True Blood – True Confession Time

The last two months have seen a deluge of casting calls for season three of True Blood, and with each new one I’ve become progressively more rattled, wondering how S3 is going to look with so many new characters and storylines. My mood becoming darker and darker, I had a brain snap a couple of weeks back and resigned myself to the fact that season 3 is likely going to suck, and I’d best set my expectations low.

Today I was thinking back to how much I loved this show before I became so enthralled by the books. And dammit, I really want to love it again. The first two seasons involved lots of changes. And guess what? Some of those changes I loved, and some I even liked better than the books. It’s true!


I am NOT a book Jason fan. I read a comment on a forum recently comparing book Jason to “an app running in the background” of the SVM series, and I think this that’s a pretty fair assessment. I just don’t care about him, and I can’t empathise with him. He is quite possibly the worst brother ever and I ache for Sookie having to deal with his crap. When Jason lost Crystal and the baby in Dead and Gone I had ceased caring about him so much by then that I couldn’t even squeeze out a tear.

True Blood Jason on the other hand, is book Jason on cocaine. Everything about him is dumber, vainer and even more oversexed than the original. Perversely, this has somehow made him more likeable. While there were still very clearly elements of Book Jason in season 1, there seemed to be a concious decision on the part of the writers to take him in another direction in season 2. Bringing him into the FOTS story was a stroke of writing genius; Jason – emotionally stunted, easily led and possessed of zero self awareness, is textbook cult fodder. His whole arc in the second season just worked. And just because I want to relive it all over again, this was the moment when I finally gave in and admitted I could love Jason Stackhouse. The dialogue, the timing, the delivery, the punch… it was completely and utterly perfect.


Was there anyone watching this show who didn’t like Godric? Deliberately sanitised for mass consumption (messy pedophile/child-killer back story erased), his search for redemption lost none of its emotional gravitas. Whether the impact of Godric was due to Allan Hyde or Alan Ball I’m not sure; this was certainly a piece of casting genius. And though I usually reserve my worst vitriol for any messing with Eric’s storyline – and giving him a different sire is MAJOR messing – Godric was so freakishly brilliant that I can let this one slide. When Godric burned, not only did we get the story Charlaine told of an ancient vampire choosing final death, but we got some of the best scenes of the show to date. Making Godric Eric’s maker allowed True Blood to explore one of Book Eric’s strongest character traits – his fierce loyalty – through focusing on the impact of Godric’s decision to die on his oldest, closest relationship. The chemistry between Hyde and Skarsgard was off the hook, and their characters just fit together perfectly. Awesome paired with more awesome.

Nan Flanagan

Three words. “Shut it, Viking.” And she got away with it too. She gets big kudos just for this.
Nan is such an innocuous sounding name, isn’t it? It conjures up images of harmless old grannies. But this Nan is no granny, and she has balls of steel underneath those tailored suits. I think the whole AVL concept would have worked well in the books. While the SVM does have a more evolved vampire hierarchy to take care of any “issues” that may arise, let’s face it – Sophie-Anne, Stan, Russell and Felipe could all learn a thing or two from a few rounds with Nan.

The Newlins

In the SVM, the Newlins were just two of a huge ensemble of bit players placed to move the plot along rather than function as characters in their own right. On True Blood, they blew me away. Like Jason, the Newlins are an example of Ball taking the essence of the book character and running with it – in the right direction. TB Newlins perfectly captured that “crazy lurking beneath a thin veneer of sanity” cultivated by fundamentalists and the criminally insane. Steve’s exaggerated personality, and Sarah’s sexually oppressed Madonna/Whore complex made them much more fun than their book counterparts. I’m really hoping to see Steve back with his crazy in tow for a date at Josephine’s in season 3.

I also want to see more MacMillan/Skarsgard drunken bromance pics on Twitter, so this must happen.


With Cowboy Stan dispatched, and Godric burnt to ashes in the Flames of Fail, I’m really hoping to see Isabel again in her new role as area sheriff. Although she’s a minor character, she is one of the few females in True Blood who is strong and independent without being a bitch, a complete psychopath or a combination of both. Sookie, Lorena, Tara, Maryanne, Sophie-Anne, Daphne, Amy, and Debbie Pelt in season 3 – Ball’s list of femi-nutters is long and growing.

Isabel is an oasis of vampire sanity in a wasteland of lunatics. Oh, and she dresses fierce.

