Dead in the Family – Sneak Peek of Book 10 is Up!

Chapter 1 of Dead in the Family is now up on Charlaine Harris’ site

*Trying desperately not to hyperventilate here*

I don’t normally worry about spoilers being splashed about – but since the book is still six months away we’ll keep discussion to the comments. Just so that no one accidentally reads anything here on the main page that they didn’t want to see.

I’m off to read (squeee!). When I’m done I’ll update this post in the comments.

148 Responses to “Dead in the Family – Sneak Peek of Book 10 is Up!”

  1. 1 Kealeagh
    December 20, 2009 at 9:54 pm

    I’m a bit upset that Sookie isn’t having a “Happy Moment”. I wonder how hard Eric is working for her to finally have one. I also don’t like the fact that she wants to get rid of the blood bond. And what I realized mostly about this first chapter is there was definitely a reason why Sookie had been holding off ever getting with Eric and that was simply – it wouldn’t work. I love Eric and Sookie together but I just can’t see how it would work. And something I’d really not want to read is their break-up. I’d just feel awful and it seems to be heading into that direction. Eric and her will have to break-up and if that is with Sookie going “I’m breaking the bond,” then I’d rather just skip over it. I don’t know how anyone else feels but this chapter didn’t warm my Sookie/Eric shipper heart. 😦

    • 2 CAT
      December 20, 2009 at 10:41 pm

      I agree. Really a lackluster chapter. Not getting me excited for the book at all.
      I’ll only get it to find out why he didn’t show up to save her from the Fae.

      • December 20, 2009 at 11:13 pm

        Anyone who’s still struggling with pg 6 of the PDF – download Foxit and it should work.

        Also it’s working ok on iPhone.

        Don’t worry about marking spoilers in here – I was just not wanting to put anything spoilery in the main post on the front page. Run riot 😉

        It’s first thing Monday morning here – running around trying to get organised for work etc, will post properly soon.

        I HAVE MUCH TO SAY lol.

    • 4 VampirePamsGirl
      December 20, 2009 at 11:04 pm

      “I’m a bit upset that Sookie isn’t having a “Happy Moment”.” That does kinda suck, but I’m hoping it will be an issue that gets resolved later in the book. And it does make sense, because as she points out what she went through makes it hard to her to just let go and feel. I think the fact that she’s trying says a lot. Also she points out that Eric always asks if she’s sure she wants to, pfft, like I ever thought he’d really push her into doing something she didn’t want to anyway. And you can also interpret it to show that their relationship is about so much more than sex because they’re together even though Sookie’s not having those “happy moments”.

      I am definitely worried about the end result of all this, i.e. breaking up and the fact that Eric has infinite time ahead of him and Sookie doesn’t. CH has said more than once that Sookie will not be changed into a vampire. I’m still personally holding out hope that the fae blood or something else will allow her to live for a really, really, really, really, really, really long time though. But esp. the breaking up worries me because we know there are still a few more books to come and I don’t think a happy relationship will stick for that many books. But for now I’m just not going to think about that and I’m going to enjoy my own happy little ES-HEA delusions.

  2. 5 VampirePamsGirl
    December 20, 2009 at 10:45 pm

    SPOILER. Lol, though I guess if you’re not planning on reading the chapter, maybe you shouldn’t be on this discussion page. Also though if you can’t get page 6 and you’re waiting for the issues to be fixed with it, there are spoilers here for page 6 as well.

    I guess you could probably go one of two ways with this new chapter. You could think about all the things that could/probably will go wrong or you could choose to use your own form of denial and revel in the moment. I’m reveling in the moment because finally I get to hear some words from Sookie that I’ve been waiting to hear for a long time! And I loved that Amelia called her out on something that we’ve all been saying ourselves, i.e. blaming the bond for everything. I know it’s not going to be all sunshine and roses from here on out (frankly, I wouldn’t want it to be b/c what’s a good book without some drama?) but I am glad that there seems to be at least a possibilty for some really good moments to come. Yep, I’m being optimistic for once. I’m surprised too. I’m sure it will fade after I read the chapter a couple dozen more times. But the bottom line is…. she loves him, like we didn’t realize that already, but still it’s nice to hear it said. I’m just wondering if it will go into more detail about her realization of that. She says she’s never said it outloud, but in the books she’s never really thought it before either, not on page anyway.

    And I’m kinda proud of her working to pick herself up. It’s been said here before that we all love Sook because she’s such a strong character. Though, I am kinda worried about that statement about burying painful memories. I’m definitely no expert in this area, but isn’t the better method to dealing with painful things confronting them and overcoming them, instead of packing them in a corner and trying to forget? I was kinda surprised too that Sookie was not more depressed or blaming herself. I really figured she’d be blaming herself for a lot of stuff. It’s good, just surprising.

    It’s amazing how much this one little chapter can give us to discuss and debate, lol.

    • 6 Kealeagh
      December 20, 2009 at 11:11 pm

      One of the many reasons why I love Amelia and will miss her: she told Sookie to stop whining about Eric. Thank you. Finally.

    • 7 walgigi
      December 21, 2009 at 12:41 am

      “Yep, I’m being optimistic for once. I’m surprised too. I’m sure it will fade after I read the chapter a couple dozen more times.” HAHAHAHA the way you said it was so sincere that mades laugh outloud!

      I read it very quickly because my boyfriend and I were having a family xmas meeting here, and everyone were shock by Brittany Murphy’s death news. I have to read it again. But my first glimpse put a big red WARNING sign in front of me. It’s true that Sookie acknowledged outloud (for the first time and, most important, for her herself) that she loves Eric. But, in fact she is deeply depressed and very worrying symptoms of it are that’s affecting her enjoyment at making love with him, and she’s feeling overwhelmed by him. Besides that, her knwoledge of loving him is opening for the first time for issue fo his inmortality and her mortality, along with the worry that she though he will bring it up soon (that’s one of her biggest mistakes, she’s always anticipating what he thinks or will do… *rolleyes*). Like you said, they need the drama lol. I have mixed feelings about get rid of the blood-bond, because then he couldn’t know when she is in danger (and we all know she’s a magnet for danger lol), but could be a good idea that she can feel only HER feelings to knows better what she wants for herself (I mean, feeling constantly HIS feelings is almost like having a constant telephatic transmission and I don’t like to think where CH would want to lead this “lil” detail). All this without even introducing Appius in the story 0-0… She is also happy making plans to take care of Tara’s baby (what could be a reminder of her desire to be a mother). Anyway, I have to re-read again all the chapter to catch the details.

      Claude… Claude… Claude… I never trusted Claude too much…
      After we read “now Sookie is about to come face-to-face with one of her more distant relatives…” on the first description of DITF, we all thought about Dermot, but I also had a glimpse of Clause because I never feel completely safe about him. Most of the time he was mean and rude with Sookie and at times treated her well only when it suited him (like when he needed her to model with him for the pics). I always had the impression he tolerated Sookie because of Claudine and Niall. But now, neither one of them is present anymore… and he could be shock on that first chapter, but anyway, I felt kind of ominous his intense silence.

      I’ll be back (said The Terminator LOL) after I read it well again.

  3. December 20, 2009 at 11:20 pm

    Has anyone been on to CH’s board?

    I’m wetting my fucking pants here.

    Ur In It.

    • 10 VampirePamsGirl
      December 20, 2009 at 11:25 pm

      I was there for a bit, but I finally just had to close that page down. Oh my God. I just could not take some of the comments there, seriously. She says she loves Eric, but she’s only saying it because she’s obliged to. She loves lots of people, including Bill, it doesn’t mean anything. Definitely recommend visiting that board for “Things that make you go… WTF?”

    • 11 walgigi
      December 21, 2009 at 12:45 am

      I’m not sure I want to disturb my inner peace reading there, my Zen master went on xmas vacation… LOL

      • December 21, 2009 at 12:51 am

        Oh it’s worth a look gigi. It’s getting nasty now LOL.
        The rationalisations and outright clap trap they’re coming up with is hilarious.

        • 13 walgigi
          December 21, 2009 at 1:09 am

          HAHAHA I can imagine Bill’s fans!! I’m going like flash! LOL

        • 14 walgigi
          December 21, 2009 at 2:57 am

          LOL!!! This was so funny I have to copy it to paste here:

          [261 mimapdx 2009-12-20 19:31
          “dallasmc 2009-12-20 19:00

          Oh, I’m sure he thinks that having sex with him can solve many problems. It does sound from all that Sookie described that she is in the throes of depression and has not quite recovered from the traumatic event. Or maybe he doesn’t really care as long as he is getting some and being happy.”

          Where did you get the idea that he might not care as long as he is “getting some and being happy”?
          From the part where Sookie said that Eric asked her several times if she wanted to have sex? To make sure that she wanted to before doing anything?
          Because that would be an Eric type of attitude? To have sex with someone he knows doesn’t want him?

          Plus, if he was so sure that having sex with him would solve anything he wouldn’t ask if she wanted it.

          But hey, I guess it’s ok to blame Eric for everything, right?
          I mean, he is the one to blame for Global Warming, and Holocaust, Kennedy getting shot and everything else that goes bad in the world, right?!
          So why not blame him for his wife feeling traumatized after being tortured?]

          OMG, Bill’s fan theories are so funny and lame!!! I assure you this phase of denial will worsen after May hahahahahha!

          • December 21, 2009 at 3:14 am

            I saw that.
            And she’s a mod – wouldn’t you think that would mean she’d have to know what’s actually going on in these books? Sheesh.

            That’s just one of many hilarious examples – holy moly they’re really going off, they’ve threatened to pull the chapter down. Which is even more hilarious because every die-hard lunatic fan already has it saved to their hard drive. You might not be able to put it on a website due to copyright but you can email it to your friends. The outright antagonistic approach of the mods – it’s really bad. Such a horrible place to post, it’s scary. You put a foot wrong in there and you get flayed. We don’t want antagonism and aggression here – so the way we will keep that out is to have antagonistic and aggressive moderators. Yes that makes sense. Duh. Total power trippers, their language and tone speaks volumes.

            Twilight zone, I tell you.

            • 16 walgigi
              December 21, 2009 at 4:59 am

              LOL, I even read Eric was making Sookie an addict to control her. It’s amazing how despair and denial arouses the most ridiculous theories. *rolleyes*

          • 17 Dan
            December 22, 2009 at 3:42 am

            Can somebody explain the freakout to me. She is not happy because she is still freaking traumatized. Not even the best of sex cures that (realife!!!). She tells Amelia unprompted that she loves Eric. The bond is wearing off. And though it may not be goof for her safety, she wants to prove her love for Eric. And after the Claude scene, she will orgasm next time Eric comes over.

            • 18 walgigi
              December 22, 2009 at 5:17 am

              “And after the Claude scene, she will orgasm next time Eric comes over.” HAHHAHHAHA

              They are sooo worried about the lack of sensitivity of Eric.. yeah, right. Perhaps they are just trying to justify Bill’s insensitivity and lack of consideration with her… or is it possible they forgot about that scene on LDID where Bill forced her to have sex after she had the car accident, and after she was beaten and almost raped? She didn’t want to have sex on that moment, she could barely move and had glass embedded on her skin. Amnesia? Or plain and simple double standard??

    • 19 Maria
      February 5, 2010 at 3:00 am

      I really don’t get why she has so many Bill fans on her discussion board. I started out watching the show and then had different friends tell me that I should read the books because they are so much better. They also said I would love book Eric. I loved the books so much that I got them for my sister since she watched the show and was a Bill fan. Now she hates Bill. My point is that from all the people I’ve met who read the books, no one has been a Bill fan (even my friends who just watch the show). Are these people on her forum really reading the books or just watching the show? Charlaine has spent nine books developing Eric and Sookie’s relationship so I feel like we’re reading different books if they don’t get that. I just don’t understand all the Eric haters.

      • 20 VampirePamsGirl
        February 5, 2010 at 3:15 am

        Maria, I’ve spent the past few days searching and examining pro-Bill sites trying to figure this out. As Walgigi warned me, I think it’s a fruitless search. I guess I’m just going to have to chalk it up as one of life’s unexplained mysteries as to how people read those books and still love Bill and hate Eric.

  4. December 21, 2009 at 12:11 am

    Okay… I’m trying to be on the positive side, because honestly Sookie and Eric is one of the things that’s drawn me so heavily into these books. They’re dynamic and fit so well together, despite their issues. I can forsee this maybe leading to a break-up – but as others have pointed out, there are at least a couple more books after this. Eric and Sookie can’t be living in Happy Land the whole time.

    In my mind, the following occurs:

    1) Sookie decides she wants to look into weakening the blood bond.
    2) In the meantime, she and Eric keep being together as she tries to heal her emotional and physical scars.
    3) The bond is weakened/broken by way of witchery.
    4) Eric is probably pretty pissed about this, considering that murdering-psychopath prone Sookie really needs someone to keep an eye on her. Because it changes everything, they part ways.
    5) Sookie will probably screw a few random people.
    6) Someone tries to kill her and Eric comes to her rescue…like he always does. Maybe he kills Bill during this, for good measure. (While I’m dreaming…)
    7) She realizes that she loves Eric even without the BB, in a different way – through her own emotions and clear sight.

    As for the whole aging issue, I haven’t thought of a neat deux ex machina for that one yet, but I’m working on it. 😉

  5. December 21, 2009 at 1:36 am

    Why all the pessimism guys?! I’m really happy with this chapter.

    For a long time, I’ve been waiting for Sookie to “woman up” and start facing up to her feelings and her situation – not just with Eric (although that is important…of course!) but her life in general. It appears that she is finally ready to start doing that. The people around her are noticing that she’s ready to face up (“Listen – you keep that up, the self-knowledge thing”).

    I expected this book to open with Sookie in a fairly bad way emotionally and physically, and it did. It’s only about 5-6 weeks after the end of DAG. Yes it’s dark but I’m glad for that, I’m glad that the trauma isn’t being brushed under the carpet like it usually is. I think we have just gotten so used to Sookie bouncing back from everything that happens to her, that it’s perhaps a bit of a shock to be reminded that even she has her limits.

    What went down in DAG was pretty bad. Very bad. I certainly didn’t expect that she would be anything near her normal self.

    The sex issues – again, she’s been traumatised. The inability to relinquish control and relax is understandable and I would say it’s normal. There were some theories being thrown around after DAG that perhaps some of the torture that occured with 1 & 2 was sexual in nature – I can’t recall if CH has confirmed or denied this, there certainly seems to be hints that this may have been the case. At any rate, she definitely was forced to watch them having sex in front of her. I totally get that sex would be an issue for her after that – yes, even sex with the God Of Great Sex – and I’m much more comfortable with CH approaching the opening of this book with Sookie in this state, than if she were to open with “and after a few days Sookie was back to herself again” as she usually does. I want to see how DAG has changed her – I think we all agreed that Sookie needs to do some serious growing up and facing her issues – it looks like she’s actually ready to do it. I’m so happy about that.

    The fact that she is having sex with Eric, despite what’s going on in her head and with her body says to me that there is a very deep trust there. She is learning that sex is not only about getting your rocks off, but that it’s also about intimacy and connection – this is an important lesson for a girl who has the libido of a 16 year old boy. It’s probably also a pretty new experience for Eric as well – being with a woman on a regular basis where it isn’t all about the sex. It’s interesting to me also that even with those issues going on – the torture and physical scars etc – that she’s still letting him bite her. I am loving that line about him asking her multiple times whether she really wants to or not – every BL that has ever accused Eric of only wanting to get in her pants can BITE MY ASS (to paraphrase the viking). The fact that Sookie is trying so hard and he is being so patient closes the book on any argument that the only thing E/S have going for them is great sex, as far as I’m concerned. Yes, they have had great sex in the past. And like any relationship they will have times of not so great sex, like now. But during those times, THERE IS STILL SOMETHING THERE. Sookie is still willing to try, for herself and for him and he is willing to stay by her while she works this out. This is a fucking GIFT from Charlaine.

    She admitted to herself, and out loud to someone else that she LOVES Eric. Guys, that is huge!

    She is questioning the blood bond and looking for a way to break it – HOORAY! Get rid of the damn thing. She survived ok before it was there and she and Eric will still have a tie, that affords her some protection. If it is broken and she finds there is nothing there for him – well we were all wrong and they shouldn’t be together. But I don’t think that will happen. When it’s gone she’ll see more clearly how she feels and her commitment to him will be stronger. She is loyal to her core and once she knows that what she feels is real, she’ll be all over it.

    Amelia is gone – I think there was some serious foreshadowing about her and she will be back at some point. “Once Amelia had some more discipline and training, she was going to be really scary – scary on purpose”.

    Oh no, we’re not done with Ms Broadway just yet. She’ll be back as a strong, powerful witch later on, perhaps she will be the one to break the bond eventually. Though I would rather Sookie and Eric make a conscious decision to just let it wane.

    Claude – that conversation was very ominous. Claude and Sookie have never really got along, and now with both Claudine and Niall out of the picture who knows what’s going on in that pretty fairy head. It didn’t feel very good to me.

    Overall this is very much what I expected – actually it’s more than I expected, with the admission of her feelings and the honest treatment of her mental and physical state after DAG. I didn’t expect that there’d be any Eric in the first chapter so I’m not disappointed about that, actually I half thought there would be no mention of him at all *roll eyes*.

    Umm. Sorry. I just wrote a book. Perhaps that should’ve been a whole new post. Getting to the point isn’t my strong suit.

    • 23 walgigi
      December 21, 2009 at 4:06 am

      This is your blog and we love to read you, so don’t be sorry 😉 (In fact I would love to read a book written by you!!)

      I’m not pessimist, my “warning sign” comes from the fear that Appius is going to land in between her recovery, but mostly because I really don’t like a lil bit the “nuance” CH is giving to the blood bond for Sookie now. CH mades it looks there like a constant telephatic transmission as I said before, and I don’t want to know what would happen if she ever wants to develop that… I dont trust CH too much after I read her saying: “I don’t believe in happy endings. Of course there’s a streak of the romantic in me that would always like a happy ending, or at least an emotionally realistic sad ending”. MEH!!!! But I’m a lil relieved with the knowledge that Sookie wants to get rid of it and Amelia is going to seek for a way to do it (lol just hope she doesn’t turn her into a cat) because it gives me the hint about the possibility CH is also going to do it. I don’t know, maybe I’m just seeing ghosts by making a transference with Sookie, we know we all need professional help LOL.

      Do you really think Amelia will turn against Sookie? I don’t know, maybe you’re right, but at least (for now) Appius and Claude are my biggest concerns.

