go two ways: he was bidding on FDC’s part or defying him was not possible bc of the ramifications on his family. So after the takeover I’m assuming only Quinn is indebted for now, meaning he can play with fire when its just his own ass?

        • 21 Holby
          February 19, 2010 at 4:41 pm

          I think Quinn was sent by FDC, but the fact that he arrives at sunset is also significant. Either FDC set him up to get his a** kicked or Quinn has suddenly grown up and realized that there is no way he can protect Sookie since he is just a flunky for the vamps. Eric said Quinn left after he (Eric) promised that he would take care of her. If the latter is the case, then he (Quinn) really is just a jerk based on his taking the conversation in the direction that he did…but, maybe he just lost his cool and got stoopid.

          • 22 VikingLover
            February 26, 2010 at 11:15 pm

            Well maybe I’m grasping at straws or over reaching but…maybe Quinn’s purpose of arriving at night was to kill Eric (on orders from FDC). I’m sure he expected there would be a showdown and he must have assumed it would be with Eric instead of Bill. After all Sookie is Eric’s “wife” and Eric would be extremely angry (and jealous as he had shown Quinn before) at Quinn’s defiance. Maybe he expected Eric to lose his cool (as he had done before) and show up there himself. It would be the perfect excuse for FDC if Quinn killed Eric in a fight – it wouldn’t lead back to him (similar to when Charles Twining took a circuitous route to kill Sookie for Hot Rain). Bill shows up instead, injuring Quinn in the process, therefore leaving him at a disadvantage. I don’t know, maybe it’s farfetched but I thought I would throw it out there. 🙂

            I honestly don’t think Quinn came there to win Sookie back. It had been a month and a half since she had broken up with him and there had been no contact between them. It’s a little bit odd to wait that long to tell someone they had made a mistake. Also when he said “he’s trying to wall you off from everyone else who cares for you” it was a bit strange for me. No Quinn, he’s trying to wall her off from FDC. He never tried to wall her off from Bill, Sam, Jason, and Niall. Doesn’t that sound like something FDC would sort of say?

            • February 26, 2010 at 11:39 pm

              I don’t know if it sounds like something FDC would say (since we haven’t really heard him say much yet LOL) but I agree he could very well have been fed his dialogue…probably from Victor.

              I’ve heard another theory tossed around about this – you know how Quinn sounded so desperate in that conversation…like really, really desperate. His body language, his speech, everything. And Sookie appears to get completely lost during the speech, not knowing what he’s talking about. I’ve heard it theorised that Quinn may have actually been sent by FDC, but was trying to *warn* her – “He’s trying to wall you off from everyone who cares about you”. Doesn’t make sense if applied to Eric – even Sookie assumes that what he means and she’s thinking “WTF”. Eric has stood back and watch Sookie go through men like underpants and has never interfered in her other personal relationships.

              But that line makes PERFECT sense if Quinn was actually trying to covertly warn her about Felipe.

              So Felipe forced him to go there to claim her…obviously he didn’t want to do this…that whole weirdass conversation was Quinn appearing to do what he was told while trying to clue her in to what was really going on.

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