Bill and Eric’s Catfights

Book Bill and Eric rarely engage in the catfights we see almost weekly on True Blood. Book Bill knows his place and it is firmly beneath Eric. This is the natural order of things in Charlaine’s universe (where hierarchy actually means something) and Bill knows better than to argue. Yet I can’t lie. When Bill starts bitching and whining at Eric on the show, and Eric looks at him like shit stuck to his shoe, I just die laughing. I love it. I even loved it when Bill punched Eric in the face and Eric just walked away like he could not even be bothered. Bill’s territorial pissings are more than enough to entertain me until Quinn shows up and Eric has someone his own size to play with.

Eric’s Makeover

I know this can be a touchy subject amongst bookies. I know Eric is supposed to have long hair. But that wig? He needed to lose it, and thank goodness they realised this before it was too late to pull it off. Hopefully they held a ceremonial burning of the damn thing in a studio backlot somewhere. Eric’s hair is long – past his shoulder blades long. It is not a bob cut, and it does not have flippy-up ends. That monstrous wig represented a half-arsed attempt at book Eric, and as such it sucked.

When Eric sauntered into Forever 21 with his Alpha on, a short do and a tracksuit – a fucking TRACKSUIT – my whole concept of what I thought I found attractive in a man was redefined in about three seconds.

“It’s the new me. You like?”


This makeover was so made of win that even Bill was floored. Bill would’ve done him in the fitting room there and then, if he didn’t know we were watching.

Episodes 7 and 8, and the stylist really hit her stride with an Eric wrapped in black leather looking like a total BAMF and sporting the The Black Tank of Doom, as it became known at my house. Neck porn, arm porn, back porn…it was a pornographic extravaganza and we didn’t know where to look first. And we thought nothing could ever top this.


But soon enough, we found out just how wrong we could be.


Holy Mother of Hot Vikings.

Thankfully it was the end of the season, since any further upping of the raunch factor surrounding this man would have quite possibly seen me abandon my partner and children. Remember when this promo shot came out? Skars broke the internet and we had to wait a full torturous week to see it in the flesh. Say what you like about Alan Ball, but never let it be said that he doesn’t know how to mess with a woman.

That was the longest week of my life.

Bills…erm…makeover? No, that’s not right. What the hell was that?

Bill’s season 2 look gets an honourable mention for providing a reliable source of hilarity and comic relief. Every week we thought they couldn’t make him look any worse and every week they succeeded. The makeup, the bland clothing, the bangs…oh dear GOD the bangs, the dye job…the combined effect was quite unnerving. I’m almost convinced this was deliberate, and all part of unravelling the persona. Even if it wasn’t on purpose, it was fascinating…like a car crash. But a hell of a lot funnier.

These are official HBO promotional shots - note the logo in the bottom corner. You can't tell me they want us to take Bill seriously as a long-term romantic lead when they're pimping images of him looking old and dead, while releasing images of Eric looking like THAT. Either this is deliberate, or someone in the marketing department is drunk.

Looking over this list, I’m really disappointed that I have nothing to say about Sookie. I tried to think of something I like better about TB Sookie, but she has just become more annoying, bitchy and useless with every episode. The best I could come up with was that she dresses better than book Sookie, but so does my alcoholic aunt. By the end of season 2, I was honestly ready to choke her. I hope Sookie is written better next season; she is the main character and I think we’re supposed to like her. Her omission feels glaring and wrong, but hey – I can’t just make this shit up.

One of the best things about True Blood for me is that I get to fangirl with my life long friend, Belle. Just like when we were 15 and watching crappy teen flicks on VHS. Back then, I loved Rob Lowe and Tom Cruise (See? bad boys. I can’t help it) and she loved Corey Feldman. Now we’re both responsible, busy grown ups, fifteen is long behind us, and our mutual obsession with the Sookieverse brings us together once a week to reconnect with our inner teen brat. Except this time round there’s more alcohol involved, and considerably more swearing. Mostly mine, since Belle doesn’t swear much. She doesn’t have to, I do enough for both of us. But it really is alot of fun.

So now it’s your turn – get your fangirl (or boy!) on, and tell us what you like about True Blood…and what you’re hoping to see in season three that may actually have a snowflake’s chance in hell of making it to the screen.

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26 Responses to “True Blood – True Confession Time”

  1. 1 caratstick
    January 23, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    Great post; sometimes it’s nice to concentrate on the positives.