      Anyway, bottom line is SOOKIE ACCEPTS SHE LOVES ERIC and that is HUGE step in their relationship.

      • December 21, 2009 at 4:45 am

        I just had another ramble about the blood bond further down…near kricket’s post.

        Sorry I wasn’t clear about Amelia – I don’t think she’ll turn against Sookie. I just think she’ll be back in a big way in a later book. After she’s had some more time with Octavia.

        It’s her father I don’t trust. He’s up to something but that’s for another post and I don’t think Amelia has any clue about it.

      • 25 VampirePamsGirl
        December 21, 2009 at 4:36 pm

        “This is your blog and we love to read you, so don’t be sorry 😉 (In fact I would love to read a book written by you!!)” Ditto! Just after I read the chapter, I was incredibly anxious to come here and find out what you all thought about the chapter.

        It may not have sounded like it, but I really did enjoy the chapter too and it was definitely more than I expected. Like sookieverseblog I was half expecting there to not even be mention of Eric in the chapter, so I was thrilled. I think though that I’m just kinda scared to be happy, lol, as sad as that sounds. But yes, there were lots of things in this chapter, and specifically on page 6, to be happy about!

    • 26 caratstick
      December 22, 2009 at 12:08 am

      This summed it up for me perfectly. I was planning on drafting my own novel-length comment, but now I find there’s no need. I had only one point of…not disagreement, exactly, but maybe just less certainty? About Claude. It just didn’t seem ominous to me necessarily. At least not in the sense of Claude turning against Sookie.

      Also, let me second the WTF??? thoughts that the crazies on the CH boards are giving me. Like I’ve said, they are all suffering from Billusions. And those moderators…well, you guys have already covered it, so I won’t belabor the point, but sheesh.

      • 27 T.Rece
        February 18, 2010 at 5:37 am

        I am just about peeing my pants at “Billusions”! Hysterical…and I agree it is just comeplete nonsense. I truly can not believe a BS could say that Eric doesn’t care or is just in it for his own happy moment.

        1. How “happy” or rather fulfilling can those releases really be? Generally speaking, I wouldn’t peg a sexual partner, who is recovering from torture (most likely with PTSD or depression) to be ideal. Unless there is a greater issue of genuine love and compassion. If all Eric wanted was a “happy” moment hed have gone and gotten him self a fangbanger. NO. He’s not only sticking with her, he’s patient and gentle and everything he should be right now.
        2. The irony and nerve that BS fans at this point boggles my mind. Bill was always super agressive, he has minimal self contol, raped and practically drained her. I would fear for Sookie if she had Bill taking care of her needs right now. Good riddence!

    • 28 Dan
      January 9, 2010 at 3:40 am

      I wanted to revisit this post of chapter 1. Lots of people had a negative reaction, but the blogger here, and a few guest including myself felt it’s a good chapter. Good signs. Yes, there will be struggles. But the reluctant heroine spoke the “L” when referring to her companion. That’s the first time she has used that word in years.

  6. 29 Kricket
    December 21, 2009 at 1:43 am

    Sometimes, I don’t know why I bother to read posts over on Charlaine’s site. It so ruins the enjoyment I get from these wonderful books. The Bill lovers are so coming unglued over the all important page six revelation–and how mysterious and strange is it that it was that page that can’t be accessed by so many? It really bothers and concerns me that so many of CH’s moderators dislike Eric. I felt that one of them was really baiting Eric lovers today with so many comments, yet when things start to get out of hand, they are quick to chastise others for not getting along. It’s really kind of sad that CH can write Sookie saying that she loves Eric and that’s the bottom line, but yet it’s really not the bottom line for BLs. She’s just confused, or depressed, or manipulated, or she just loves him like a friend. Good grief! He’s the Rhett Butler of the piece! He’s the leading man and has been for most of the series. Aaarrggghh! Okay, rant over.
    I’m excited for your thoughts on the first chapter, sookieverse. Overall, I think this chapter feels more like a prologue dealing with Sookie’s PTSD. I’m glad she hasn’t pushed Eric away and that she is trying to have a relationship with him. Whereas some on CH’s site see their sexual relationship as Eric taking advantage of her, I think it’s something that Sookie still wants and is pushing herself to experience because she does want to heal. I’m curious to see what will happen with the blood bond. I’ve always thought that Sookie will have it removed, but eventually come to regret that–in true Scarlett fashion–and one day will truly enter into that bond with Eric. I thought the inclusion of thoughts on her mortality and Eric’s immortality, as well as the excitement she feels over the birth of a child for Tara and JB all are important issues, the thorns, that are strewn about the path to true love with Eric. I’m trying to be positive about this chapter and where I think CH is headed. It’s certainly going to be a bumpy ride. But, I just can’t believe that she would bring them this far to have Sookie settle for Sam. And, if she settles, it better be for Sam. If it’s Quinn, I’ll mail all my books back to CH or her publisher! I can’t imagine that with all the recognition that Charlaine is receiving now that she doesn’t know that the vast majority of readers love Eric and Sookie. It will be a most unhappy ending to a series if they aren’t the endgame. Now, it’s just going to be a long wait to May!

    • December 21, 2009 at 3:23 am

      I’m with you on everything kricket – except the Sam part. I just can’t buy anyone else except the one we’ve been led to root for since the beginning 😉

      I hadn’t thought of the possibility of the BB being broken and then Sookie re entering into it voluntarily later. I do like that. I was reading a forum comment this morning when someone observed that if the BB is in place it kind of gives Sookie some of the bonuses of her telepathy without the drawbacks. She can feel his moods, and have an extra awareness of him but without the complications of being able to read his mind – which is what has put her off human suitors.

      I thought that was a cool idea.

      • 31 Kricket
        December 21, 2009 at 4:06 am

        Okay, I repent of even sending any thoughts about Sam out to the universe! I just occasionally feel like I need to prepare myself for the worst. That’s why I love your blog so much–all of this unabashed Viking love!
        I’ve come to really appreciate the notion of the blood bond. I must admit that I still have some questions about it. I thought it was permanent, otherwise why would you need someone to break it. But, I’ve read posts suggesting that it will fade in time, and some implying that Eric is controlling Sookie by still exchanging blood. I’m suprised that she wouldn’t wonder about whether that wouldn’t further strengthen their bond. Sometimes, I think “Sookie thou doth protest too much.” She says she doesn’t like it, but she’s obviously still enjoying some of those nips. Not, that I blame her. Who wouldn’t? But still, lots of ambiguity where that damn blood bond is concerned!

        • December 21, 2009 at 4:42 am

          We are very unabashed in our viking love around here!

          Re the BB – I’m sure that CH has said that without continued exchanges and close physical proximity it will fade over time. That’s why I’m really hoping they will mutually decide to let it fade. I don’t believe it needs a third party to break it, though that may be one way of doing it, and it’s definitely not permanent.

          EDIT: Yes she did say that direct quote from her site:

          The maker-child relationship is the strongest. It never weakens, but it’s different in nature. If Sookie and Eric never saw each other again, never took each others’ blood again, their bond would eventually weaken and dispel. The tie between the maker or sire and the new vampire is unbreakable except by death. Yes, if Eric were to be staked, Appius and Pam would both feel it, and Sookie would feel his absence emotionally and know he was in pain, though she would not actually experience it.

          Charlaine Harris

          I’m reading alot of ranting over on her boards about Eric not explaining all of this to her and what Sookie will do when she eventually finds out (ie. dump him presumably).

          For one thing, I don’t think Eric really knows much more about how this bond works than she does. We can assume that he has never formed one before, or at least in a very long time (he said he hasn’t shared blood with a woman since turning Pam). At any rate, it doesn’t appear to be something he makes a habit of. And from what we know about other vampire/human relationships in Sookieverse, it doesn’t appear to be something that happens often, period.

          And secondly, Sookie is not stupid. It’s clear to me, through what she has said about taking vampire blood generally that continuing to take blood would at the very least hold the possibility, if not the probability, of sustaining the bond. She notices an increase in the intensity of their connection whenever she takes his blood. She knows his blood is very powerful. She understands alot about how vampire blood works and blood exchanges, she and Eric had at least two conversations about it in DAG. Does she really need Eric to sit her down and explain to her that the more she has his blood, the less likely the bond will go away? I don’t think she does. I think she knows this in herself. She should know this if she’s been paying any attention.

          The blood bond has been a convenient shield for her. It has suited her to this point to play victim as far as her role goes, and complain that it has been imposed on her and she can’t do anything about it so there’s no point trying. She can blame it for everything she feels for him without having to face up to whether or not those feelings are real. I think it’s a marvellous indication of some self-development on Sookie’s part that she is asking questions about this now and is prepared to face up to this bond and it’s consequences instead of just whining about it. She has to do this if she’s going to know for sure that this is real. There’s no way around it.

          It remains to be seen how E is going to feel about getting rid of it but he knows her so well, I think he’ll eventually realise that it’s the way it’s got to be.

          He’s waited a long time for this relationship, he wants it to be real as much as she does.

    • December 24, 2009 at 1:30 pm


      I once posted on the CH forums that Eric was the Rhett of the piece with Bill as Ashley Wilkes and the others as Frank and the various beaus in Scarlett’s (Sookie’s) life. Of course I was chastised!

  7. December 21, 2009 at 2:41 am

    Oh and I also forgot to say that I was really happy that the chapter ended showing very clearly that although she’s not in a great place now, she wants to live and she wants to get better. And because she wants it, you know that she will.

    That “Sookie Spirit” is still there, despite it all and she is still able to draw on that. I love it.

    • December 21, 2009 at 2:59 am

      I definitely agree with that – Sookie is nothing if not resilient. I think it’s an important realization for her that everything’s not okay and it’s going to take time, and that it’s also important to have people in her life that can support her (and not just Eric, but Tara and Amelia to some extent). She’s been used to being so independent for so long that it’s difficult to let anybody get too close, and I think that learning to trust again will be an important part of her emotional healing and growth.

      And, even with my previous comment, I *am* happy about this chapter. I’m all agog that she admits to loving Eric. Even though it does remind me of the whole “Hadley” thing… You can tell in the books that important things have happened but you’re not quite sure HOW they happened. Maybe CH is planning an S/E short story to fill in the blanks. Of course we’ve seen the steady growth of their relationship, but I don’t want to miss out on the reconnecting-since-we’ve-been-vampire-wedded thing. That’s a lot of important emotional stuff there! And I am most definitely looking forward to seeing more of the one-on-one caring Eric that we’ve gotten glimpses of before (barring Amnesia!Viking). Obviously, Sookie is going to need a lot of TLC and I truly hope CH shows Eric stepping up in a tangible way in this one. Anne Rice and her “Eric’s So Awful”, Norse hating old ass can SUCK. IT.

      From here on out, “Page 6” will be known in the Sookieverse as just that, like Cher or Beyonce. You can just say “Page 6” to any other E/S fanatic (or BL gag), and they’ll know.

      • December 21, 2009 at 3:17 am

        Anne Rice and her “Eric’s So Awful”, Norse hating old ass can SUCK. IT.

        Word. God I can’t believe her, she’s obviously stopped taking her meds.

        From here on out, “Page 6″ will be known in the Sookieverse as just that, like Cher or Beyonce. You can just say “Page 6″ to any other E/S fanatic (or BL gag), and they’ll know.

        It will be like “the shower scene” – everyone just KNOWS what you’re talking about because it’s become the stuff of legend LOL.

        • 38 Stef
          December 21, 2009 at 7:18 am

          I know! I think Anne Rice is losing her marbles! I remember a certain vampire she created (Lestat) who was sooo much like Eric in MANY ways! And she USED to believe he was her favorite and she based a lot od material on him!!! Man, I’m considering burning all of my Anne Rice books! OK, maybe a bit rash…I won’t burn them:) But I sure as heck won’t be buying anymore of her books!

          • December 21, 2009 at 10:27 am

            That’s why I reckon she’s lost it – Eric is very similar to Lestat, and as you say Lestat was her fave. She openly admitted that. She was such an overprotective mother that she took out that full page ad when they cast Tom Cruise to play him and she thought they were wrong.
            I don’t think she’s read a word of the books and if she has it wasn’t past book 1. She’s sprouting off based on TV series for sure. Crazy old dingbat.

      • 42 walgigi
        December 21, 2009 at 4:28 am

        “Of course we’ve seen the steady growth of their relationship, but I don’t want to miss out on the reconnecting-since-we’ve-been-vampire-wedded thing. That’s a lot of important emotional stuff there!”

        I agree 150% with you about this.

        “Anne Rice and her “Eric’s So Awful”, Norse hating old ass can SUCK. IT.”

        “Word. God I can’t believe her, she’s obviously stopped taking her meds.” LOL

        I used to respect her a lot as a writer, but last week I was reading her at her facebook page and WOW,I can’t believe her neither. She sounds senile. My best advice for her is to age with dignity and retire.

      • 43 VampirePamsGirl
        December 21, 2009 at 4:44 pm

        Page 6, shower scene, gracious plenty… yep, we do have our own language don’t we? 🙂

        As for the Anne Rice crap, ugh. But I first read about that on skarsgardnew.com and I think they really hit the nail on the head when they commented about somebody being desperate for publicity. I think she just wrote some kind of new book, which I admit that I totally would not have known about if she had not have been bashing my beloved Viking. So I guess in a sad way, it might have worked, but maybe not quite right because even though I know about the book now, I’m even less likely to buy it. Or maybe she’s just jealous of Eric’s superiority, lol.

  8. 44 liz
    December 21, 2009 at 3:08 am

    Just wanted to say how refreshing it was to come here and read after being on CH’s site. You guys are a breath of fresh air.
    I am hoping Dr. Ludwig will make Sookie a referral to a supe shrink, she needs some couch time.

  9. 45 abh
    December 21, 2009 at 4:12 am

    yes, some of the posters on her site have gone of the deep end. i don’t get it! be thankful for getting a chapter!

    i thought it was an intriguing first chapter and very generous of CH to offer it. i think it sets up very nicely for the exploration of the E/S relationship. lots of other forshadowing, too. can’t wait ’til May! i think sookie has been shell shocked from all the fighting, death and general trauma that she’s been through in the last 9 books. girl needs time to regroup! i think from what i see in the first chapter, that book 10 might not be like any of the previous books. Surely there will be conflicts,( that makes for good reading!) but i suspect they may be less physical and more emotional. this book is going to be about family from what i have read so far. i feel like sookie is trying to build her own family unit, whatever form that may take.

    i keep going back to the comment about eric’s anger. hmmm.

    the whole aging thing is the one sticking point i see to their relationship. what happens when she’s 60 and he’s still….eric? as much as i am pulling for E/S, i totally trust that CH will take us on quite a journey and i know that i have yet to be unsatisfied with a single book.

  10. 46 nskars
    December 21, 2009 at 12:47 pm

    I think this chapter was very enticing and has set a solid foundation for the book. I believe what’s going on in Sookie’s head is realistic to her situation. I’m proud that she is re-building her body and her spirit and allowing herself to lean on others (ie Eric & her friends). Her resilience in terms of “getting back on the bike” but still taking things slowly, it all feels right to me. Her uneasiness and the fact that her recovery time isn’t going to be overnight is a refreshing change of pace.

    I think Amelia is leaving at the right time and I look forward to seeing how her powers develop and grow in the future.

    Not gonna lie, Claude scared the shit out of me. If I didn’t know there was still 3 books after DITF, I fully would have expected him to kill Sookie in retaliation or something.

    Ahhh Eric. I was sad to not see him in this chapter but at the same time I think it all played out in the right way. I think it was sensible to not have him randomly pop up out of nowhere to keep us fangirls happy; but having his name in conversation made me very excitable. Especially when she finally got over the “wah wah wah”-ing and told Amelia exactly how she felt about him. LOVE. V.v.happy.

    I had a thought while reading everyone else’s Blood Bond comments: what if the rose represents the BB? It feels like it’s the only thing stopping Sookie from just letting go and riding the Eric wave of awesomeness. They’re reaching out to each other but the rose is in the way. Just a thought…

    • December 21, 2009 at 12:54 pm

      I had a thought while reading everyone else’s Blood Bond comments: what if the rose represents the BB? It feels like it’s the only thing stopping Sookie from just letting go and riding the Eric wave of awesomeness. They’re reaching out to each other but the rose is in the way. Just a thought…

      I think you’re right. I’ve been staring at the cover alot since reading the chapter (yes I have no life) and to me that makes the most sense. The fact that they’re reaching for eachother with it in the middle, obstructing them. The two stems – one representing each of them, leading into one red bloom = the bond itself. The thorns – difficulties, adversity. The colour of the rose (blood red) and the traditional symbolism of that particular flower.

      It seems the BB is going to be a big issue in this book – finally – so it definitely makes sense to me.

      • 48 Tracey
        February 18, 2010 at 1:17 am

        wow that is such an interesting observation im so exstatic!! I love this cover, and the rose mesmerizes me but i couldnt on my finger on the significants of it. This is great, everyone has theres great thoughts, i love it!!

  11. 49 haewilya
    December 21, 2009 at 4:09 pm

    Hi! I discovered your blog a week ago when a EL friend gave me a link to your post about the cover. I agree with liz that it’s nice to go here after reading the posts from CH site. And I agree about the denial and the mods. Sometimes, I can get where they’re coming from but it seems to me that recently, most of them are spoiling for a fight.

  12. 50 haewilya
    December 21, 2009 at 4:12 pm

    darn, I pressed submit before I’m finished…

    Anyway, just wanted to say that it’s fun reading your posts and the comments from everyone and I’m glad your blogs here to satisfy my Eric lover heart 😀

    • 51 VampirePamsGirl
      December 21, 2009 at 4:48 pm

      Hi haewilya! This site is definitely great thanks to sookieverseblog! It is a warm and welcoming place for any EL! And there are some really intelligent and witty ladies (and at least one gentleman!) that post here quite a bit. I’m very addicted to hearing their insightful thoughts on all things Sookie.

  13. 53 ksr
    December 21, 2009 at 5:17 pm

    @sookieverseblog “…Sookie is still willing to try… and he is willing to stay … This is a fucking GIFT from Charlaine…” PRECISELY!!! “…She admitted to herself, and out loud to someone else that she LOVES Eric…” That part was just ‘unfuckingbelievable’ for me!)))
    “…Overall this is very much what I expected – actually it’s more than I expected…”Yes!Yes!Yes!
    Re Claude I don’t think that he is really danger. At least not for Sookie. His attitude too obvious, so I doubt CH will make him ‘Bad Guy’. Rather he’ll be brought to category ‘Sookie’s Damn Male Relative’ IAE complicated her life.
    In generally I’m more than satisfied with Chapter 1! To ask more is to be greedy, besides there is not much we have to do – just wait for 5 month, so be patient! Well, yes, I’m jeering!))))