    Yes! to Jason, Nan, the Newlins, Isabel, and Godric. A double Yes! to Eric’s makeover because it’s an improvement over both Season 1 Eric AND over book Eric. I am NOT a fan of long hair on men. And no one should look that good in a tank top. It’s just wrong…oh, but it feels so right!

    I have a few other things I think are improvements.

    Lafayette. I love Lafayette. I think Nelsan Ellis has really done something wonderful with him. I was worried they would turn him into a complete caricature, but his arc in season 2 really added some depth to him. I’m excited to see him in Season 3.

    Sam. Although not a major shift (hah!) from the books, TB Sam is more fleshed out. He’s darker, lonelier. I like Sam, and, again, I think the casting is perfect. While I don’t want to see him with Sookie, I do want to see him.

    And as for Sookie…I think the problem is that they have not given her a sense of humor. Which makes dream Eric’s episode 9 comment to her not having a sense of humor right on target. She seems to spend most of her time angry, sad, or scared. While book Sookie doesn’t necessarily SAY or DO a lot of funny things, she does think them, so you get a better sense of that side of her.

  2. January 23, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    Hi !
    I just love this post, well of them actually ^^ I totally agree with you on all your points (especially the Eric’s makeover, how not to like it ??) Though,I would add one. I find the character of Jessica real fun ! She’s interesting and it’s a good way to learn more on vampires. Definetly one more good point for TB !
    I’ve read all the books so far and I really loved them (the 9 of them read in a little more than a month, yeah I’m addicted ^^). Still, I can’t choose if I like better the show or the books. I think in a 300 pages book you can’t have as much details as in the show. So I guess the best is to have both ^^

    By the way, sorry if my english isn’t perfect, I’m french 😉

  3. January 23, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    I agree that I really like Lafayette. Now, of course I don’t like that whole “Eric torturing him into near-insanity” storyline but I think, overall, he brings some great humor, warmth, and relatable emotion to the picnic.

    And Eric’s makeover was definitely a plus. I’ve never figured out, though, how TB vampires can cut their hair and it not grow back, but Jessica’s girl parts are self-healing? I remember SVM Bill talking about how fortunate it was that he was cleanly shaven on the night he was turned so that he wouldn’t be stuck with a beard for eternity, but I guess I’ll overlook that so we don’t have to see the beauty of ASkars dampened by an albino possum perching on his head.

    I also like how they’ve made Andy more likeable. He’s just kind of a tool in the book but in TB, he’s someone you can care about. (As a slightly OT aside: Has anyone ever figured out how a woman as stuck on her family’s name as granny Caroline Bellefleur WOULDN’T know she was a descendant of Bill? She would most assuredly have traced her ancestry back to at least the Civil War, because aristocratic families would be very interested in what their families did during that time and how their original money was established, such as slavery, etc… That’s always bugged me.)

    Smartalec – Your English is very good! It’s definitely much better than my French. 🙂 A bientôt!

  4. 5 Pcleo
    January 23, 2010 at 4:32 pm

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I really just wanted to say that I pretty much agree with EVERYTHING you say. I’m glad there are people out there who see things my way about Eric and Bill and Quinn….and JASON…I was so excited to see your above comment about Jason. It’s so strange that I hate book Jason and I’m ok with TV jason.

    Like you I’m not awaiting Season 3 with bated breath. AB better shape up soon or he’s gonna lose the book reader viewers…even though he must not be worried because he claims its only 5%. I’ll hold out for the Season 3 cliffhanger of Eric running down the road buck ass naked. Then I might be won back.

  5. 6 Kealeagh
    January 23, 2010 at 6:08 pm

    I agree 100000% with everything. I hope to god the Newlins are back, they were brilliant. At first I was like, UGH, and then they grew into amazing characters. Lafayette is good, but I honestly don’t get the crazy love. I like him, Nelsan is fantastic, but I like Eric, Jason and all the others your mentioned above, more.

    Poor Sookie. Is it just me or did they change her personality drastically from season 1 to season 2? There’s just something about her that’s completely different. I liked Sookie in season 1 – season 2 I was ready to maim her. Honestly, it makes me wonder if any of the other writers have read the series. I agree, give Sookie a sense of humour and a reality check on Bill (even in the books she wasn’t all googly-eyed on Bill. She loved him, but she still had that Sookie-wall all high up and was independant and fierce). What bothered me the most out of everything Sookie did – I have no idea why because I’ve bitchen about the other stuff a lot more. But when I watched this part I wanted to KILL her and the writers – when Maryann is chasing her in the finale and shes screaming and running and going “BILL!!!!” That got to me more than any of the other Sookie stuff, and I have no idea why.