    And, OK, well…Ladies and Gents (I’m just wondering where is Den?:))! If you think that you need ‘professional help’ I’ll tell you only one thing – when today I saw how many comments you’ve done during weekend, I decided that I HAVE to read them all immediately, so I printed them out and went to office dining-room. I ate my lunch and read it. When I looked round I realized that people around me watching me with respect! Apparently they thought ‘What a hard worker – read doc’s even during her meal!’ (God! Hope my boss noticed that too and I’ll get my promotion next year! LOL) But I thought ‘OK, girl! You sink into real madness! YOU NEED HELP!’ … and returned to my reading! So who won price as ‘Addicted Sookieverse Maniac’?! ))))))))

    • 54 VampirePamsGirl
      December 21, 2009 at 5:26 pm

      @ksr Lol, that is some impressive devotion. I think we might actually all need to invest in group therapy. Gigi…where’d you go? We need a Dr. in here, lol.

      • 55 ksr
        December 21, 2009 at 5:40 pm

        Yep… I didn’t let myself open blog during all weekend, because I knew it will drug me in and I had so much to do… so, today I lost control!!!))))

  14. 56 walgigi
    December 21, 2009 at 10:19 pm

    “@ksr Lol, that is some impressive devotion. I think we might actually all need to invest in group therapy. Gigi…where’d you go? We need a Dr. in here, lol.”

    “The Doctor’s in” (like in Peanuts cartoons lol)… but she’s taking theraphy for herself and also TRYING to work throug the 12 Steps to recovery from an addiction (in order to make the first Eric-addicts group therapy session). But somehow it isn’t working very well. Seems that I need much more theraphy than I thought lol. I’ll show you why…

    The 12 Steps

    Step 1 – We admitted we were powerless over our addiction – that our lives had become unmanageable
    *Ok… we ALL are powerless over Eric, but I’m not really sure we want to overcome it (at least I don’t want to…)

    Step 2 – Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity
    *Checked. Oh Yes! We ALL know CH and (especially) AB could restore our sanity.

    Step 3 – Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood God
    *Ok, we don’t have too much problems with this cause we all have our own beliefs. But, God, could you please enlight AB a lil bit to care more about us, too??? …and please, don’t tell me to try to understand everything he did to Eric, because I refuse completely to do it. I won’t.

    Step 4 – Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves
    *Well… they say we are nymphomaniacs…

    Step 5 – Admitted to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs
    *Checked. Most of us already accepted being eric-nympho-maniacs and perverts… (but please, take into account that Askars isn’t exactly a help against this… ok?)

    Step 6 – Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character
    *REMOVE? DEFECTS?? Err… I really don’t think this is a good idea… (using Lafayette’s tone when Eric offered him his blood on TB. LOL)

    Step 7 – Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings
    *Do We REALLY have to?????

    Step 8 – Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all
    *mmm… My boyfriend makes fun of me but I never had to hit him (yet). I want to burn AB and kidnap CH, but, come on, they harmed us first so I have every reason to feel that way, right??? And all Bill rabid fans with their insults against Eric can GTH! Can’t anyone really understand we are the victims here????

    Step 9 – Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others
    *Ok, now this is making a lil more sense to me. We CAN’T make direct amends with Bill’s fans. We would injure them. Badly.

    Step 10 – Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it
    *NO NO and NO. We better skip this step. We already know we are Eric addicts but we are NEVER going to admit we are wrong. EVER!

    Step 11 – Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood God, praying only for knowledge of God’s will for us and the power to carry that out
    *God, could you please read again the 3rd and 5th steps? And, anyway, thanks for answer and let me know it was your will to sent us such a beautiful man as Skars to sink us deeper into the Eric addiction.

    Step 12 – Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to other addicts, and to practice these principles in all our affairs
    *Ok, there’s nothing to worry, we will share the message with every Eric-addict to show them how to enjoy the addiction.

    So, as you can see, I really think the 12 steps aren’t the best approach to our group therapy sessions… LOL.

  15. 59 tribalbellydonsah
    December 22, 2009 at 1:04 am

    wow! this has GROWN since i was on this morning. i havent read all of the awesomeness from the posters, so if i make an observation for a second time, i”m sorry.

    First:About the anne rice comments, meh…. she has been nuts for a few years now! one just has to search for her message to the Vampire Ball in , maybe 2007, anyhoo, when she didnt show to see how looloo she was, “Reach for the light while you are celebrating the dark” or some hooey like that! jeez, let them have fun!

    Second: I believe, like Sookieverseblog, that this is not an entirely bad chapter. She is in the place we probably all would be after an attack like that and watching several close friends killed. I am happy that she has finally admitted how much she cares Eric. Perhaps she just wants to test just HOW MUCH she cares if the bond is not there.

    Third: CH’s website seems to be mostly Bill shippers, I gave up on it long ago. I also can’t STAND the set-up , so….blah! but, they are funny! hah!!

    AND finally fourth, and probably most important, I am disappointed with the writing of the chapter. I feel it is disjointed, spotty, and rushed perhaps. I feel like this is not really in keeping with the other books.
    example, “first week in March”,” End of first Week in MArch” WTF?? where does this come from? CH has always described things and time line better than this! CH, I hope it will be edited better!

    just my two pennies!

    • 60 Christina
      December 22, 2009 at 3:16 am

      Ok, I am coming to the party a bit late but I just wanted to agree 110% that Eric is totally the Rhett Butler and I have been professing it to everyone I meet since book 3. Hopefully Sookie can realize it before she ends up like Scarlett.

      • 61 Christina
        December 22, 2009 at 3:21 am

        Sorry, my windows got all confused and I posted the wrong response to the wrong response. I did want to agree with this point as well- CH is not the greatest writer of all time, but I don’t read it cause it is a great work of literature so I have overlooked it all before, but I did think that this chappy was not very well put together. I don’t know if I would say rushed, but it definately had a different style and tone than the other Sookie books. Maybe we are supposed to get that it’s a subtle change because Sookie has changed and her voice is the one telling the story? I am reading in to it to find a reason to excuse it probably.

        • 62 Tracey
          February 18, 2010 at 1:12 am

          im realli happy with the change. I would be disappointed if Sookie jus went back to life pretending everyone is find the way she usually does. CH doesnt meantion if sookie is takin time off from work but I assume she is. Exspecailly if she has JB personally train her to regain muscle and stablily. I assumed that the town “feeling sorry” for her wasnt for actually seeing her, jus words that spread across the small down.

  16. 63 Dan
    December 22, 2009 at 1:06 am

    Wow. Gotta go

  17. December 22, 2009 at 1:14 am

    OK. Some new thoughts.

    Reading around forums again this morning and noticing lots of comments along the lines of “when Eric gives his reasons for not saving her everything might change” (I don’t need to elaborate on who is saying this do I?)

    Now I’m thinking that DITF is starting 6 weeks after the faery torture. Sookie is clearly seeing Eric on a regular basis, is in a relationship with him and is making love with him.

    Am I crazy or would it appear to everyone else that in those six weeks they would have already HAD this conversation and Sookie is satisfied with his answer?

    It’s not like two months down the line she would be saying “Oh, by the way honey where the hell WERE you when I was being tortured?”

    I’m thinking we will either hear his reason second hand via Sookie thinking about it further into the book, or else she and E will have a follow up conversation about it, on the page.

    Does that sound plausible?

    • 65 walgigi
      December 22, 2009 at 2:48 am

      “Am I crazy or would it appear to everyone else that in those six weeks they would have already HAD this conversation and Sookie is satisfied with his answer?”

      Of course you’re right, but don’t worry about them. Any excuse will do for their denial, even when it’s ilogical. They can’t THINK right now, and even if they could, they aren’t going to accept it; they are hysterical and mad because they can’t accept that Sookie loves Eric ;).

      BTW, most of them have such a mix between TB and real SMV characters that they no longer know who’s who pff.

      • 66 VampirePamsGirl
        December 23, 2009 at 9:10 am

        “Of course you’re right, but don’t worry about them. Any excuse will do for their denial, even when it’s ilogical. They can’t THINK right now, and even if they could, they aren’t going to accept it; they are hysterical and mad because they can’t accept that Sookie loves Eric ;).”

        You’re both right, lol. I finally came to accept those facts as well, and spent some time on lurking on the CH boards just trolling through the posts and smiling at the lunacy there.

        I too think that Sookie would have definitely wanted answers sooner rather than later from Eric and I’m sure he wouldn’t be getting so many “happy moments” if she wasn’t satisfied with whatever he told her.

        That being said, even if for some reason this conversation has not taken place between the two of them yet, I think the fact that they are together and seeing each other regularly lets us know that Sookie trusts whatever reason he wasn’t there is a good one. And, well, when has Eric ever betrayed Sookie’s trust in him? I know he’s never let me down before, lol.

        • 67 VampirePamsGirl
          December 23, 2009 at 9:40 am

          P.S. I’d just like to point to sookieverseblog’s last Twitter post to further support all this.

          “”You’re killing me” he said.”You’re killing me.” He shuddered beside me, as if he could scarcely endure my words.~ Eric to Sookie, DAG”

        • December 23, 2009 at 3:04 pm

          “That being said, even if for some reason this conversation has not taken place between the two of them yet, I think the fact that they are together and seeing each other regularly lets us know that Sookie trusts whatever reason he wasn’t there is a good one. And, well, when has Eric ever betrayed Sookie’s trust in him?”

          Eric has always been the one, usually working behind the scenes and without much ego – to ensure her safety and comfort. Unlike Bill, who seems to always put his selfish needs and desires before Sookie. Yeah, Bill might do things with more flash, but at what cost? What is his real angle: that he cares or that he’s trying to gain some new political foothold? Curry favor with someone else?

          Yes, Eric might be involved in the whole politicovamp scene, too, but he’s honest about it. What is it he says? He doesn’t always tell Sookie the whole truth, but at least what he tells her is always true? I’m sure whatever reason he had for not coming to her aid during the fae war probably involved trying to ensure her safety in other ways. Although he certainly likes to be in the fight (hello, Sword-Weilding!Viking), he also knows there’s a time and place where it’s more helpful to be moving the pawns instead of leading the charge yourself.

          (Too bad CH didn’t decide to finish Bill off… Sure, he was in there fighting but probably only so his amazing “AH AM VAMPYRUH!” skillz could get him back in tight with the telepath and her panties.)

          • December 24, 2009 at 1:41 am

            Too bad CH didn’t decide to finish Bill off… Sure, he was in there fighting but probably only so his amazing “AH AM VAMPYRUH!” skillz could get him back in tight with the telepath and her panties.

            This made me spit my coffee! And too true.

    • 70 Tracey
      February 18, 2010 at 1:53 am

      Eric is deff patient and presistanct. I doubt Eric would do anything to push her away after hes so close to her, earning her trust and all.

      I think it was smart of Sookie not to press the issue of why it wasnt Eric saving her. She wasnt even sure she’d be alive in the next hour.

      I think her head has been filled with such maddness/choas, self pity, and quilt she hasnt had the mind setting to expect news/facts about everything jus yet. Shes still coping outside realitly in her own world at the moment.

      Someone on this site said she needs to trust people and have people support her other than Eric. I disagree. Sookie trusting people is what gets her into unpleasant situtations. I’m even suprised shes had sex with Eric after everything. Her body isnt exactly wat it once was. I’m sure when she sees her naked body, the tourmented is all to clearly reminded and relived. which would explain her need to hold herself and cry the majority of the time. She is a complete reck, and she realiticly, she sould be.

      I think she’s better off not having sex for a while. Aleast until she feels shes ready instead of convincing herself, “when you fall off a bike you get right back on”. I think the entire suituation and outcome of the Fairy war has the potential to turn her crazy and she needs to take it slow. I personally didnt like the fact that she didnt take Tray’s death more to heart. I would have been crying my eyes out for days both with Amelia and alone. Sookie’s didnt even want to go to the funeral. She doesnt quiet come to terms with Claudine’s death until this first chapter so I like that CH meations that.

      I’m a lil suprised that sookie saids she loves Eric. She sounded unsure. And i thought all this time she’s been tellin Eric she doesnt quite love him because she’d given her love away once. It would sound really cheesy for her to say she loves Bill, blah blah blah lovey-dovey for Bill, than next, a few books down she love Eric?

      I’m not entirly questing where Eric was during Sookie’s resuce because I doubt he was working on Fangtantisa things. Eric was clearly upset with her torture experience, (he tried to hide his rage but failed) The fact that it wasnt him to resuce her almost made him sound heart broken, “you’re killin me, you’re killin me”. In addition he greatly regrets the two faries died quickly vs them recievin with the same treatment they showed sookie.

      • 71 walgigi
        February 20, 2010 at 5:46 pm

        [I’m even suprised shes had sex with Eric after everything. Her body isnt exactly wat it once was. I’m sure when she sees her naked body, the tourmented is all to clearly reminded and relived. which would explain her need to hold herself and cry the majority of the time. She is a complete reck, and she realiticly, she sould be.
        I think she’s better off not having sex for a while. Aleast until she feels shes ready instead of convincing herself, “when you fall off a bike you get right back on”. I think the entire suituation and outcome of the Fairy war has the potential to turn her crazy and she needs to take it slow.]

        You are wrong and I have to disagree with you. Given the fact that we probably will not see a psychologist or a sexual counselor or therapist available for Sookie in Bon Temps, she is actually making by herself what should be considered the recommendation that any of them would give in her situation: to control her fear and willingly expose herself again to the experience in a safe and nurtured enviroment until she regains her confidence and eventually overcomes her trauma. Not having sex for a while as you said will only makes her fear to grow, and the fact that she is doing it right now is enough proof that she feels ready to fight and overcome it NOW. Because psychological traumas do not “heal” by themselves through time, they only get worse. And at least she has the insight and the clarity to discern this by herself, and moreso, to willingly takes the affirmative measures needed for her recovery.

        [I’m a lil suprised that sookie saids she loves Eric. She sounded unsure. And i thought all this time she’s been tellin Eric she doesnt quite love him because she’d given her love away once. It would sound really cheesy for her to say she loves Bill, blah blah blah lovey-dovey for Bill, than next, a few books down she love Eric?]

        I’m not surprised that Sookie says she loves Eric. What really surprise me is your idea that Sookie is still living in the past and your thought that her last relationship with Bill is still controlling her feelings. This whole story doesn’t happens in a week or a month. Sookie has moved on from Bill a long time ago. Of course I understand your concern, but we, people, are able to move on from hurtful past relationships and love again, because it’s our right and we deserve to pursuit our own happinnes. As intelligent and emotional healthy individuals, we have to move on, learn to live in the present and leave the past where it belongs: in the PAST. And that’s what Sookie is doing.

        I’ve been reading you since last week and I’m under the impression you are very new to the Sookie Stackhouse series because somehow you has not achieved to grasp the story continuity over the time it has been happening, and besides that, somehow you are mixing some concepts and notions from the TB show with the books, too.

        I encourage you to read all the books over and over again, and you´ll be amazed at how many new details and truths you’ll find with each new reading.

        • 72 Tracey
          February 23, 2010 at 8:46 pm

          Sounds like my opinions pushed a button for you.

          I am aware of the time within the books. I’ve taken notice of Sookies age difference throughout the books.

          The emotion of love isn’t something that’s tossed around. Imagine Jason telling all his girlfriends he loves them, he couldn’t possibly mean it. That’s why I said it would be cheesy for Sookie to say she loves this dude than next she loves someone else. I mention her giving her love away once as a factor because that would explain her description to Eric (book 9) of her feelings towards him instead of saying “Yes Eric I love you.” I don’t think she was scared to admit anything. I think she wasn’t completely sure. Not because Bills relationship (which is long gone) is controlling her. Now that she has admitted to loving Eric (but not to him directly) it arises a few thoughts in my mind.

          “psychological traumas do not “heal” by themselves through time, they only get worse”

          This is an interesting statement. Im not suggesting Sookie sits around and does nothing. In addition, im not suggesting she go back to the bar, contunie life as normal like nothing happened. I think Sookie needs to get through this herself, not seek professional help. Professionals wouldn’t be able to relate to her experience, therefore, I doubt they could really help and guide her. I think Sookies best bet is to work it out on her own, which is what she is doing and that fits into her character and personally.

          Food for thought – FACT – The two fairies had sex in front of Sookie, but she didn’t watch. (not so bad) Secondly, because the fairies did that, it gave her time to regroup; it gave her a break from getting cut.

          Sookie wasn’t raped by the two fairies so I don’t think sex is completely put off in her mind. Therefore, eventually she will have the desire to have sex again. Sookies body is different in appearance and will heal in time. I think she should wait until then because she won’t feel self conscience.

          Once she gains her strength back and she’s physically fit again things will be a little easier for her. She’ll always have the memory of what happened and how she felt during that time but she won’t be as bad as she is right now.
          And that’s why I think she should wait. However, as we all know she doesn’t think like me and she’s having sex with Eric right away. However, she isn’t enjoying it. I view that personally as adding to the problem now helping it. In addition, that sounds very unpleasant.

          Supposed Sookie did wait for time and she worked extensively on her physical fitness. I mean if she really devotes herself every day to all kinds of exerise working different muscles everyday and switching work-out plans every few weeks. In a year maybe two she may be in better shape and health than she was to start off with, maybe the best in her entire life. (Exercise helps with mental health as well) She could work her way to a swimmers, runners, super models body and feel great. Instead of a size 8 she becomes a size 3 with great abs. With her new body she’d feel confident and wouldn’t mind so much showing it off. In a year or two her scars won’t be as noticeable; some might even disappear (especially with the help of Eric’s blood). Who knows, that could open up a new life for her because she’d accomplished so much, she’d defiantly view life differently. With a goal like that she won’t have the time or energy to dwell like she is right now on the past because she striving forward with everything she got, with every min she has. At this point she has nothing to lose but everything to gain. She’d be starting from the ground up.

  18. 73 Nancy
    December 23, 2009 at 8:20 pm

    I freakin love you people!!! I’m addicted to Erik/Sookie and I’m so happy I found people with my affliction :o)

    I also ready the chappy on CH’s website and at one point I was ready to cry and towards the end i was jumping for joy. After reading through all the coments i think I have to go back and reread it now.


  19. December 24, 2009 at 2:07 pm

    I think you are right and AR (anyone else notice she’s just one little swoop from AB?) is clearly basing her comments on just the tv show, not the books. And what she would see there would make Bill more appealing to her–particularly later in life. While always obsessed with religion and religious iconography, she’s more recently become deeply religious.

    I think what she sees in TB Bill is his love for humans. Lestat did always love humans. Plus, although Lestat became the hero, her first book was Louis, and a more whiny, pathetic excuse for a vampire never existed.

    And if she hasn’t read the books then she’s seen very little evidence of Eric’s sense of humor and lust for life which is something he and Lestat share. And also a sense of superiority. But I do think that love of humans is a key component. And Eric does not have that. While book Eric is better than TB Eric, neither one us full of love for humans the way Lestat is.

  20. 75 Tracey
    February 16, 2010 at 7:30 pm

    I’m so glad I found this site! i usually write interesting things on facebook True Blood sites but not many people respond. It sounds like everyone on this site thinks as deeply as I do about possiblies exspecailly involving the blood bond. The blood bond is something that I hope Sookie breaks. Sookie needs to rid the burden of Eric in her head all the time. She needs to be in control of her own emotions. I deff agree that Sookie needs to women up and I’m thinkin after her horrible torment exprience it’s finally going to happen. If I were in her postion I would want to be alone. Move out of Bon Temps as a way to leave the super natural world and start completely over leaving everything and everyone behind me start off fresh. But the first step is breakin the bond. So heres what i came up wit.

    I believe Sookie breaks can break blood bond without killing herself or Eric and i thought of a possible way for her to do it. A visit to Dr. Lugwig, draining all her blood and transfusing wit O neg human blood.

    I deff think that will work. If Harris writes about witchy breakin the bond, i think that will be boreding and predictable to read about. Also if Sookie drains her blood entriely wouldnt that be more dramaic? Could the human body survive even a few seconds without blood at all? I think she would need some recovering time. But even if she rids the bond theres always the possiblity that Eric will restore the bond. (What Eric wants, Eric gets). He does take matters into his own hands involving Sookie’s well being. (example, when she finds blood in her mouth after the fight between Quinn and Bill).

    If Sookie has new blood I think it would change a few things, perhapps temporily, but its interesting to think about. She wouldnt have fairy blood for a lil while, She wont smell desirable, and she wld taste different. if that happened maybe Eric’s behavior will change towards her, or he’d be disinterested. Maybe all these changes would show how Eric realli feels about her. What exactly his interest in her is?

    Sookie is deff taken advantage of by almost everyone in his life with the expectation of Sam. I believe Sam would truely miss her. Vampires have lost so many lovers, admires, people along the way, wats another person? Exspecailly a human women. Eric and Bill will simply move on and find another. I do think Eric would regret not being able to use Sookie’s telpahic abilites. I think Jason will relize he took his sister for granted and will miss her because she wont be around to bail him out anymore. I can see Quinn finding her though after the Neveda vampire hold on him is over.

    Of course theres sups everywhere in the world but Sookie will be able to idenitify them. Therefore, she will know who to stay away from. Sookie has learned a valuable lesson after Hadley’s death. And that is, the ablitly to read minds has always been benefital to her, in some cases it has saved her life (shot in the shoulder instead of heart). Even being able to read jus a lil bit or sense emotions (two-natured) has always been better than not being able to use her ablilty at all (vampires).

    I realli wonder if Harris will talk about Sookie future goals in a differnt perpective now. Sookie meantioned in book 3 she wanted a man to cook for, share sun light together, and raise childern. But now that she knows the worlds true colors does she realli want to enter to child into the choas? Exspecailly since so many vampires kno about her capablies she’ll always have to watch her back. Imagine that with childern. Perhaps after a few years of gettin on the right track, her strength and all, she’ll settle for a human. She’ll know everything and I dont think that is a bad thing. Perpahs she’ll feel the same way wit her past experiences. She’ll always kno the truth no matter wat so she’ll be able to spot a decent/good man.

    • 76 Hookah
      February 17, 2010 at 5:36 am

      Welcome! This is a great blog & most people post frequently!

      Most people are in agreement that somehow they will break the bond..but mostly as a way of showing that it’s not the bond that keeps them together. Sookie is so afraid of her own feelings..she won’t admit to herself that she’s crazy about Eric.

      I want the bond broken only if it’s a catalyst to them finally accepting their feelings for each other. I would never want her to move away & start a new life.

      I don’t think Eric’s attitude would change towards her without the bond-other than he wouldn’t be so anxious all the time. He loves Sookie’s unpredictability-after 1000 yrs she surprises & impresses him like no other human has.

      She has been through so much & way too many people in the Supe World know about her-she could never just have a normal “boring” life again. I don’t think she’d be satisfied with one either. Adrenaline junkie without the near-death experiences lol.

      Truthfully, I don’t think she could ever have a relationship with a non-Supe..for the same reasons she has never dated & now there’s the constant possibility that he could be hurt because of her status in the Supe world..leverage for her to do something any one of the Kings/Queens etc.. want her to do.

      • 77 Tracey
        February 17, 2010 at 7:41 am

        I do think Eric has feelings for her. But how deep do they go? Eric hasn’t proven that he will be there for her no matter what. He’s only stated (book 3 + 7) and shown (book 8) he will protect and be with her as long as it is convient and safe for him to do so. I doubt their relationship would last for 12 years. I’m sure once her beauity started to fade he’d leave her. Or even if telpahy faded, he’d become slightly disinterest at first then more and more as time progresses. If Sookie really does grow up she’d get out of the sup world. However, its jus a book so I highly doubt that will happen because whats the excitment to read about?

        I do agree with you about her unperdictable in Eric’s point of view. Same applies to Bill which according to Bill is why he too fell in love with her. However, we’re not in Bill’s head so who really knows how and what exactly he’s feeling. On the other hand, with vampires you just truely never know. Vampires cannot be trusted and Sookie has deff learned that. What makes Eric any different?

  21. 78 Tracey
    February 16, 2010 at 7:48 pm

    I also been thinknin about the possblly of Sookie and Barry. Barry seems immature but who knows what the future may bring? He may want to rid his connection with Vampires as well. Now that im typin this, i bet we’ll see more of him in the next book (10) because Sookie did try to contact him in book 9. She didnt think it worked but she doesnt exactly know. Maybe he’ll find her in Bon Temps. Besides that who knows about telpathy better than Barry? Maybe Barry is part of her blood line, which would explain his gift of telpathy. And the FBI hasnt quiet disappeared yet.

    If Sookie started over, moving to a place that has sun light most of the time such as Hawaii, some parts of Alaska. Even Paris. (Paris has about 4 hours of darkness). I think she will be happier. She’ll kill to birds with one stone. She can enjoy the pleasures of sun baithin, and no vampires. I doubt Harris will actually write bout Sookie takin control of her life out of Bon Temps but it was some serious thinkin on my part of what I would do if I was Sookie. I even thought of her takin online classes as well as becoming a hairdresser. (Janince influence) She’d be startin fresh in even apsect. Workin in at a bar will constantly remind her of Sam’s bar. Please comment! Anyone think about details this intensely?

    • 79 Hookah
      February 17, 2010 at 5:39 am

      Thinking outside the box is fun..but Barry would never happen. You’ve read the books-it’s Bill or Eric-Barry is to Vanilla for Sook..She needs a strong & in control man. I love Eric & hope they can work it out somehow 🙂

      • 80 Tracey
        February 17, 2010 at 8:28 am

        Yeah Barry is so left feild, but it was food for thought. Someone wrote on facebook that no matter what happens it will always go back to Bill. Thinkin about that, I can see that happening. The whole series started wit Bill perhaps ending with Bill. A complete twist not many people will be expecting because of everything he’s put Sookie through.

        However, If Harris deciedes to take the route I think it would happen only at the very end, possibly Harris’s last and final Sookie Stackhouse book.

        Maybe Sookie’s resurfaced feelings in book 9 is only the start. Harri’s way of breaking the ice.

        Sookie kinda soften up towards Bill after he stated her would die for her in book 8.(Notice Eric wouldnt do the same). Now book 9 Bill proved he would actually die for her. However, Eric didnt show his face to save her. Perhaps he was waiting until he knew his possbilies of surviving were pretty high. (the two fairies had a rep). Bill didnt care about dying, he cared about finding her, ensurin her safely. which is why he didnt stop the faries from taken Sookie because without Bill no one would know she was taken and “you’d be as good as dead”.

        For now i think it would be to complicated to bring Bill and Sookie together, but perhaps all along Harris is slowly heading in that direction.

        • February 17, 2010 at 9:39 am

          I’ve got a lot to say (as usual!) but I think if you have a look around you’ll probably see my thoughts on alot of this stuff…we’ve discussed much of it to death!
          But I’ll summarise 🙂

          Maybe Sookie’s resurfaced feelings in book 9 is only the start. Harri’s way of breaking the ice.

          I don’t feel this was a resurfacing of her feeling…it wasn’t a beginning, it was an end. Sookie saw Bill clearly for a moment, and in that moment she “loved him again”. In the context of the S/B story so far, what makes more sense? That Sookie just forgot about everything between them, decided that she could forget about it all and that she loved him again romantically? Or, is that Sookie was finally able to forgive Bill (as opposed to forget) and see a purpose to all she went through with him, and through that forgiveness she is able to love him as the friend and protector he finally proved himself to be in that book? I submit it was the latter, and since I like Sookie alot I hope for her to move forward in her life, not backwards. Forgiving Bill and finding peace with the turmoil of that relationship so she can move forward is the mark of emotional maturity, and an experience that most of us have in some way or another.

          Sookie kinda soften up towards Bill after he stated her would die for her in book 8.(Notice Eric wouldnt do the same). Now book 9 Bill proved he would actually die for her. However, Eric didnt show his face to save her. Perhaps he was waiting until he knew his possbilies of surviving were pretty high.

          We’re poles apart on this one Tracey! You have to read between the lines a little with these books – CH is a mystery writer, first and foremost and she buries things between the lines. But the evidence is always there if you look.
          Eric has proven multiple times by his actions that is as willing to die for S as Bill is. Bill is a little wet behind the ears – admitting that to Victor as he did during the takeover wasn’t very smart. It told Victor that Sookie was very, very valuable – so valuable that Bill, a vampire would DIE for her. That left her dangerously exposed. Eric (political animal that he is) knew this as surely as he knows his own name. He would never hang Sookie out to dry like that, which is why he remained silent. Yet through his actions – crossing Felipe de Castro repeatedly to block his access to Sookie with the pledge for example – he has exposed HIMSELF to consequences, which are coming down the pipeline you can bet on it. He knows this, he did it anyway.

          Eric has taken…what…four or five bullets for Sookie now? Thrown himself in front of guns (how many times) and explosions (at least twice I can recall). He’s stuck his neck out with FDC and Victor. My point here is that he doesn’t need to say it – his actions prove it. Unfortunately most of this is forgotten about because he’s not making romantic declarations of undying love in every second book.

          There is a reason Eric didn’t show up at the end of DAG, CH has said this. We don’t know what it is yet, so I reckon it’s only fair that we find out what it is before throwing him on the fire for that. Judging by his history of being the one to bail her out of the shit pretty much most of the time (LDID, CD twice, DTTW with Debbie, DD when she was kidnapped by the Pelts, ATD with the Dr Pepper bomb, FDTW came to her house during the takeover bc he knew Victor and co would try to take her to get at him – didn’t you ever wonder why they were there?)…brief summary of a very long list 😉 Anyway, the point is that he has not shied from helping her in the past… so I’m prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one, for now. I’m pretty confident there will be a good reason for it.

          I guess my main issue with your argument for Bill there is that it’s all about what he says and what Eric doesn’t say. Actions will always speak louder than words for me and I just feel what Bill has done (or not done) is more noteworthy than what comes out of his mouth.

          • 82 Tracey
            February 17, 2010 at 11:22 am

            Yea I recall Eric stating he’ll explain later. I’m sure he was doing something else behind the sences to help her. However, its fun to debate about a possbile ending now that we’re all ingorant. Whoo knows perhanps Eric and Bill will be staked. I highly doubt though. I agree the Sookie moment was an ending to her affection for Bill. But he didnt die. He may still be hurting but I doubt Harris is goin to kill him off later in the upcomin book. So now that hes still alive and will living near her house you dont think she’ll feel more of a connection wit him? She did agree to see Bill in the hospital without agrument because in the end she was thankful for him. I dont think Sookie she’ll totally forgive or forget anything he’s done, (and she deff shouldnt) but I still think theres a tunnel opening for the two.

            I do believe Eric truely cares about Sookie, but I still question his devotion. He was debating to himself (book 5) weather or not he should kill Sookie and end all the trouble she causes. I doubt he would have killed her even if Mickey didnt interpt but it still leave room to question.

            Eric showed up when Sookie had a bomb in her hands but it doesnt sound like he was there by choice. He made it sound like he was there because of the blood bond. “we’re bonded more tightly than it suits me, Sookie” im ready to die by your side it appears (something along those line he said).

            I really like that Eric protects Sookie and stand up for her went she doesnt stand up for herelf. However, Eric is still/always “looking out for number one E-R-I-C.

            I dont like that Eric controls Sookie life without communcation with her first like a normal relationship does. I hope she address him banishing Quinn because Sookie is not his subject she is a human being. Therefore, Sookie can deciede forself who visit her and who doesnt. she shouldnt need to ask permission and she most certainly does not need Eric using his connections or high athoruity to make she guys that show an interest arent near her.

            Harris does meantion Sookie will adress that suituation when Sookie returns to her right state of mind. Lets hope she does

            • 83 walgigi
              February 17, 2010 at 7:55 pm

              [However, Eric didnt show his face to save her. Perhaps he was waiting until he knew his possbilies of surviving were pretty high.]

              We can’t misjudge Eric’s intentions about why he didn’t show so quickily because he could be doing something else to ensure Sookie’s safety beyond the fae issue. This situation pretty much reminds me of Pride and Prejudice when Elizabeth Bennet couldn’t understand why Lord Darcy left so quick and withouth an explanation, while his real intentions were to save her and her family. In fact, CH story works very heavily on Sookie mistaken impressions (and our as well).

            • 87 T.Rece
              February 18, 2010 at 7:52 pm

              Tracey I understand the devil’s advocate thing but I’m totally in agreement with Sookieverseblog. She explained Sookie’s resurfaced feelings for Bill perfectly. CH made a point to clarify that her feelings for Bill were momentary–a flash of him as she’d known him (past tense/her first love)–but everything that followed had tainted those memories. Keep in mind at this point she thought he was facing his final death. In other words, Bill redeemed himself but his actions were not absolved.

              Truthfully as much as I would have liked to do away with Bill, I think he is still important to Sookie. If he had died fighting for her life it would have only been another person for her to feel guilty about. I honestly think Bill’s death would have been more of an obstacle for Eric-Sookie than an advantage. Sookie would harbor that loss, whereas now she can move on from it. Still, I find no threat in Bill Compton as a romantic interest. Anyone who has been betrayed/cheated on by someone they loved knows that you can forgive, you can perhaps even be friends, but you NEVER forget. I felt that Sookie came to terms with that at the end of D&G. It makes sense that after all this time Sookie still trusted him to protect her life/body but I can’t imagine that she would EVER trust him with her heart again–there is a huge difference, IMO.

              Regarding Eric, I think the last thing we need to question is his devotion. As far back as LDID he’s show devotion (he admits he came to Dallas to watch over her, he stays with her at the party while Bill is off canoodling with fellow vampires and consumed with bloodlust, and need I mention the orgy or lycra) CD is another prime example of this devotion–he risks exposing his true identity for her welfare. Eric has been the only real constant (other than Sam–which I can’t see as anything other than platonic) throughout the series. Perhaps you question his intentions more so than his devotion?

              His communication with Sookie is always honest. He doesn’t deny being high-handed. What does she expect? Sookie is always concerned with this erroneous “control” that Eric might have over her but I can’t think of a time (other than when he agrees to the favor in exchange for his memories) when he’s betrayed that. In reality, Sookie is just as high-handed as him. They both operate according to that. And, on more than one occasion Sookie has either deliberately shut down the communication (D&G post coital chat) or avoided it (not returning Eric’s numerous messages b4 the pledging). So I think it is unfair to say that Eric is at fault for the lack of communication. After all, the very concept depends on BOTH parties engaging.

              TBC…I write too much! I still need to cover Quinn and my thoughts on DITF (my initial purpose)…Oops

              • 88 T.Rece
                February 18, 2010 at 11:29 pm

                Okay on to Quinn…

                As far as I’m concerned Eric was well within his rights to “banish” Quinn (from a political standpoint). He’s a traitor. Now, regarding the private meeting with Sookie: it was high-handed (I’ll definitely give you that) but she didn’t neccesarily argue that decision or request that he make the exception. Deep down Sookie didn’t want to have that conversation (atleast not yet). Plus, Quinn went ahead and came to her anyway (with the assumption that Eric hadn’t asked her before turning down his request). It’s true that he had not asked but perhaps he would have had Sookie returned one of his phone calls. And regardless, during their arguement Quinn acted just as high-handed as anyone. He basically tells her that no other man will ever love her!

                Furthermore (and this is where I get really agitated) he compares his obligation to his mother/sister to Fangstasia and the database. (Note: the Sam thing is irrelevant to me bc he is not “her man” and never has been.) I guess in Quinn’s defence the database did negatively impact that relationship. Though I think it more so supports Sookie’s desire to be first. Had that relationship continued otherwise his work would have most likly been the cause of their break up. Didn’t that actually happen? Then with Eric Fangstasia and “his little part of LA” are his responsibility, yes, he is Sheriff and he owns the bar. Still, when it came to Sookie IMO he’s always put her first (he staked Longshadow, would have done the same w Charles, blood bond, etc.) Things have changed since CD…they are “more than friends” and by book 8 he sings a different tune. He specifically says “I’ll only interfere in the Were war to defend our interests. Or to defend you.” And they are not even a couple at this point–she is dating Quinn, who has been MIA since Rhoades.