    Great post. I love it when you rant. It’s brilliant and I always agree with you.

    • January 25, 2010 at 4:39 am

      That part in the finale really got me fired up too Kealeagh.

      Book Sookie would NEVER have run from Maryann like that for a second time. MA got her the first time – book Sookie would’ve taken her head on and kicked her ass to hell when MA came back for seconds.

      She most certainly would NOT have been running through the woods screeching for fucking Bill.

      Sookie’s second encounter with the maenad played out a bit differently in the books – she wasn’t necessarily after Sookie per se, and both Bill AND Eric protected her by sticking her in between them. But even so Sookie stood her ground, she wasn’t screaming around the woods like some fucking princess.

      • 8 caratstick
        January 25, 2010 at 6:01 am

        I agree about spineless Sookie, but at the same time, I totally would have been screaming in the woods like a princess if that crazy scary bitch was coming after me with those freaky ass poison claws. Of course, I would have been screaming for Eric, not Beeel.

        It’s S2 episodes 7-8 that make me vomit: Beel will come. Barry, find Beel. Beel? Where’s Beel? Beel! Where were you, Beel?


  6. January 23, 2010 at 11:23 pm

    Another great post, and I pretty much agree with it all.

    Eric’s makeover was a great relief, the wig was terrible, as was most of his wardrobe in season 1. I love the “You like?” moment and raised eyebrow.

    I really like Jason in the show too (which I wasn’t expecting as I loathed Ryan Kwanten through those teen years of watching Home and Away after school, close your mouth Vinnie!) But the TB character is much more sympathetic and a more rounded character – he’s just so dumb and unaware.

    But my favourite additions from TB have been Godric and Lafayette. I love Lafayettes filthy mouth and he often seems like the only person who has any real sense or at least, sense that there’s a bigger world beyond Bon Temps.

    There’s nothing I didn’t like about Godric, even if they’ve changed so much of the story around him and Eric. I loved their relationship. The notion that this huge viking was so in love with his tiny maker, so loyal to him. Just in terms of visual impact on screen, their seemingly incongruous pairing somehow makes their closeness all the more endearing and it’s all the more heartbreaking when Eric falls apart, begging him not to burn. One thing I am looking forward to in season 3 is seeing him again.

    There is one thing about the Godric/Eric thing that concerns me though, and I don’t know if you’ve covered it here because I haven’t read all the posts (sorry! catching up still) They did omit all that messy paedophile/child killer past in the show, but I was curious about the scene when Eric sees Arlene’s kids at Fangtasia… Teacup humans. Eric says they’re delicious. I have this horrible notion that they’re going to give Eric some of that child killing past, since they’re already doing their best to make him out and out bad.

    Having said that, maybe if they do, they’ll use the “young, impetuous vampire” excuse. Or maybe they just really want us to struggle with liking him so much when he’s so bad – in terms of television viewers, rather than book readers. Personally, I think he could show me his big hands and I’d forgive him anything.

    OK, I have rambled way too much, I can’t help myself sometimes.

  7. 10 Kristen
    January 23, 2010 at 11:54 pm

    I. am. dying. right. now. I have so many comments to make on this post of awesome-ness but I am laughing too hard to form complete thoughts. This one is EPIC!

    • 11 nskars
      January 24, 2010 at 12:37 pm

      This. I love this post so much that I don’t even think I could add anything worthy to it. Except to say that I agree with caratstick about Lafayette and Sam.

      I was almost rolling on the floor when I was reading the Eric part. From his Alpha sauntering to the GQ suit. The whole thing was made of win. And I for one am a bookie that loves Eric’s haircut, I don’t dig the long hair whatsoever. It also doesn’t hurt that ASkars is very easy on the eyes. Hot damn.

      I just wanted to add how proud I am of Ryan Kwanten. He does such a great job and has come a long way from Summer Bay.

      As for what I’d like to see in Season 3: every Eric scene from Club Dead. Including him telling Sookie that he doesn’t like having feelings after retrieving the car for her so she can save the day.

  8. 12 KC
    January 24, 2010 at 1:09 am

    You covered *nearly everything except Lafayette (Satan in a Sunday hat), Andy (Piiiig!), and the dream sequence (I want it all). Jessica, like most teens, I find alternately freshly amusing and annoying as a bad case of chiggers. Thanks for reminding me why I’m going to watch season 3!

  9. 13 VampirePamsGirl
    January 24, 2010 at 6:10 am

    Well, like pretty much everybody else, I agree with all that you said here.

    One reason that it irks me so much when people claim that we “bookies” want the show to be EXACTLY like the books and that’s why we complain. This post pretty much proves that we are okay with changes, but these changes have to be done the right way.

    Like you said above about Jason and the Newlins, that AB took the essence of these characters and ran in the right direction with them. What is just so funny to me though is that he seems to be able to get the essence of the minor characters from the books, but misses it entirely on the major characters (i.e. Sookie, Bill, Eric).

    But I’m working on the positive here so I’ll shut up about all that.

    I can’t believe that nobody has mentioned Pam! I know it may obvious from my screen name that I am a bit biased there, but Pam is freaking fantastic in the show and in the books. And Kristin Bauer does a damn good job bringing to life that wry sense of humor that makes me love Pam so much in the books. The only complaint I’ve ever had about TB Pam is that I didn’t get to see her enough! —-“You make me so happy I never had any of you.”—priceless.

    And Tara. I loved Tara in Season 1, especially the first part of Season 1. She kicked ass. Now in Season 2, I couldn’t stand her at all, like wanting-to-fast-forward-the-show-when-she-was-on-the-screen coudn’t stand her.

    There are actually a lot of characters that drastically changed my feelings about them from season to season. Jason in S1- ugh. I think that may go back to what a lot of prior posts and comments have said about having sex on the show just for the sake of sex. He really just bored me then. I mean, he’s a horndog, I get it. I don’t need to see him screwing the girl behind Merlotte’s to have that point driven home. But Jason in S2- awesome. Totally had me ROFL all the time. Even little bitty subtle moments like when he was at FOTS boot camp and had the bad Eddie dream and starts to lay back on the bed and hits his head on the headboard and just looks at it kind stupidly. Or when Steve explains to him that “there’s a war going on out there” and Jason peers out the window to see. Those little moments made me giggle just as much as when he explained to Steve where heaven could actually be found. 😉

    Lafayette, I actually liked better in S1, but I think that was mostly because he lost his “pizazz” in S2. I understand why he lost it, but still he was preferable for me in the first season. I do think that Nelsan Ellis does bring something special to that role though.

    I like TB Sam much better than Book Sam and my feelings for him stayed pretty even through the two seasons.

    Godric was definitely one of the best changes from book to show ever! He was in like 3 episodes and shot right up to number 3 on my favorite vampires ever list, right behind Eric and Pam. Quite impressive, lol.

    I also liked Jessica. She kinda just annoyed me in S1, but really began to grow on me in S2. And I couldn’t help but “awww” all the time at her relationship with Hoyt, which is another TB addition/change I that liked! He was just to cute. I can’t remember exactly on the words, but I loved when Bill runs into their hotel room and Hoyt’s all “Those were screams of pleasure…right?”

    I know I’m definitely going to be in the minority here, but I always kinda had to laugh at Mike “I sodomized a pine tree” Spencer and Jane “I lost my pants” Bodehouse. Yeah, there were plenty of times where they also made me puke in my mouth a little bit too though.

    Another couple that alternated between making me gag and giggle were Arlene and Terry. Half the time they really annoyed me, but other times I was too busy laughing to be annoyed. Like when Arlene tells Terry he’s being more odd than usual and he apologizes for being odd on her or when Lafayette leads them away from Sookie by having them follow the little blue pills like chickens following feed.

    And I can’t post this (even though I should because its way too fucking long already and I should shut up, but I just can’t) not without speaking of our beloved Viking. Of course, he’s not been allowed to have the chance to really be our “book Eric” but I loved him in S1 and I just loved him (and his makeover) even more in S2. I know that TB has had some casting fails, but I really have a hard time hating on their casting department, not after they placed that beautiful man in this role.

    Now, because you asked, what do I want to see make it to Season 3?