                My main point is that Sookie clearly states that she didn’t/hasn’t and doesn’t plan to ask for anyone to give up anything they love (which makes sense bc she herself is so very determined to keep her life/job in Bon Temps). And Quinn’s reaction is ubsurd given the fact that at NO TIME (even in the months that they rarely saw each other between DD-ATD or FDTW) did Sookie demand that Quinn give up his partnership in E(E)E! His rationale is just way off to me and completely insensitive. He put his mother/sister first and left her high and dry after promising to spend a month together. He couldn’t even find the time to call her but now he can break the rules to harrass her? Gimme a break, both he and Bill need to sit down and reflect on their actions and then speak about “how much they care/love her”

                • 89 Tracey
                  February 19, 2010 at 7:34 am

                  Noone likes Quinn!?! (pout)

                  I love Quinn!!! I love his attuide, the fact that he calls her babe. “I’ll kill them if they hurt you.” Hes not shy, hes confidant, he defiantly puts himself out there for Sookie. He took an arrow for her!!! Eric himself admitted he wouldnt do that. Quinn goes a long way with me. Eric saved Sookie many times but Quinn is breakable. Eric not to much. If it werent for Quinn Sookie might have been dead a long time ago. Quinn will fight for her when Eric will jus use persuasion because hes out raked(referring to forceful andre blood bond). Someone said some really interesting things about Quinn being another Bill working for the queen, but I hightly doubt that for serveral reasons.

                  I did not like Sookies reasons for breaking up wit Quinn at all. I hated her reaction to him. She absolutely did not take anything he’d been through into consideration. She was completely selfish. For god sake she was almost killed and she freakin argument about his family are you serious. She should have been grateful both of them were alive and breathing.

                  Franny could have been killed on the spot for being at her house. Why? To warn and try to protect HER. If Sookie wasnt so freakin worried about vampire politics, Sookie and Franny could have hit an airport immediately and been safe. She didnt even ask Quinn if Franny would be okay or if he would be for that matter. She admitted she rather him be dead. OMG I lost it reading that. She was totally unresonable.

                  When Quinn saw the interaction with Eric and Andre in the hallway sure he wasnt happy but he was understanding before he even knew what actually happened. He didnt press her he didnt make life hard for her. He contuined to be there for her, comfort her. “we’re in bed like he ought to be.” He was even willin to take the bomb from her and he came RUNNIN! Not Eric. All Quinn cared about was her being save and he still does. However, Sookie doesnt recall any of this and she doesnt treat him with the same respect. She jus lashes out on him. And i was so upset. Even in the hotel she freakin runs to Erics rescue and not Quinns. I would have been at Quinns door makin sure we both got out together. I would have been there for him like he was for me.

                  Her asking to be first over he family was so absurd it made me soooo angery! She would have thrown a hissy whiney girly fit if Quinn asked her to put him 100% first before Jason. Quinn only has one member more than Sookie as family. And we all know Sookies done some really stupid shit for Jasons sake, including putting her own life at risk. Simliar to Quinn’s suitation with his mother but of course not the same. (the back up Jason marriage thing is a perfect example of my point) We all know she uses the fact the Jasons all she has as an excuse.

                  Quinn was wonderful to Sookie and this is how she treats him. She didnt even ask how hes injuries were holding up. I think she had grounds to question alot of things such as..

                  ‘because of your mother you franny were almost killed. Is it worth it? As a result to the vampire hold on you, my life was at risk. Now that the king knows im telpathic, the suituation is defiantly not over. Maybe you were forced to meantion me but why didnt you leave the telpathy out? this is the second time you put ur life on the line for ur mom. 3 years fighting wasnt enough for you? so what if something like this happens again what will you do? How about if the King makes you chose between my life or your families?’

                  i dont think she picked a good time to tackle the suituation, exspecailly with all the mix emotions she had. She should have waited, the same way Quinn waited in book 7 when she messed up.

                  I think Quinn was perpared to lose her in order to save the life of him family as the King’s mininon(w/e his name was) had pointed out. In addition, we dont kno if “Quinn wanting in” was because he knew Franny was in there. In additon, we (the audience) don’t know if him breaking the door was because he thought it was Sookie screamin or cuz he defiantly knew it was Franny.

                  I think she also could have agrued when Quinn asked “what could i have done” that he didnt own the vampires anything because he could have handled the suituation of his momther himself perfectly find. And he was perpared to but the vamps beat him to it therefore nothing is owned.

                  Sookie’s so freakin stupid and totally not ruthless at all, even when it could mean saving her own ass. Shes weak. She could have put an end to future troubles by killing the King herself the next day but nooo she saves him like an idiot. She didnt even think twice that the day before the King ordered his minions ready to kill her at his command. At her own damn house! Is that outrageous or am I bugging? She didnt even consider Quinn might be free of the King’s hold if she staked him. Quinn freed her from Andre cause she was too chicken shit to do it herself. She couldnt do the same?

                  Quinn didnt call her because he thought he was protecting her. He thought he could shield her from all the maddness. Harris doesnt meantion how soon after him leaving the hospital did his mother suitation thing occur. Maybe it was right after. Quinn does meantion his injuries so hes not thrown back into the pit so it couldnt have been long.

                  He didnt want the Neveda vampires finding her. However, Harris doesnt meantion how they found out about her anyway. perhaps it was because of her phone calls. (Harris doesnt meantion if glamour works on Quinn).I’m sure Quinn could have done more. I mean come on, Vampires arent around in the daylight! Quinn is a cleaver guy, he could have defiantly done more. When Franny’s “friend” got the car that was a window.

                  Quinn wouldnt be Quinn if he didnt show up regarless of Erics say. I love Quinn for that because hes really making and effort and hes really showing that he cares. Once again Quinn is putting himself out there for Sookie, even when he knows theres conquences. Hes a tough man and he doesnt let anyone have control of him. The Neveda suitation problli only occured because his family was thrown into the equation. He can take care of himself, his family not so much.

                  I actually agree with Quinn. Eric will always pick his piece of LA before her. Notice Eric always meantions his responsiblies such as LA and being Sheriff before her. She is not his priority or prime focuse.

                  “I’ll only interfere in the Were war to defend our interests. Or to defend you.”

                  “I’ll only be your friend as long as it doesnt interfere wit my being sheriff or my area”

                  Now Sookie and Eric are beyond the “friend” stage but it still proves my point.

                  Only when Eric lost his memory did he really put Sookie first. At that time Eric genuinely care for her. He knew nothing of his life so he defiantly had no motives or agendas unless his amnesia was fraud which i doubt. But again Eric is great at acting, and what Eric wants Eric gets which at the moment was all of Sookie.

                  Eric does admit to not loving her in book 4 when he is completely honest wit her (no blood bond excuse bs). 5 books later do you really think Eric delevloped love for Sookie? Eric isnt even close wit Sookie until book until book 7 after their blood bond strengths and she saves his life so its really not 5 books later.

                  I bet if Sookie asked Quinn to move somewhere far with her in order to be with her, he would. He was willing to take off from work for 4 weeks to send quality time with her, not for sexual purposes. That saids alot.

                  • 90 Tracey
                    February 19, 2010 at 7:37 am

                    wow i didnt realize how long that was. No wonder it took a few hours to write. lol. i thought it was the prof reading. Good thing we’re all nuts about True Blood. lol

                  • 91 T.Rece
                    February 20, 2010 at 1:12 am

                    Okay…woah. I don’t really think I can cover everything (since yes it was rather lengthy.haha but I understand). You and I and possibly alot of others definitely see the motives behind these situations differently. I personally wasn’t a Quinn fan, but I can see how others (few as they may be) are. And you are correct if it hadn’t been for Quinn she would be a goner–but really I wouldn’t put the title of savior on just his head alone. Sookie is like a magnet for trouble–there are a hand full of supes to whom Sookie owes her life.
                    Now,regarding their relationship. Unfortunately, for you, I don’t think Sookie was ever totally into it (she really couldn’t be-she was still caught up on not only Eric but in some ways Bill.) If Quinn’s interest in her was completely genuine–no ulterior motives–Sookie WAS unfair to him by becoming involved with him in the first place.
                    Sookie is VERY inexperienced in relationships. CH has explained that like everyone else Sookie is learning and making mistakes in that respect. Her break up with Quinn is a prime example of this. She has said herself that she is not proud of the way she handled it. Still, I don’t think her reaction was totally unreasonable. First of all, Quinn had nothing to do with the fact that Sookie survived the takeover. The only reason any of them were spared was because ERIC surrendered.
                    To best respond to the breakup issue, I re-read that part. I think it is unfair to blame Sookie for her response. It was real…it was how she felt, and she knew that while it was perhaps selfish or unattainable, being first was something that was important to her. She empathized with Quinn and honestly, I didn’t find her reasoning all that misguided. Family is family. BC she’s had to deal with Jason all her life she knows this first hand, and two people w dysfunctional, troublesome baggage is the recipe for disaster . Would it have been better if she brushed aside their obvious “issues” bc of the previous nights situation? Remember, Quinn came to her the following morning. But the fact stilled remained that he was MIA for over a month prior (a month he had promised would be shared with her). She was hurt, she felt betrayed and the bottomline was that (as much as she was disappointed to admit it) that relationship was going nowhere. She had hoped to love him but as she later explained there were just too many strikes against them. She could have tried to work it out, but at that point she didn’t want to. That is what was important. I actually think it was rather mature of her to realize that and walk away from it when she did. I always operate on the belief that if it is meant to be it will be…but sometimes you have to let it go. After all those months of “dating” there was still something off. She loved Bill almost immediately…after a few days with AEric she had feelings close to love. For whatever reason that was not the case with Quinn. You can’t force something like that.
                    For the record she did not say that she rather him dead. She implied someone might as well have just told her he was dead. In other words, she was tactlessly and overdramatically implying that his actions had the same result as him being dead to her. Harsh yes, but very different from wishing death upon him. Secondly, Franny and Sookie could NEVER have skipped town without consequence, even if by some miracle they had the money and means of hopping on an airplane in time.
                    The blood bond incident is complicated for Quinn Sookie and Eric. I hardly think he was “understanding” about all of it. He was pissed even after Andre explained that they were following orders. The next time they are together Sookie is holding a bomb. He comes running yes, he is admirable…and Eric seems a bit put off at first…I’ll give you that. Thus begins the triangular tableau of Quinn, Eric, and Sookie. I have to admit you are very passionate about the tiger (which is not an emotion I am personally familiar with.lol) I think that when it comes down to Eric or Quinn, deep down she’ll always choose Eric. IMO, the bomb-hallway scene when they discuss technology is a prime example of the stark difference in those relationships. Eric and Sookie “get” each other on a deeper level and despite strong efforts on Quinn’s part she doesn’t really let him in. Quinn ends up looking like a spectator to “how well do E-S know each other” show. I don’t think she does it on purpose. In fact, I think that she genuinely makes an effort to minimize her attraction to Eric (for Quinns benefit). But I think you know as well as I do that it just doesn’t work like that. And that is precisely why Sookie went to save Eric-Pam. Though I’ll have you know Quinn was her first thought (feel free to rejoice and rub this in my face.lol) The tables may have been different had the attack not occurred during daylight-hence she did what she did bc the vamps, unlike Quinn, were defenseless).
                    Back to her wanting to be first. You see Quinn as the victim in their final argument…I don’t. She throws a hissy fit, yes. When does she not? I remember her being equally obnoxious w Eric in front of Victor, and when he innocently proposes the idea of her quitting her job at Merlottes. Sookie values her job and life in BonTemps and wouldn’t ask anyone to give something up like that. She had the chance to with Eric and chose not to bc “it wasn’t right.”
                    And, he instigated the confrontation–had he not, who knows, maybe she would not have gone down on him like so hard. I think Quinn was absurd to compare Fangstasia-Database to his mother. What about that job he has with E(E)E that rendered him practically non-existent to Sooke between DD and ATD (they see each other only a few times over more than three months?) Much of her hesitation with Quinn is bc of that very fact. It’s why she concedes to him only after he assures her that he will be taking time off. So, in essence it is for sexual purposes. And, regardless of the circumstances, he doesn’t follow through with it. For someone with huge abandonment issues I can see where Quinn’s failure to come through might be taken as a betrayal. And on top of that it had to have irked her like hell that Eric had kinda been right in his observations that “she knew Quinn no more than she had Bill.” All these things add up and I think Quinn should have been prepared for her to respond like that–he knew of Bill’s deceit and the other reasons behind it.
                    I agree that we don’t know a damn thing about Quinn’s true intentions. But I find it hard to believe that he didn’t know Frannie was inside and even harder that he wouldn’t recognize her screams. He’s a freakin tiger, they are way more attuned.
                    Sookie is NOT ruthless…that’s why Eric’s ruthlessness is an asset to her survival. 🙂 And no you are not bugging. Technically she could have killed FDC but her concerns were saving Eric and Sam. Plus Sookie is by nature not a killer…she doesn’t believe in retribution. Unless Eric was boning FDC on the side I don’t think the thought of staking him would even cross her mind.haha On the other hand, Quinn is used to fighting to the death, literally. Andre forced the blood bond…he had personal beef with him bc of that. It did not faze him one bit.
                    We don’t know why Quinn didn’t call her. Sheild her from the madness? I doubt that. He had to have known better than anyone how valuable Sookie would be to FDC. And we have no clue what the terms of his debt were. He could have been forced to give up information, turn on Sookie. At least we agree that he could have been more resourceful in “warning” Sookie!
                    My issue with Quinn defying Eric is that in doing so he is technically going against Sookie’s wishes. She didn’t want to have that conversation then (as you said her emotions were running high). And, I don’t think Quinn was putting himself out there. More than anything he was berating her feelings for Eric. He’s jealous…he has every right to be. But, like Bill, he dug his own grave.
                    I don’t agree with Quinn’s assessment. Eric has chosen Sookie over the LA vamps and his position multiple times. Even when he really has no memory of why he feels compelled to. The first example is not relevent bc they were only friends AND much has changed since then. And who cares what order he states it. Obviously we see it differently but I felt like he did it that way to show its emphasis…saving the best for last? He is not her man at this point either and he is still willing. In fact I think she was involved with the MIA Quinn at the time. Eric and Sookie are notorious for covering up their true feelings and given her insistence to be faithful to Quinn I can’t blame him for not professing his undying love for her. I sure as hell wouldn’t take that risk.
                    I firmly believe deep down Amnesia Eric is Real Eric and his love for Sookie (his heart’s desire) is what has caused him to uncover feelings he had shoved down for centuries. Call me crazy but I don’t know why CH would have Sookie speculate that this is the case unless it was meaningful to the overall story. Eric is 1000 yrs old…so the road to enlightenment is not going to be easy. Book 4 spans only 9 days or so…not ample time to fall in love, according to my book. But when Eric is cursed they both see a glimpse of how it could be. It has always been my feeling that Sookie didn’t pursue a life with AEric, as he proposed, not only bc it “wouldn’t be right” but bc a small part of her had to have believed they would get that chance again someday.
                    Eric does not remember a single thing about his time with Sookie until she tells him…but the feelings that they unearthed are still there. So do I think he developed love for her 5 books later? Hell yes. I think he was ready to tell her that in D&G but Sookie was too afraid. I disagree that Eric is not close with Sookie books 5-6. The whole premise of book 5 is their affection for each other–the comparison being HotRain and Longshadow. It wasn’t the bumping uglies that was valuable it was the affection. And Book 6 she starts dating Quinn–even though she admitted to herself only a day prior that Eric was the person she cared about–the person whose company she enjoyed most. She comforts the loss of Eric by going out with Quinn. Not a smart move. I think you can agree that doing so was unfair to Quinn.
                    Eric is ALWAYS at the very least an afterthought in her mind. She wonders in book 7 if part of the reason she agrees to go to Rhoades is bc of him. And, Pam–who knows Eric better than anyone–can see how much of an affect she has on him. The blood bond is powerful bc of the emotional bond that they share. They care about each other–alot. But the BB and fairy blood are just excuses that Sookie uses to hide from the true feelings between them.
                    Anyways, I tried my best to get in everything. It’s quite long. I guess it just comes down to personal preference. I’m not trying to down play Quinn but I almost pity him. It sucks to be the guy in love with the girl who’s in love with someone else.

                    • 92 Maria
                      February 20, 2010 at 2:50 am

                      I completely agree with what you said, especially in regards to Sookie and Eric’s closeness throughout the series. After DUD, they kiss in every book and Sookie doesn’t push Eric away, even when she is dating another guy. Eric is the person she feels happiest with, before the BB. Why else would she fantasize about enjoying a beautiful day with him? I see Quinn as a rebound relationship that she shouldn’t have gone in to and when it came down to it, did not want to work at pursuing.

                    • 93 VikingLover
                      February 20, 2010 at 4:15 am

                      I agree as well. In my opinion (not knocking anyone’s feelings about Quinn but just based on my own feelings) Quinn does not love Sookie. I think he “cares” for her to some extent but it’s not love. Regardless of what the feelings might be, they are very selfish and self serving. Quinn wanted it very easy – something for nothing. He never put any effort into nurturing any type of relationship with Sookie. Not even a friendship – he couldn’t call her at night, after work? He was not involved in her life at all nor did he take any interest in it. He only showed any “passionate” interest after Sookie had been pledged to Eric. Why? Why didn’t Quinn make all of his arguments during the break up? Why didn’t he call her the next day? Come to her house the following night to tell her all of those things? Call her on the phone to say he wanted one more shot? Send her flowers? No, he waits several months (with no contact and showing no interest in her life) to make a brazen attempt to try to convince her that she made a huge mistake. That’s a bit odd, in my opinion. Odd and very selfish and unreasonable on his part. Where was he all of those weeks/months after the breakup?? And no one tell me that it was because Eric had forbidden him to enter his area because there is an invention known as the telephone.

                      Back to the pledge: Quinn is intimately familiar with Vampire politics. He knows full well that Sookie is extremely vulnerable to FDC and he also knows how very important it is to Sookie’s life for her to be pledged to Eric. Yet, he still tries to “come between them”??? Once again he puts his own selfish needs and wants above Sookies. Trying to break that pledge is a very dangerous thing for Sookie and yet there is Quinn trying to do exactly that.

                      In my opinion that quote of “I’ll only be your friend as long as it doesnt interferes with my being sheriff or my area” was a way to spotlight for us just how much Eric would eventually grow and evolve throughout the books because he has done the exact opposite of what he initially said. That’s why it was said in the initial stages of their relationship. Regardless of that, what was Quinn’s point anyway? That he’s just as bad as Eric and the rest so why not give him a shot? His argument was ridiculous. None of his arguments rang true anyway – they have been proven wrong many times over. Eric has put Sookie before his area, before his position, and his own life. There are too many examples in the book to even write here. The end of DAG alone puts all of Quinns arguments to shame – Eric even releases Clancy from his oath to him in order to find another Master (Q: “He’d never let his little pack of sworn vamps serve someone else).

                    • February 20, 2010 at 5:42 am

                      In my opinion that quote of “I’ll only be your friend as long as it doesnt interferes with my being sheriff or my area” was a way to spotlight for us just how much Eric would eventually grow and evolve throughout the books because he has done the exact opposite of what he initially said. That’s why it was said in the initial stages of their relationship.