    “Eric, what are you doing here?” “Snuggling.” – That scene from Club Dead definitely. Especially how Eric talks her into getting cleaned up, makes the bed for her while she showers, explains to her about how the vamp hierarchy worked even though it really surprised Pam and Chow. Just to further justify this choice, here’s one more quote from it: “I don’t enjoy seeing you scared of me.” ……. “Plus I want to fuck you.” Eric to Sookie

    And the scene where Sookie has the stake pulled out of her and Eric is there. “It was the first time I had relinquished my will to someone else. As I looked at him, it became easy…”- Sookie, Club Dead. And of course what happened after that too when Sookie woke up, before Bubba interrupted. Oh, and what happened after Bubba left, when Sookie got ‘healed’ and Eric got ‘happy.’

    There a plenty of more scenes, particularly from the last part of Chapter 6 to the end of the book that I’d love to see, but any of them that show the humor and friendship and the growing feelings (“I don’t like having feelings,” says Eric) between Eric and Sookie as it is supposed to be would thrill me to have them on TB.

    Now, I’m going to apologize profusely for this gargantuan post, (Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!) but at least you can’t say that I didn’t get my fangirl on! 😉 And here’s one last Club Dead want-to-see-scene quote: ” ‘Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink,’ I said, and Eric laughed out loud. That was why I liked him, I thought rosily; he ‘got’ me. “

    • 14 caratstick
      January 24, 2010 at 8:54 pm

      Awesome post VPG! You’re right about Pam. She is awesome, and I really do like KB in that role (favorite line is still “There’s vampire in your cleavage.”). I didn’t include it in my list only because she isn’t really *different* from book Pam, I don’t think.

      And my favorite scene from CD? The car ride, gas station rescue, and driveway conversation. I’d like to see that.

  10. 15 walgigi
    January 24, 2010 at 7:57 am

    Ryan Kwanten is an excellent actor and he proved it last season when they took off the “penis with legs” costume from him. Not just his acting with the FoTS was outstanding , but the “Three Amigos” trio he made with Andy and Sam was very funny while it lasts, too. I hope they’ll make a better balance to Jason’s character the next season, so we can also enjoy more of his acting talent.

    I also love Isabel character, and as you say, she is an independent an strong woman. She is the perfect example of what a “Queen” should be. I have noticed what I called myself sort of a gender bias pattern with women in TB. As you well say, the only empowered women at the show are portrayed as crazy bitches and their power relies completely on abusive and violent coercion. At the other hand, Tara “kick ass” personality died with Season 1 and now we must say she had an “involution” in Eggs arms (a moron under the control of a crazy bitch manead who abuses her and is a character that AB loves… !?!). Not to say I couldn’t expect any growth in her for a long time because she’ll has Franklin next in her future. And SOOKIE is no longer Sookie… She’s now Sukeee because she completely depends on Beel (I really thinks she also needs him to go to the bathroom… *roll eyes*). In the books she grew confident and strong and got her power because she had to rely on her own to get herself out from the FoTS, but that never happened. Next season she’ll have “super powers” to get out from trouble… Isn’t she able to rely on herself and be empowered as a woman?? Even if AB develops Sookie’s character later, the fact that he is giving new super powers to her now is also a way to take out her power as a woman. The biggest dissapointment of all is Sophie Ann. Her character is one of the more (if not the most) empowered females at the books. Intelligent, centered, wise, strong, and her power over her subjects is based on respect and loyalty. A complete Queen. In TB she has been reduced to be a totally inmature, crazy and vain character, a mix between Linsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, as AB himself describes her, who needs to show her power handing Eric in front of humans @@. Maybe AB actually needs advice to understand what is really a woman…

    Allan Hyde as Godric gave us some of the best dramatic scenes of the show and his chemistry with AS andd AP at the roof scene was beyond words. He is an extraordinary actor. But I still have my reserves about making him Eric’s maker.
    [“Deliberately sanitised for mass consumption (messy pedophile/child-killer back story erased), his search for redemption lost none of its emotional gravitas”.] mmm…
    Actually I’m not so sure they erased it. As skadi says, I’ve always been very concerned with that “teacup human” phrase and the delicious comment in swedish to Pam because, no matter how funny it sounds, it could be used to foreshadow a paedophilic or child killer past… Despite they never mention anything about it and made changes to the plot line, the basic Godric character was the same of LDID: a blond teenager with heavily tattooed arms and torso who went willingly to the FoTS, feeling a HUGE “need of redemption and forgiveness”. The fact that AB made him Eric’s maker makes me suspect the worst. I really wish to be wrong about it. We’ll see. But no matter if Eric’s baaaaaaad, at least he is BAD with style because they burned for good the “doomed wig from hell” LOL. OH.MY.GOD.!!! What a hideous and malignant “thing” was that… Askars looked like our most frightening nightmare of an Eric/Doris Day hybrid coming straight out of hell (still gives me chills to think about it HAHAHHAH).

    Jessica and Lafayette are both excellent characters. That’s sort of a bonus for giving us so much pain and anger about “Eric”…

    About Bill… Who’s Bill? HAHHAA

    @Smartalec – your English is better than mine LOL! You have no idea of all the nonsense that I write here because English is not my first language, either, so don’t worry. Anyway, we always understand each other because we all “talk viking” here ;).

  11. 16 VikingLover
    January 24, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    Awesome post and awesome comments! I agree with all of you guys! I absolutely love Lafayette’s character and I’m so very glad they kept him on the show. I wonder if he will become a vampire. I always thought that maybe AB had the intention of making him a version of Maxwell Lee – the black entrepenuer vampire in the book. In any case, I love him – Lafayette has some of the best lines on the show. “Jesus and I agreed to see other people, but that don’t mean we still don’t talk from time to time”. Love that line!

    I love Jason’s character too – much better than in the books. In the book he is not as human, funny, or stupid as he is in the show. One of the best “Jason Moments” (there are so many!) is when he pretends to be the “God Who Comes” and is trying to save Sam from the mob. That was hilarious!! “Silence!!! It is me, the God who comes! I have come and now I am here!”

    Ha! Priceless! Oh and,

    Sam: “Lord, Smite Me…”
    Jason (to Andy): “What’s he saying?? I can’t hear inside this thing.”
    Sam: “SMITE ME LORD!”
    Jason: “I don’t even know what you’re saying man.”
    Sam: “Smite me Motherfucker!!!”

    I swear that whole scene is one of the funniest ever on TB!

    I love Tara too – even in Season 2. I didn’t mind the emotional aspects of Tara’s character in that season. As a matter of fact, I kind of liked that whole storyline. It was the first time she had allowed herself to love a man, and have him love her back, and then he dies. It was really sad.

    I also liked that we got to see a softer side of Eric’s character in Season 2 – even if it was short lived. Also, that we got to see some of his past.

    Godric was brilliant of course! Loved that change from the books to the screen.

    As to Sookie, you guys said it best. I want to see more of an independent Sookie. One that is not afraid to speak her own mind – even when TB Bill tries to shut her up. One of the things I noticed (and liked) is that she became more of herself during the scenes she had with Eric. It was those moments that we see some of book Sookie emerge. Like when she has that back and forth dialogue with Eric in his office (when she demands that Lafayette be set free) and when she and Eric are trying to escape from the FOTS church. So I’m hoping that with Bill’s absence in Season 2 that she’ll come into her own. I just hope that the future conversations she has with Eric are less hostile and more witty, like they are in the books.

  12. 17 VikingLover
    January 24, 2010 at 5:53 pm

    Sorry, don’t mean to double post but I forgot to add one thing. I hope they start to develop Pam and Sookie’s friendship on TB at some point. I really love their conversations and their interaction in the books so I hope that gets translated onto the screen.

  13. January 25, 2010 at 4:58 am

    Of course I do love Lafayette too, I left him out because that’s kind of a given; his character has been so insanely popular with bookies and truebies alike.

    Jessica is a sore point for me. I do love her, and I love the interplay between her and Bill. But I loathe loathe LOATHE the way her character was introduced. The staking of Longshadow is E/S canon and I can’t cop messing with it as a plot device in order to introduce a character who, lets face it, is doomed. Eric faced a penalty for staking Longshadow that came into play further down the line with the Charles Twining plot – I liked that we didn’t really find out that he’d put himself out there by killing Longshadow until we’d had 5 books to see that he really did care about Sookie. That was cool.

    Pam – I love Pam in the show but she’s somehow…snarkier. I don’t know, I can’t put my finger on it. I would also like to see the friendship between Pam and Sookie develop on True Blood. I guess Pam and Sookie’s friendship grew as Sookie and Eric’s connection grew. Pam’s relationship with Eric meant that she was 100% prepared to give Sookie the benefit of the doubt since he was so into her. And since we’re not seeing much of THAT, we’re not seeing much of Pam/Sookie either.

    I don’t even want to think about the possibility that Godric’s pedo tendencies are going to be shoved onto Eric, even in a flashback. I think I will stab something.