                      I agree. I notice there’s a lot of arguments against Eric based on things he said and did in early books and I don’t quite get it. It’s like what he has actually DONE since (and done recently) doesn’t count because he’s said this stuff earlier on. It’s like there is no acknowledgement that he could change.

                      Another example: LDID where Sookie says she trusts him and he says “That’s crazy Sookie”. Just today I saw someone on CH’s board using this to support an argument that Sookie trusts Eric too much, and that she shouldn’t because HE SAID THAT HIMSELF!!! Well, yeah he said that. He said that just after he met her! There has been ALOT of water under the bridge since then. But somehow none of that counts for nought, because ERIC SAID that Sookie would be crazy to trust him so she must be.

                      It’s a device. It is included so that when Eric does eventually prove himself worthy of her trust, there is a signpost there for the reader to note that growth, that progress in the relationship.

                      It’s the same with what Quinn said about Eric never putting Sookie first or letting his vamps serve another. It’s called foreshadowing – not long after Quinn said this, Eric showed up at her house to defend her during the takeover, AND as pointed out by VL he released Clancy to serve another master. The point is that Quinn said this stuff, but Quinn was wrong.

                    • 95 Tracey
                      February 21, 2010 at 12:43 am

                      you could say the same about Bill changing. Exspecailly wit his most recent events and explainations. Yes i kno Bill’s done a lot to Sookie that Eric hasnt but its a thought.

                    • 96 T.Rece
                      February 24, 2010 at 1:27 am

                      All the characters should have evolved. Bill has changed. His journey just hasn’t been as compelling. Bill started out as “the knight in shining armor” but quickly proved to be less than honorable…he redeems himself in D&G. Eric on the other hand has steadily proved himself to be worthy of Sookie’s affection and more importantly she is the reason behind that change.

                    • 97 lkc
                      February 24, 2010 at 1:52 pm

                      I actually think you can use the above statement to show how he has grown. In I believe FDTW he then goes on to tell Sookie( during Alcides pack troubles) that he’ll only interfere to protect his interests or HER!. It’s so obvious yet so many want to continue to discredit him.

                      One of the biggest arguments for the BL’s is that Bill has shown growth, all he wants to do is protect her, it’s all done because he loves her. I asked a question on CH’s board that didn’t get answered, was basically because Eric has never said he loves her does all his actions get discredited? Because that basically seems to sum it up for them Bill’s actions are out of love and protection, Eric’s actions are done to own and control!

                    • 98 Tracey
                      February 20, 2010 at 8:46 pm

                      I agree with a lot of what you said. Eric has defiantly been there time and time again. He defiantly worked towards gaining her trust. (and thats when he turns around uses that to his advantage and tricks her into pledging)

                      I like your observation of why she turned down the proposal of “memory lost” Eric. I viewed it as she knew realistically it wouldn’t work. Pam wouldn’t stop until the spelled was versed. If she had driven away wit him at the moment she’d have problems. The whole idea really was a fantasy (a good one) and she came to terms wit that.

                      As far as Sookie being unfair to dating Quinn, she can’t wait around until Eric makes up his mind. Who knows how long that would take? At the time Eric wasn’t even speaking to her. I think her dating; at least making the effort to move on was the right thing to do. The sight of Eric made her happy which would have taken a toll on her eventually because everything had changed. She tells herself she needs to forget jus as he had and Quinn was her opportunity, hey she was attracted to him. She even mentioned the relationship she loved so much with Eric was non-existing. She really couldn’t figure Eric out. It isn’t until now that she knows Eric cares about her and he would do lot for her. And I also think that’s why she didn’t lash out at him for the pledge.

                      I think if Sookie was a clam when Quinn arrived instead of jumping to the aggressive, the conversation would have been more pleasant. And I don’t think Quinn knew bout Bill arrangement, I think he jus knew Bill and Sookie had a history.

                      However, Quinn made those judgments without knowing any facts. Sookie could have argued that Bill did in fact state he’d “give it all up to be with her.” Eric did as well, regardless of memory loss, it was still said and Quinn would have been put on the spot.

                      As for Eric boning FDC I really don’t think Sookie would mind as long as Eric was happy. LOL

                      I do regret not knowing the extent to Quinn’s debt. But I guess its not really important. The focus is more on Sookie and Eric not Quinn and Sookie.

                      I guess your right I am passionate about Quinn. Lol. Good observation once again! 🙂

                      I admitt Sookie should have waited until Quinn actually had the 4 weeks off but she wanted him. He was famliar and it was a while.

                      I’m going to leave it at that before this turns into 3 pages again lol.

                      I apologize for any misspelled words or for anything that doesn’t make sense, I don’t have time to revise and re-read this.

                    • 99 Tracey
                      February 23, 2010 at 5:51 am

                      “Sookie is like a magnet for trouble–there are a hand full of supes to whom Sookie owes her life”.

                      This is true but Quinn had jus met her. He wasnt her cousin, he wasnt sent to her, and he wasnt on a job wit her. Their very first date together he watchs her back and he doesnt get mad for the unwelcome trouble that caused by her baggage. This is why i respect him. Some other dude after that kinda date might have been like F this. And realli thats what Sookie does to him after the take over when his baggage hits her doorstep.

                      Yea he was MIA for a month but we dont know all the details about why. We jus kno bout the take over plot durin that time. The first chance Quinn got he was right there by her side before she was even awake. why? because he knew he fucked up and he wanted to resolve it n he never disappear again. I bet if they came to a compromise he’d stick to it. She thought about him not gettin much sleep but she didnt consideration how he was feeling. She didnt even use her ability to find out. That tells me she jus didnt care enough.

                      I agree that Sookie could have worked it out but at that point she didnt want to. When Quinn meantions something about tryin to work it out, i think Sookie response should have been “we can absolutely work it out, I jus dont want to” because that is the complete honest truth. I honestly dont think she meant wanting to be first aganist his family. Regardless of her sayin “i meant what i said”. Sookie doesnt like people doing things like that for her, same way she doesnt like people doin favors without her doing something in return. She said she wasnt askin him to give up anything jus for her to be first but realli he would be neglecting his family jus to make her feel number one. so its not realli different. I think she said that because half of her knew he wouldnt accept that. Who would? she most defiantly would not.

                      Yeah Eric surrendered but to save his own ass. Sookie was jus a bonus. I dont kno why she didnt throw Eric out of her house after that. She didnt even rescind the minoins invisitation which i think will befire later.

                      If she killed the Queens child first than FDC she’d have nothing to worri about. She was not worrying bout Sam. If she was she would have ran to him first. Besides her, sam is the most breakable and he had nothing to do wit the suituation he got caught in. But of course Sookie was thinkin of herself and how she’d feel if she lost Eric. She ran to Eric because he was the one she cared bout most. Sure sams her friend and she’d miss him because he like her support but that its(advise and good out), she’d get over it. (Not to meantion not havin Sam as a boss might complicate her work life).That also minds me, when Sookie meantions missin Quinn is wasnt because she realli missed him, it was because he’d wld know what to do/how to handle her circustane, guide her, give her advice. She didnt miss him at the wedding, he was supose to be her date. Nope she was jus fine. Sometimes i realli hate Sookie. She pretends to be fair and carin but she realli is jus selfish and stupid.

                      It upsets me that in book 5 when Eric is upset bc he cant remember wat happened wit them, Sookie lightens the suituation which clams Eric and the conversation turned to a happy one. But wit Quinn she cldnt do that? It is bc Eric dangerous n Sookie is well aware of it?

                      i had more to say but its late.

                    • February 23, 2010 at 6:44 am

                      If she killed the Queens child first than FDC she’d have nothing to worri about.

                      You’ve said this in a couple of posts Tracey but I don’t get it.
                      Don’t you think it’s a bit short sighted to say that all Sookie would have to do is eliminate the current threat (eg. Andre, FDC) and her problems are solved? No, they aren’t.
                      Sookie will always be a target. Always. We saw this play out with Sophie Anne. SA dies, but the problem isn’t gone because FDC takes her place. And his agenda is the same. It’s not going to stop. She has to acknowledge this and make smarter decisions.

                      It upsets me that in book 5 when Eric is upset bc he cant remember wat happened wit them, Sookie lightens the suituation which clams Eric and the conversation turned to a happy one. But wit Quinn she cldnt do that? It is bc Eric dangerous n Sookie is well aware of it?

                      Are you saying that Sookie used humour to deflect some sort of physical threat from Eric? I don’t think so. I think this scene was just another of numerous examples that show Sookie and Eric have an affinity – she understands what makes him tick. We have seen absolutely ZERO evidence in any of the books that Eric would ever physically harm Sookie. That’s not to say that he isn’t dangerous – he is, if you’re on the wrong side of him. But even when he’s angry at Sookie I’ve never felt he would hurt her…and I don’t think she has felt that since book 4.

                    • 101 Stefanie
                      February 23, 2010 at 7:18 am

                      I’m almost wondering if Eric might eventually become King? And I kind of wonder if this will in any way impact Sookie’s life in a way that protects her indefinetly against the threats she’s currently facing? Seems to me like it might happen…? Food for thought 🙂

                    • February 23, 2010 at 7:32 am

                      Oh Stef absolutely – I’ve been pushing the Eric as king line for a while now. I’m almost completely convinced that is the only circumstance under which an E/S HEA can work.
                      It’s definitely becoming more likely. FDC’s days are clearly numbered once he starts actively interfering with Sookie.

                      I’m going to do a post at some stage about this…when I get time agh!

                    • 103 walgigi
                      February 23, 2010 at 7:54 am

                      Ouch… I’m feeling forgotten 😦

                    • 104 Stefanie
                      February 23, 2010 at 8:15 am

                      Oh Gigi…you’re unforgettable…:)

                    • 105 walgigi
                      February 23, 2010 at 8:18 am

                      HAHHAHA, TY Stefy **Big Hug**

                    • February 23, 2010 at 8:53 am

                      No no not forgotten. That one will be done first 😉

                    • 107 walgigi
                      February 23, 2010 at 9:54 am

                      Don’t know why I had a vision of my blood flowing through all the blog … and that my life is in danger HAHAHHAHA!!

                    • 108 walgigi
                      February 23, 2010 at 7:49 am

                      Tracey, I think you did not quite understand that Sookie trusts Eric because he has proven himself worthy of her trust, he has earned her trust and respect by risking his life for her countless times and she can feel his emotions through the BB. I Insist you’re very confused with what you think Sookie should or could do in your opinion, and what are the real facts of the story through the books.

                    • 109 Tracey
                      February 24, 2010 at 8:20 am

                      “I Insist you’re very confused with what you think Sookie should or could do in your opinion, and what are the real facts of the story through the books.”

                      thats partially true. Im not confused and im not mixin anything up. I am draggin my own thoughts into it, wha i would do wit if was sookie, possiblies sookie could do but wont for the sake of the book, what could have happen, what might happen.. blah blah.. I pretty sure i’ve meantioned that on my first post before i started talkin bout a possible method for Sookie to break the BB and leave the vampires behind.

                    • 110 walgigi
                      February 24, 2010 at 8:48 am

                      [I pretty sure i’ve meantioned that on my first post before i started talkin bout a possible method for Sookie to break the BB and leave the vampires behind.]

                      Exactly. That’s the only thing we could do, theorize about future events. Because, even though we can analyze what happened in the story, we can’t change those canon facts that already happened under the premise of “what if”, and under the assumption of what Sookie could or should do if she didn’t do it. We need to stay focused and clear on the facts.

                      BTW, you wrote on the other post you were confused because you don’t know for sure which vampire Niall was referring, and kinda of thought he meant Bill. Did you read the link I gave you? It will help you a lot to clarify your doubts about it:


                    • 111 Tracey
                      February 24, 2010 at 9:04 am

                      sookie will always have problems, i think its mostly because Sookie sticks her nose where it dont belong and she never learns. There’ll always be another Queen, another King, someone who wants to use sookie abilities, especially if she stays in bon temps and continues to broadcast wat she can do. I kno this. But my point was if she killed FDC she wouldnt have to worri bout him now. Perhaps it wld buy her some time to think bout her life seriously and how to better it before the next powerful vampire/sup/law enforcement is after her.

                      Also if FDC was finally dead maybe Eric wld have settled to be King and killed all the Neveda vampires. If that happened a potential problem wld be eliminated. Its a possibility, and thats wat i was gettin at.

                      With the Quinn comment I was tryin to make a point that sookie is perfectly capable of not jumpin to the aggressive in an argument. Eric in book 5 was an example of that.

                      I wanted to kno ppls opinions – when eric was hurtin sookies arm n he was very angry she saids clamly “u were so sweet when u werent urself” which takes him completely by surprise and he clams down. I am not suggesting she uses humor, she doesn’t. Now did she do that because she knows eric can be dangerous when upset? or for some other reason that i can think of.

                      quinn shows up at her house and she stumps her foot like a 3 year old and starts a heat conversation. But why? Why does she treat Quinn like shit? It realli bugs me. Is it because she jus didnt care about Quinn, his feelings, or the suituation enough to resolve it in a clam fashion as she normally does when Eric is involved.

                      I kno it wasnt a conversation she was lookin forward to and i guess she felt talkin to Quinn wld complicate things n she already had a rough day but she didnt make anything easy for herself by responsing the way she did.

                    • 112 lkc
                      February 24, 2010 at 2:00 pm

                      I want to insert a quick comment here about when Eric hurt her arms because the BL’s use that to show that he has also hurt her physically and that it is a vampire thing not a Bill thing. I am going to say bullshit. The 2 times Eric has hurt her, once squeezing her hands and the other with her arms unconsciously, as soon as she said your hurting me he stopped. This is in contrast to Bill when on the , one can almost say numerous, times he’s hurt her physically she has had to stop him physically herself to get him to come to his senses. He was always out of control or close to it!

                    • 113 T.Rece
                      February 23, 2010 at 10:43 pm

                      Quinn is an alpha male–he was attacked alongside a “helpless” human whom he was “courting”–of course he is going to protect her. For all he knew, he was the target. Also, in a small way he was sent by Sophie-Anne and I doubt she would be too please with him had Sookie been hurt or worse. Regardless, I still agree with you that she owes her life to Quinn, I just don’t see it as being a motivating source for her feelings. Quinn isn’t “any other guy”. He is a former pit fighter and were-tiger. IMO, If he should have said F-this to anything it would be Sookie’s emotional baggage.
                      It’s kinda funny that we’re still going back and forth (though I enjoy it–you are not ignorant and obnoxious like some others) when really were basically in agreement. I hate to say it but I think YOU care for Quinn a hell of a lot more than Sookie, which makes it hard for you to accept Quinn and Sookie’s relationship as it has unfolded.
                      Prime examples:
                      1. You say Sookie’s reaction to Quinn after the takeover “tells you that she just doesn’t care enough.”
                      A. Precisely what I’ve been saying all along. This is her emotional baggage taking over. In ATD she acknowledges the inevitable predicament of having to choose between Eric and Quinn. His absence and mommy issues influenced her decision(and more likely appeared on the surface to be the issue at hand) but I think the real reason was apparent even before that first date: ERIC.
                      Coincidentally, the night of the takeover Eric regained his memory. If you think of it from Sookie’s stand point, that realization probably influenced her. Subconsciously, I think it renewed the possibility of being with “her Eric” again. And, whether she/you wants to admit it or not, I think that gives a pretty good indication of her ultimate “choice.” At least this time around.
                      2. Regarding her rescue from Seigbert: “But of course Sookie was thinkin of herself and how she’d feel if she lost Eric. She ran to Eric because he was the one she cared bout most.”
                      A. Again, this sort of just reinforces my thoughts on where her heart is. Regarding Sam though, he might be more “breakable” than Eric or FDC but he wasn’t in imminent danger. The vampires were held down with silver and were suffering . That was most likely a factor in her triage efforts. But, yes, her motivating force seems to be Eric. And why might that be? 😉
                      3. “When Sookie mentions missing Quinn is wasn’t because she really missed him, it was because he’d wld know what to do/how to handle her circumstance, guide her, give her advice. She didn’t miss him at the wedding, he was suppose to be her date. Nope she was just fine. Sometimes I really hate Sookie. She pretends to be fair and caring but she really is jus selfish and stupid.”
                      A. I’ve honestly never thought about this…but I’m sensing you are rather perturbed by Sookie brushing off Quinn. I don’t remember her ever addressing or confirming this (i.e. her not missing Quinn and being fine at the wedding). I think that your observation is a bit overdramatic. Much like mine can be where the viking is concerned (were both maybe a little too emotionally involved.lol) I think you’ll be glad to know that I always assumed that she HAD missed Quinn’s presence. Also, thereafter when she meets with Niall she requests his help in finding “her boyfriend.” She didn’t say…”Niall, can you find my problem solver.”
                      4.” It upsets me that in book 5 when Eric is upset bc he can’t remember what happened with them, Sookie lightens the situation which calms Eric and the conversation turned to a happy one. But wit Quinn she cldnt do that? It is bc Eric dangerous n Sookie is well aware of it?”
                      A. I don’t know why. I won’t claim to… I’m not Sookie. I’ll give you my take on it though. A part of it could be her genuine fear but I doubt it. From the orgy in LDID we know that Sookie trusts Eric implicitly with her ultimate safety. What it comes down to IMO is a difference in the relationships. Sookie and Eric just know each other better. In my experience that has translated into (among other things) knowing how to effectively diffuse a situation/argument. For whatever reason she seems to respond differently to Eric. If I had to guess, I’d say that it’s bc Eric is the only person who is not expendable to Sookie and vice versa. BTW…what scene are you referring to that turned into a “happy one?”
                      In summary, I think we’re mostly beating a dead horse. I’ll ask you this though. If Sookie’s actions tell you that she cares for Eric more than anyone else…would you really want her to take up with Quinn again after the takeover? Would you have her continue dating Quinn when she obviously couldn’t fully commit to him, when she lacked the desire to even try to make it work?
                      I could be way off but I feel like you’re arguing for Quinn more based on how YOU would have reacted, how you would have WANTED Sookie to act, and less based on how/what really went down. I think we all do that to an extent–I wanted to smack Sookie when she mouthed off in front of Victor. What counts though is not what we wanted or felt SHOULD have happened. I think we can both agree to disagree on the unknown factors. What we agree on is that Bill is scum…Sookie is very frustrating… I’ll be waiting to see if we can agree on the fact that Sookie cares more for Eric than she does Quinn. 🙂

              • 114 walgigi
                February 19, 2010 at 12:22 am

                [If he had died fighting for her life it would have only been another person for her to feel guilty about.]

                I really think CH thought twice about that before realizing that Bill’s death just would make him a heroe before Sookie’s eyes, and THE HEROE of the story. And if someone doesn’t deserve that kind of image and/or distinction in Sookie’s life, it is William Erasmus Compton…

              • 115 VampirePamsGirl
                February 19, 2010 at 3:09 am

                T.Rece, don’t worry about writing too much; many of us have that problem, myself definitely counted among that number! Anyway, I thought your post was very well-written and covers many of the points that I definitely believe in myself.

                On the Bill front, I think you articulated very well why he’s no longer a romantic interest for this series. I could just imagine if for some insane reason that he and Sookie did end up back together that anytime he left, despite what she says, she would be questioning what he was doing and if he was telling her the truth. As you said so well, you can forgive, but forgetting is a different story.

                And with Eric, actions speak so much louder than words. Bill and Quinn can talk all day about how devoted they are, but for me Eric is the one that SHOWS his devotion over and over.

                Your points on Quinn are definitely spot on as well. To put it less eloquently, he really just irks me, lol.

                Anyway, I enjoyed reading your observations and look forward to more of them!

                • 116 GothicSantaClawz
                  February 27, 2010 at 11:30 pm

                  “And with Eric, actions speak so much louder than words. Bill and Quinn can talk all day about how devoted they are, but for me Eric is the one that SHOWS his devotion over and over. ”

                  I completely agree with you. Sometimes I think some of us forget that Bill and Eric are from completely different times. Bill comes from a time where you declare your love and therefore it is true. Eric however would have declared his love with actions (like bringing back stuff from raids). I definatly hope that Eric and Sookie stay together!

                  Also i think that Eric sleeping with sookie (when she wants to) would be his way of boosting her self confidence over her body. If you notice in the chapter of DITF she doesn’t mention feeling ugly about her physical appearence. more that the scars remind her about the trauma of the experience.

                  oh and i wanted to mention how great this site is I only found it a few days ago 😉

              • 117 Tracey
                February 19, 2010 at 5:27 am

                i replied to this earlier but for some reason it didnt go through. Here goes nothing..

                It’s probllie both, his devotion and intentions; the fact that the audience isn’t inside his head. Therefore, as the audience, we dont’t know if he truely loves Sookie or if he has any hidden agendas/motives. Yes he was there for Sookie in Club Dead, however, was it for really her benefit? or his own? Vampires never do anything without reason or purpose. Sookie was his best bet to advoid a war with the King as well as saving his own ass as for as the Queens interest goes.

                “Is that what all this holding and nicest is all about, so I would tell you what you want to know”

                Is it me or does “I dont care why you have sex wit me as long as you do it” sound funny? That sounds like something you would say to a booty call/one night stand. Nothing long term. As i’ve meantioned before, Eric isnt use to rejection, so i bet he’d viewed her as a challenge which he wouldnt let get go undefeated, which explains his presistance and his confidence.

                “its only a matter of time”
                “He said as if he knew the future”

                It’s been proven time and time again that vampires are masters of deception. They can appear to be anything they chose, they can convey any emotion, hide any emotion, disguise themselves well in every aspect, and the list goes on as far for vampire capablies and schemes. The fact that vampires have studied humans for centuries gives them an advantage; exspecailly over humans. Eric is very old as we all know, therefore, his everything is better and more convincing in comparsion to Bill. Sookie contanstly gets screwed over by Vampires. What makes Eric any different? Eric seems to be a sweetheart but is he really? It wouldnt be hard for him to put on a show. Hes just as good at fooling other Vampires.

                (Living Dead in Dallas) sure Eric protected Sookie, however, why? “the more you see me the more i’ll grow on you”. I doubt he did it because her life was important to him. He deff did not love her at the time. If his intention was for Sookie to trust him, it worked. I also think he went to Dallas, not to ensure her safey, but to see exactly what shes made of as far as telpathy goes. And she’d proven to be very valuable and of use to him in the future. As for why he tricked her into suckin bullet out to ensure she had some of his blood, i have no idea. But it was defiantly for his own selfish reasons, not to benefit her in any way. Perhaps because she had proven to be so valuable he wanted a close connection (simliar to Andres intentions) and maybe because he knew the bond would make her open up to him slightly.

                Sure he went wit her to the party, but he also planned on seducing her. Who knows if he would have backed off if Bill havent shown up. I cant say i think everything he did was to build a base towards a relationship with Sookie.

                Dont forget when Eric was talkin to Bill, Bill meantioned some kind of agreement between them while Sookie was near by, but harris never meantions what that was. (correct me if I’m wrong) Perhaps at that time he knew about Bills interest in Sookie. I think theres alot still to be revealed about Eric. I like Eric I do, hess defiantly better than Bill hands down, but Erics not a perfect candidate either. He jus makes the story more exciting.

                Oh, I almost forgot, I think Eric knows Bill raped Sookie because Bill never put her pants back on. (correct me if I’m wrong) So that would mean when Eric came to see her, found her drained in the drunk, she was also exposed. Not to meantion he feels her feelings so he would know she was in alot of pain, more pain than just being drained.

                I would never talk to Bill again after that. Forget that he cheated on her. She saves his fucking life and he RAPES her? WHAT? ohh no! completely unexpectable.

                • 118 T.Rece
                  February 22, 2010 at 11:59 pm

                  Regarding your post from above.
                  1. I don’t see the pledging thing as a “trick”. Sookie is the dumbass that didn’t think to question it. Eric had tried to contact her several times before hand. Who knows what this means for Eric politically. He did what he did to protect her from FDC…she herself admits that she was naive/stupid(she’s more mad at herself). And she repeatedly says something to the effect of trusting Eric in vamp matters. The pledging things is a matter of opinion–if you don’t trust that Eric has Sookie’s best interest at heart (which I’m sensing you don’tlol) than it probably seems fishy (especially since you are partial to the Tiger who got snubbed in the deal).

                  2. I never intended to preach that Sookie sit around like a heartbroken fool and wait for Eric. You’re right, Eric was not an option at the time and who knows when if ever would have been. However, I still disagree with you. I think Sookie needed to come to terms with her feelings for Eric b4 dating Quinn. She needed to make up HER mind. It seemed to me that her dating Quinn, especially in the begining, was motivated alot by her wanting to fill the void of Eric. She uses her date with Quinn to make Eric jealous(hmm…wonder who she got that idea from cough*Bill*cough. I think Quinn sensed it (he’s not an idiot in that respect) but Sookie continued to deny it. And, I get that she needed to move on, get out some more, but sheesh couldn’t she do what most girls do and go out with your girlfrieds? She loves dancing…she and Tara should have taken a hint from Dane Cook and got plastered, shaking their bon bons til the sun came up!lol Bottomline: sharing is not caring in a relationship.

                  3. We agree that Sookie is a stubborn fool…she has a knack for misinterpreting things and she hardly EVER asks the needed questions. So I didn’t expect Sookie to hold her tongue.

                  4. The FDC comment was obviously a joke…but really I don’t think Sookie would let that go down with out a fight. She has had her fair share of jealous moments. She even succumbs to snooting Felicia before she realizes shes into women. Her track record with exes is ridiculous…she’s even warned hypothetical exes of Eric. And she’s never really had to come to terms with Eric being with anyone else. I’m actually curious how she would react.

                  Okay above post…
                  1. I think that you misunderstood my point about thier relationship starting as far back as the 2nd book. Eric was looking out for Eric but at the same time his feelings were growing for Sookie. Eric is determined for Sookie to return his attractions. What guy has not pulled those moves (feigned attention, compassion, etc.) in the beginning. His premeditated actions always seem to paint him as the badboy-just in it for the sex, the booty call, if you will. But, when he is put to the test he usually fails at being sinister. If all Eric really wanted was to have sex with her he would have done so. He doesn’t ever take advantage of her in that way. And I think that in LDID the orgy is significant bc while he did go there intending to seduce her (which he could have easily done…I mean be real who invites someone repulsive that they have no interest in to an orgy?)Her “trust” in him is implicit…and it’s not even logically warrented at the time. I got the impression that her saying it so matter of factly made him question his ways to an extreme. In other words he realized he didn’t want to let her down. Anyways, Eric is a vampire and he doesn’t “understand” his feelings…he doesn’t like having them and who has been bringing them out? Sookie. He reverts to his insincere “I just want to fuck you” lines when he is in control…like in the bed. His actual actions speak louder, which leads many to beleive his womanizing ways are a mask or a reflection of vampire culture. Sookie brings out his human side…or his true character. BTW- Bill is the complete opposite. He acts like a white knight when he’s really not. Very much like the Darcy-Wickham dynamic.

                  And, just a random thought about Quinn being a rebound…
                  Contrary to what alot of people think, I don’t see Quinn as a rebound. I see him as the “bad timing” guy. Under different circumstances Quinn and Sookie could have had a solid relationship…but right now they have too many strikes against them. Having gone down that road w/ Quinn and having it end up the way it did (poorly) its another learning experience for Sookie.

                  • 119 tracey
                    February 23, 2010 at 3:10 am

                    you’re right Quinn is a learning experience for Sookie. But so is everything thats happening with her. In a lot of ways Quinn is like another Alcide when it comes to boldness and wrong timing. (for those who c him as bad timin)

                    I dont see it as bad timing. She was attracted to him, he interest her, and she didnt see him as a threat so she gave him a chance. She told herself, and Eric, that Bill was her first and last Vampire. Her next male companin would at least be a breather. Havin said that, Quinn was perfect. Sookie knew about his traveling and she accpected it. But havin sex wit him and planning to farther their relationship; she was willing to make it work because she felt he was worth it. So far everything Quinn has done shows me he sincerly cares for her and sincerely wants it to work. Not because hes jealous or because of the pledge. I dont think he knew about the pledge. And i dont think he wanted to talk to Sookie to bust her chops either. Quinn is by far better than that. I would expect such behavior from Bill.

                    I dont see him as a rebound either. Sookie was very catious of him. Quinn and Sookie dont love each other (as someone pointed out) because its just to soon. Realisticly any of us wouldnt love Quinn either. They only saw each other a grand total of 6 times.

                    I think the fact that Quinn was there for Sookie made her feel comfortable with him. She does point out the first date was like a 4th.

                    Sookie havin sex wit Quinn made the book more interesting and it made me happy! But if this was a real persons life and not a book I wouldnt have agreed wit her havin sex wit him. It was to soon.

                    However, getting back to the book, I think if Sookie didnt have sex wit Quinn things would have been a little earier for her. Exspecailly if its Eric she really wants.

                    I dont think Eric jus wanted to have sex with Sookie. Because ur totally right, if thats all he wanted it wouldnt have taken him nearly as long as it did. I was simply presenting ideas and possiblies for book 2 if things didnt go as they did.

                    Eric meantions he doesnt like havin feelings as you meantioned. That confused me because i couldnt figured out if he meant he had feelings (now/at that point in the book)becuase he could feel hers? I thought maybe it had an effect on him because it was something he wasnt use to. Does that make sense?

                    In addition to that thought, i thought maybe he meant he desire, affection for her was growing and it wasnt something hes accustomed to.

                    I didnt think about Sookie making him feel more human. In later books yes but not in book 3.

                    Eric did trick her into pledging. He even said it in their later conversation. Sookie is more upset wit herself because all her experiences with vampires have been negitative she realli should have know better. She realli should kno by now not to trust vampires. She could have done so much more for herself instead of makin excuses. But hey maybe she was realli busy wit the bar. how about after her conversation wit Pam, she knew something was up and not right, but she does nothin. If i were her I would have either left, left the package in my car, or see whats in it. If i went into the room I wouldnt have given the package to Eric thats for sure. The first thing I would have done entering was have the first word startin wit said was Hi and that i only had a few moments before i had to return to work (that wld have been my get away line)

                    but she trusts Eric so much she doesnt question what seems extremely unusal and actually kinda scares her. Eric did try to reseach her yes, but since they didnt have that conversation we dont kno what he would have told her. Maybe he would have explained the pledge and the reason for it, maybe not, we dont know. Eric pledge for her yea, but with him in mind as he admitts and Sookie threw that lil fact in his face infront of the Kings minion.

                    • 120 T.Rece
                      February 24, 2010 at 1:11 am

                      We will have to agree to disagree on whether or not getting into the relationship with Quinn when she did was a good thing. Honestly, though, I don’t understand how you can’t see that relationship as “bad timing.” I’m not saying it was intentional. I’m more referring to the bigger picture–the whole meant to be thing. Had Quinn entered her life say 5 yrs later or 5 years earlier things would have been MUCH different. I think that is part of what she “regrets”–the fact that they COULD have had something great. Does that make more sense?
                      When did Sookie say she was done with Vampires? End of book 3? I think it’s safe to say DTTW changed that one.lol
                      And I agree with you about Quinn being the “perfect” guy. He was a very much needed “picker upper” of spirits, and on paper he was great (minus the fashion sense and babe thing, but that’s my own personal issue). But judging by her actions whenever Eric is involved (the ones you despise so very much.lol) it wasn’t enough. Sure it’s cheesy, but to quote the ever so wise, Sam Keen: “Love isn’t finding a perfect person. It’s seeing an imperfect person perfectly.”
                      I’ll forgive your low regard for Eric and ignore the comment about him only caring about her out of jealousy or the pledge. 🙂 I think you can gather that I disagree. Whichever way, I don’t doubt that Quinn cares for Sookie. I believe they BOTH care for her sincerely.
                      I am also in the camp that believes it would be rushed to say you love someone after only seeing each other 6 times. Really it was only 6? I don’t even think I’d call him my boyfriend yet! But if they saw each other so infrequently before the takeover and Quinn never followed through with the promised month, I think it’s a fair assumption that w/ the added “mommy” issues his ability to be a constant in her life would only get more difficult. Put yourself in her shoes and ask yourself if you wouldn’t be a little selfish. She fails miserably at conveying those feelings. I never got the impression that Sookie wanted Quinn or anyone to give up careers, family, etc. for her. You’re right that is not her style. I don’t think we’ll ever truly know what was going on her beautifully messed up head.
                      And, not to sound like a debbie downer, but what was her incentive to pick up back with Quinn? Like I said it had just become a million times more complicated. They really didn’t have all that much invested in that relationship (6 times, really? I can’t get over that). There isn’t even a mention of telephone contact! I don’t consider myself to be an irrationally selfish person but I would want BETTER. Whether or not Quinn would rise to the occasion (had they tried to work it out) is a moot point. It didn’t happen. It wasn’t meant to be…at least not then.
                      “I think if Sookie didnt have sex wit Quinn things would have been a little earier for her. Exspecailly if its Eric she really wants.” What do you mean by this? I’m confused.
                      Regarding the parts about Eric’s feelings. Her bringing out his humanity is a gradual process…so, no , in book 3 he is still in the process of accepting the fact that he has them. He doesn’t like them…it throws him off his game on a couple occasions–one being at the gas station coming back from Jackson, when he is attacked.
                      I will concede my point about Eric “tricking” her w the pledge. This is something that is up for interpretation in regards to his true intentions, etc. In the same way you see things pro Quinn, I see them pro-Eric. Therefore, when he mentions her not questioning his “tricking her with the knife” I didn’t take it literally. In the context of his statement, I took it as teasing. Much like I took his threat to end her life in book 5. By definition he tricked her. I just don’t agree with the negative connotation that some people attach to it. It seems to be no secret that in doing so he protected her from FDC. She did not know FDC’s plans when the issue initially was discussed w/ Victor present. Is Eric’s action high-handed, yes…is it deceitful, no. well not to me. It’s just another case of Sookie NOT THINKING.
                      When did Eric admit that he pledged with him in mind? When she asks he explains his concerns that if he hadn’t she would be in Vegas right now. And, in front of Victor she is the one that accuses him and Victor chimes in with “she knows you well.” Eric never accepts or denies the truth in that.

  22. 121 Tracey
    February 16, 2010 at 8:01 pm

    I also wanna talk about the show. Bill proposed and was taken by force. So that differs greatly from the book. Perhaps he wont be cheatin on Sookie, and there is no computer project. Bill does hate Lorena with a passion in the TV series but that can also be a motive for Lorena (rejection) to torture Bill. I’m curous to see what outcome Alan Ball comes up wit. It kinda makes it hard for Eric to come into play wit Sookie because of the direction the show has taken. I read somewhere online after seaon 2 ended that Hoyt’s mother is resonable for Bills disappearance. I wannted to know so bad who took Bill that i read the books.

    One thing i’ve been wondering is when exactly Eric found out why Bill actually came to Bon Temps. I was surprised Sookie wasnt mad at Eric for not tellin her the moment he found out. If i were her in that postion I wouldnt want anything to do with Bill or Eric. But Harris doesnt say exactly when Eric found out, so i assumed he found out the day before when he bargained with the Queen for Sookie’s services. However, I thought long and hard last night after readin this site and a few others. Is it possible when Eric said, “You wont always be so devoted to Bill” he was referring to Bill’s arrangement with the Queen?

    • 122 T.Rece
      February 19, 2010 at 12:37 am

      I’m almost positive that CH has confirmed that Eric found out about Bill’s secret adgenda when he came to New Orleans. So, that being the case Eric told her the moment he found out (or atleast soon thereafter). And after she does figure it all out Sookie doesn’t want anything to do with either one of them…they both leave and she leaves the hospital alone. Also, Eric (according to his body language)seemed genuinely troubled by having to be the one to tell her. He turned away from her as to not watch the knife going in. The next time she sees Eric he is coming to her rescue from crazy Debbie Pelt…hardly the time to have that chat. Plus, Pam confirms that niether she nor Eric knew about it–and Sookie admits to have wondered that herself. Judging by Sookie’s track record of grouping Eric and Bill together in one big untrustworthy vampire category, I’m willing to bet she was upset with Eric for that very reason until Pam clarified. Thank you, Pam!

      • February 19, 2010 at 1:24 am

        Yes, CH has confirmed that E only found out when he went to New Orleans – so he told Sookie as soon as he found out. It irks me that Eric gets hung out to dry for “bullying” Bill into fessing up about his mission. A/ Who actually did the wrong thing here? If bill hadn’t been such an ass and continued lying even when he knew he was emotionally involved, Eric wouldn’t have had to “make” him confess to anything and B/ What the hell else was Eric supposed to do? Shut up and say nothing, and then have Sookie hate his guts as well when she eventually did find out? Why on earth is Bill entitled to have Eric offer himself up like that for his sake? I really, really get irrate about that lol.

        • 124 Tracey
          February 20, 2010 at 7:04 pm

          I really disagree with that. Eric didn’t make Bill say anything. (However, he takes the credit) Eric jus made it known to Sookie that Bill coming into Bon Temps was no coincidence. Obliviously Sookie wanted to know what Eric meant so she drew her attention to Bill. Now that Sookie knew there was a secret, Bill told her the truth because he knew he couldn’t hide it any longer. Bill also knew the probability of her finding out once she met the Queen was very high. Bill lost all angles of the fight so he gave in.

          I still think Eric stepped in when he did because that ruled Bill out as his competition.

          Eric was not happy to see Bill at all in the hospital because Bill was there for Sookie (support/comfort). In other words Bill was stealing his spot light. It looked like Bill was re-establishing a relationship wit Sookie and she was obviously still comfortable wit Bill.

          Eric knew all that would change and she’d outcast Bill. If she could forgive the cheating, she would not forgive this. To me Eric was thinking about himself and that’s selfish. I half think Eric turning away was to hide the triumph on his face. He pat her legs as if to say “good job” (sign of approval/satification) not as a source of comfort. Flash back, when Sookie rescinded Bill’s invitation (Club Dead) “Eric had a look of triumph.”

          Eric wants her around his finger, (“Eric is nothing if not persistent.”) now that Bill is finally most defiantly out of the picture Eric only has to worry about Quinn which later he took care of.

          Eric treated Sookie like a “thing,” something that wasn’t significant, especially not to him personally. He treated Sookie as someone he had to deal with once in a while; when he wants something and he expected her to be available on his command. He tries to control her and he shows this on her porch the day Sookie and Quinn had a date. Pam even mentions on the phone that Eric won’t be happy with her defiance or the fact that she has a date. (as if her whole life has to be put on hold at any moment for Eric)

          Don’t forget after the witch war he was moody towards her, ignored her, and had Pam do the communicating with her. Nothing personal; pretty much just business. So why all of a sudden a few days later would all that change? Suddenly he cares about her feelings and well being? How about the prior months?

          Pam states Eric didn’t know first hand when Bill first arrived into the area, but she still doesn’t say when exactly he found out. Even Sookie questions Eric “maybe you did it so I wouldn’t love him again” and Eric semi agrees. Eric saves her from the Pelt’s because she ran to him. She could have told the Queen’s headquarters that Bill could track her but she was upset wit them and therefore turned to Eric. She wasn’t upset wit Eric. She didn’t throw Eric out the way she threw Bill out.

          Eric has said things to Sookie hinting about Bill prior to his visit to New Orleans, so if Eric found out in New Orleans then what was he referring to in previous books? What was the deal in between Bill and Eric (book 2)? As the audience we assume Eric found out when he went to the Queen to bargain for Sookie’s services, but is that really when he found out? Why would the Queen tell him? I don’t 100% trust Eric. He can be as devious as the Queen and I bet we’ll find something unpleasant about him in later books. As I’ve mentioned before Eric can appear to be anything he wants in order to accomplished w/e he wants, he’s so good at it that he’s even fooled vampires. (Book 2 + 3 perfect examples) So right now he’s a sweetheart towards Sookie, he appears to genuinely care about her. But is it an act?

          • 125 VikingLover
            February 20, 2010 at 7:24 pm

            [I still think Eric stepped in when he did because that ruled Bill out as his competition.]

            Eric didn’t rule out out anything – you forget that Bill did that all by himself. Bill LEFT Sookie, remember? And he lied to her about where he was going – he never explained to her why he left. I respect your opinion but I’m still a little confused by them.

            [I really disagree with that. Eric didn’t make Bill say anything. (However, he takes the credit) Eric jus made it known to Sookie that Bill coming into Bon Temps was no coincidence. Obliviously Sookie wanted to know what Eric meant so she drew her attention to Bill. Now that Sookie knew there was a secret, Bill told her the truth because he knew he couldn’t hide it any longer. Bill also knew the probability of her finding out once she met the Queen was very high. Bill lost all angles of the fight so he gave in.]

            What you described above is exactly what it you are trying to denounce. Eric forced Bill to tell Sookie – you just described exactly how he did so. Bill wasn’t going to tell her otherwise. Why is that okay? If he cared for her so much, he would have told her everything from the beginning. Instead he continued to lie to her – again.

            [Eric was not happy to see Bill at all in the hospital because Bill was there for Sookie (support/comfort). In other words Bill was stealing his spot light. It looked like Bill was re-establishing a relationship wit Sookie and she was obviously still comfortable wit Bill.]

            Bill didn’t accompany Sookie because he wanted to comfort her or support her. Bill accompanied her because he was afraid she would learn the truth from the Queen. He was trying to shield her from finding out about his mission.

            [As the audience we assume Eric found out when he went to the Queen to bargain for Sookie’s services, but is that really when he found out?]

            Yes, CH has confirmed this.

            • 126 VikingLover
              February 20, 2010 at 8:10 pm

              [Pam states Eric didn’t know first hand when Bill first arrived into the area, but she still doesn’t say when exactly he found out. ]

              Tracey, I just want to add one quick side note about Pam. In my opinion, Pam acts like a guide for us, the audience. She tells us the truth about what is really going on emotionally between Sookie and Eric. Since Sookie and Eric are constantly lying to themselves about what they are really feeling for eachother out of fear – they’re all over the place with contradictions between their actions and words – I feel that Pam acts like the anchor for us. It’s no coincidence that the author has Pam read ‘Dear Abby’ – an advice column. Pam to Sookie: “you care for him”; “call him yourself” (read – stop dodging him already!); “Eric didn’t know about Bill”; “Why would he get involved if he didn’t have inappropriate feelings for you”; “what game are you two playing” (when she finds out that Sookie is dating Quinn); Pam: “you look good Sookie, Eric will be very pleased.” Sookie: “right, like I care what he thinks” Pam: “Right. You are totally indifferent. So is he” (A Touch of Dead).

              There are probably a whole bunch more quotes that are better (although the one from ATD was probably the best) but I can’t think of them at the moment. lol Anyhoo, I could be wrong but I don’t think so.

            • 127 Tracey
              February 21, 2010 at 12:35 am

              I’m failing this debate horribly. Yes Bill wanted to go with Sookie to shield the truth. But did he really go to the hospital jus to make sure no one wld talk to her? I think he at least wanted to know if she would be okay. I was more so trying to argue that Eric didn’t make Bill admit the truth. I think If Bill didn’t reveal the truth at that moment then I think Eric would have than commanded Bill. I’m not defending Bill at all Its totally not okay what Bill did. Bill has saved Sookies life more than once but that doesn’t mean he really cares about her. That’s off topic.
              Back to the point – Eric has done a lot for Sookie and I totally love him for it. But I think his attachment for her kicked in around book 7. Especially once he discovered the reasoning for him ending up at Sookies house during the curse. It just grew from there. As I mentioned before he was very distant for I think 2 months CH said. You could be right about him being scared. I find that hard to believe. The big bad deadly Eric scared?

              • February 21, 2010 at 1:56 am

                I don’t think Eric was scared, per se. Through books 4-6 in particular he was quite broody and distant with Sookie, there’s no denying that. I think this was an attempt on his part to try to get his head around what was happening. He was made extremely vulnerable by Hallow’s curse. He doesn’t remember what he said or did during that time, and he knows only that Sookie took him in. Then, over those few days they were quite open about what was going on between them – the big supe meeting at Merlotte’s Eric was completely unabashed about openly showing affection for Sookie….from here on it became an open secret that the big bad vampire sheriff had a “thing” for the telepath. So then the curse is broken and he is supposed to (and wants to) just pick up his life again where it left off. Except he finds that he can’t. Even Pam points out that he is increasingly preoccupied and begs Sookie to stop playing games with him. It’s pretty clear to me that what is going here is not that Eric is ignoring her out of indifference – but that he has withdrawn in an effort to work out what is going on in his head and why he is having feelings for this woman above any others.

                Re the hospital, and this is actually touching on another post where you mentioned do we really know when Eric found out about the mission. Yes, we do know. It is in the text, and also Charlaine Harris has confirmed that Eric didn’t find out until he went to New Orleans. If there was some big bad coming about Eric knowing earlier, she would not have confirmed that. She gives NOTHING away LOL.

                I think Bill played that situation VERY stupidly. Eric comes back from NO, all pissed off because what’s been going on under his nose with Bill and the Queen. He comes back to find Sookie all beat up in hospital and Bill being the caring boyfriend. Not only being the caring boyfriend (which is particularly galling to Eric given what he’s just found out) but Bill is telling HIM to get lost. If Bill wanted Eric to stay quiet he has a weird way of going about it. Bill realised too late (the looks exchanged between he and Eric, the moment fraught with “big emotion”) that he’s overplayed his hand. Bill’s behaviour in that scene was like a red rag to a bull. Poorly played, Bill 😉

          • 132 walgigi
            February 20, 2010 at 8:01 pm

            [I half think Eric turning away was to hide the triumph on his face. He pat her legs as if to say “good job” (sign of approval/satification) not as a source of comfort. Flash back, when Sookie rescinded Bill’s invitation (Club Dead) “Eric had a look of triumph.”]

            This is your assumption and not a fact based on canon. There is no “flash back” on this part of the story. It only ocurrs in your mind. You can’t confuse it. As I said beofre I think you are having a serious difficulty to understand the time contexts when things happened and that the story has a development through time that made all the characters to develop within it.

            [Eric treated Sookie like a “thing,” something that wasn’t significant, especially not to him personally. He treated Sookie as someone he had to deal with once in a while; when he wants something and he expected her to be available on his command. He tries to control her and he shows this on her porch the day Sookie and Quinn had a date. Pam even mentions on the phone that Eric won’t be happy with her defiance or the fact that she has a date. (as if her whole life has to be put on hold at any moment for Eric)]

            Well Honey, I would be more than happy with a man who treats me like a “thing” and something so insignificant to him that is able to expose his life taking bullets with my name on it just to save and protect me. Definetely, that allows me to know how insignificant I’m for him…..

            • 133 walgigi
              February 20, 2010 at 8:06 pm

              BTW, I also left you some answers to your concerns a lil above in the post.

            • 134 Stefanie
              February 21, 2010 at 12:02 am

              I completely agree with you…as always Gigi 🙂 It wasn’t an issue of Eric feeling triumphant. I think this is one of the first opportunities for us to see Eric really start to have true feelings for Sookie. This gesture of turning away just solidifies this theory. He did not want to see her heart breaking. I think he only wants to make her happy, and to see Sookie so distraught would have been too much for him. His humanity is, at that moment, beginning to shine through.

              • 135 Tracey
                February 21, 2010 at 12:53 am

                ok i can buy that. He does run to her safety instead of the Queen’s. I still find it slightly odd that he didnt run her out of the building being that hes super fast and he would have been certain she’d get out unharm had he done that. (lessen the chances of her gettin killed). I also find it odd that she didnt wonder not once where Quinn was and if he was ok. However, whats an interesting book if everythings to easy, no conflicts?

                Im still lending on the possibility that in the books to come we’ll find something out about Eric that will take us all by surprise. Maybe nothing as outrageous as Bills actions. Maybe something that can be forgiven. Only time will tell.

                • 136 Stefanie
                  February 21, 2010 at 1:32 am

                  I agree with you Tracey. Eric is not perfect…no character is…no person is for that matter. I’m sure with Appius being introduced in DITF we will perhaps get to see a side of Eric that’s been hidden for the most part so far. And, in fact, there will probably be some things we won’t like…unfortunately 😦 However, Eric has a lot of redeemable qualities, which he’s proven to sookie time and time again so far. These qualities just may help their relationship last through the hard times. After all, if they love each other (which we already know they do)–the trials and tribulations to come should work themselves out.

              • 137 VampirePamsGirl
                February 21, 2010 at 11:10 am

                You know, I think part of Eric turning away from her at that moment may also have stemmed from him knowing her so well. I don’t have my book right now but I believe that Sookie says something like “Thank God” for Eric not looking at her face at that time. I have always viewed Sookie as someone who does not like to come across as weak and I really don’t think she would want anyone to see her at a moment like that. I think all of that may also have played into how Eric handled the situation. Though I also believe that his feelings for Sookie (not wanting to see her in pain) also was a large part of it.

          • 138 T.Rece
            February 20, 2010 at 9:48 pm


            In the hospital scene in DD Sookie clearly says that she saw “a shade of pity” on Eric’s face as he turned to face away. “Nothing could have scared her more.” She went on to say: “I might not be able to read a vampire’s mind, but in this case his body language said it all…Eric was turning away bc he didn’t want to watch the knife sliding in.” Until CH writes something to prove otherwise, this should be taken as fact.

            As for Eric “taking the credit.” Well his motives (inappropriate feelings) are stated by Pam later in ATD, but more importantly by Bill himself in that moment when he says: “maybe I could have kept it from you bc you won’t understand…but Eric has taken care of that.”

            It should also be noted that after Bill tries to rid Sookie of Eric “Eric, you’re tiring her out.” Sookie notices a change…”it was fraught with some big emotion.” That is what gets her attention. She says Eric was looking at Bill with an expression of resolve and something less deinable; regret, maybe. Bill was looking like he was deeply regretting his words. Why? BC Bill realized that Eric could let the shit hit the fan. Meanwhile Sookie is taking in the whole situation and after Eric lets the cat out of the bag…by acknowledging that he does in fact know his true intentions, Bill looks away. Sookie takes it from there and basically forces the situation to frution.

            And considering Sookie had only really forced Bill out, Eric’s leaving without being asked (and with only a mere pat on the leg) seems in sync with Sookie’s observation that he pained for her. He would not be experiencing triumph…atleast not in that moment. He latter admits that part of the reason was doing away with Compton–but honestly, he has never been shy about that fact. And Sookie would be MORE than pissed had he not told her. So really Eric was stuck between a rock and a really beneficially hard place. And we all know he’s an opportunist. He still did not want to be the one to tell her…to upset her.

  23. 139 Hookah
    February 17, 2010 at 5:24 am

    Make sure you read all the other pages..people have discussed in-depth all of the characters & motivations..and everyone’s predictions for the coming Season & Book 🙂

  24. 140 T.Rece
    February 18, 2010 at 11:48 pm

    A couple observations that are actually on topic (I’ve rather out done myself commenting on others) My bad. So, I have to say that I was pretty happy with the chapter we got. I second or fifty, the belief that Sookie ought to be in a bad place right now, given the torture.

    Things that made me hopeful:
    1. The book cover- it seems to coincide perfectly. I like the idea that it represents the blood bond but even if it doesn’t it shows to me that there are always thorns to overcome. Plus that provides the “drama and angst” to get us through 4 more books. If it looked like happily ever after right now I’d be scared!
    2. Even though she is not experiencing many “happy moments” the fact that she is with Eric seems promising. It shows that there is more to that relationship besides great sex. And, I’m not sure if anyone else caught this but she specifically mentions not being able to “let go” – relinquish control. This is expected due to the torture but the reference to “letting go” and “if anyone could it would be Eric” both remind me of CD–the only time she has “relinquished her will to someone else” and it was Eric. So I have high hopes there.
    3. To anyone that says Eric would take advantage of Sookie physically…this is proof that he would never. I can’t even imagine how beat up and emotionally scarred she would be if she were still with Bill. The thought literally makes me cringe.
    4. She says she loves him…despite his overwhelmingness…and that’s the bottom line. Some people say it sounded like she wasn’t sure and that was a bad thing but I found it encouraging that she realized that she hadn’t ever said it outloud. It surprised her–I think what surprised her the most was the ease of saying it when she put the bull shit aside. Thanks Amelia!

    The only things that really scared me:
    1. Amelia’s reaction to Sookie’s love confession. It didn’t see like she was happy or believed it. Maybe it was bc she was so upset about Tray?
    2. Her “wanting” to get rid of the BB…get rid of it let it wear down I don’t care. But, I swear if she acts like an ass about doing it I’ll throw my book down!

    • 141 Tracey
      February 20, 2010 at 7:12 pm

      I think amelia was jus tryin to be helpful. It sounded like she was tried of Sookies excuses which lead to Sookie to admitting she loves Eric.

  25. 142 VikingLover
    February 20, 2010 at 4:29 am

    [T.Rece: IMO, the bomb-hallway scene when they discuss technology is a prime example of the stark difference in those relationships. Eric and Sookie “get” each other on a deeper level and despite strong efforts on Quinn’s part she doesn’t really let him in. Quinn ends up looking like a spectator to “how well do E-S know each other” show.]

    I agree 100%. I loved that part of the scene. A very similar thing happened in CD when Eric visits her at Alcide’s and she and Eric start discussing his suit and hair in front of a very exasperated Alcide.

  26. 144 VikingLover
    February 20, 2010 at 6:34 am

    [Another example: LDID where Sookie says she trusts him and he says “That’s crazy Sookie”. Just today I saw someone on CH’s board using this to support an argument that Sookie trusts Eric too much, and that she shouldn’t because HE SAID THAT HIMSELF!!! Well, yeah he said that. He said that just after he met her! There has been ALOT of water under the bridge since then. But somehow none of that counts for nought, because ERIC SAID that Sookie would be crazy to trust him so she must be.]

    I’ll never understand it either, SVB. The funny part about these arguments is that A. it’s never based on any solid justifiable facts. Case in point being that 1 page after he utters those words he then tells Sookie “you will be safe” – basically telling her “you can trust me” and then proceeds to protect her at the orgy. Did the person above not turn the page and read the rest of the dialogue? I guess it wouldn’t help their argument. Ugh. B. They contradict themselves and their love for dear old Bill. Since they’re using the ‘ol he said/she said arguments, Bill himself has told Sookie on numerous occasions to go to Eric should anything happen to him. He was even going to pension her off to Eric when he was leaving her for Lorena. Since BLs claim that Bill is so wonderful and loves Sookie so darn much, would he really turn her over to someone who she couldn’t trust and who would harm her/use her? Double Ugh.

  27. February 23, 2010 at 8:58 am

    Can I just say also that I think it’s fantastic that we can have different viewpoints about the things we’re discussing on this post but no one has made it personal or allowed things to get heated, and all discussion has kept to what is between the covers of these books we all love so much.

    OK my warm and fuzzy moment is over…carry on LOL.

  28. 147 Tracey
    February 24, 2010 at 9:54 am

    no i didnt. i dont want to create an account.

  29. 148 wordandpiece
    April 28, 2010 at 9:36 am

    I also would be really upset if the Eric and Sookie relationship didnt work out but this book is going to be full of angst I can just tell. I so want to read it but there’s apprehension there to.

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