    I cannot care about Tara any more. I loved her in season 1.

    Andy and Terry too were both fantastic in season 2. Andy was just a pain in the arse in the books, he is definitely more rounded on the show.

    Season 3 must sees for me – the staking and the healing. And the rape. If they do those two things I will still probably complain about everything else but if they leave them out I will be absolutely spitting.

    • 19 walgigi
      January 25, 2010 at 8:00 am

      Now that you talked about about Pam and Sookie’s friendship… I love Lafayette and Jessica. The characters, the actors and their portrayal. The only thing that really bothers me about them is the reason to introduce them in the show (well, Jessica, b/c Laffy was only “rescued from death”). IMO they are regular characters because AB is replacing book Sookie’s Eric/Pam relationships with theirs. I think it’s his way of keeping Eric and Pam completely apart from her, b/c at this point of the story (in the books), Eric/Sookie and Pam/Sookie already have a closer relationship. In TB they haven’t any communication, no contact, NADA. Everything’s through Bill. And Laffayette and Jessica are filling those empty spaces left by Pam and Eric in Sookie’s life. In fact, new vampire or not, Jessica has exactly the same “role” on Bill’s life that Pam has in Eric’s, and for me it’s another stolen piece of Eric’s identity that AB is giving to Bill to strenghten his relationship with Sookie. I also wish to be wrong about this.

      “Eric faced a penalty for staking Longshadow that came into play further down the line with the Charles Twining plot” – It’s kind of obvious that if AB will want to include that plot line, it also will be transferred to Saint Bill… *roll eyes*

      “I don’t even want to think about the possibility that Godric’s pedo tendencies are going to be shoved onto Eric, even in a flashback. I think I will stab something.” – I can only add that, instead of Newlin, Lorena, Debbie or any villian, the only “character” that I wish to watch burning on a stick next season is AB… seriously.

  14. 20 Dan
    January 25, 2010 at 7:40 am

    You are so right about Jason. Seeing season one before delving into the books made Jason so much better. His overall storyline is better. And Sam too. So they can’t say we don’t appreciate their work. It’s just the main thread that is getting blown.

  15. 21 ksr
    January 25, 2010 at 7:23 pm

    Well, I wouldn´t speak in a circumlocutory manner, just some comments and quotes…

    Nan Flanagan ‘Do you want to lose your area, Viking?’
    EN ‘You don’t have THAT kind of power!’
    NF ‘I’m on MTV! Try me” That’s my favorite!)))))

    Isabel is just adorable! Not only among vampires of TB but as you said in comparison with most of female characters of the show.

    ‘When Bill starts bitching and whining at Eric on the show, and Eric looks at him like shit stuck to his shoe, I just die laughing.’ “Are you picking a fight? I’d like see you try!” ))))))

    ‘…a short do and a tracksuit – a fucking TRACKSUIT – my whole concept of what I thought I found attractive in a man was redefined in about three seconds.’ I even liked him in slippers in Fangtasia (did you notice the size?! Of course you did! 😉 )!!!
    And by the way I liked a lot how they turned to advantage this situation with ‘need to rid wig of’: “Is there blood in my hair?… Pam will kill me!” ))))
    Even if it looks a little bit weird and inconsistently (everything is grow, rise and heal up when you are vampire except Eric’s wig… Ugh! Damn it!… hair, I mean!) I like it anyway!!!))))

    Godric and all about him was just great, so no comments!
    Lafayette. Thanks God they didn’t kill him! IMHO Nelsan Ellis is one of the biggest casting success.
    Jessica. I didn’t expect anything good about this character, but I was surprised.
    Pam. Oh! Pam and her pumps!)))))

    To be honest there is only couple of complaints to TB S2 from my side:
    1)Maenad and all this mess about her including Tara;
    2)Canonizing of St. Bill
    3)And please… I can’t stand Evan Rachel Wood as Sophie-Anne Leclerq Queen of Louisiana… brrr….
    4)Oh! And one more thing – in S3 they should do something with Sookies lighted up palms! ))))

    What did I tell you about ‘speaking in a circumlocutory manner’ at the ever beginning of my post? Oh, I forgot… doesn’t matter… ))))))

  16. 22 ellemoe
    January 27, 2010 at 5:08 pm

    I have no hope at all for Season 3. Yup, I’m Debbie Downer on this one. I just can’t wrap my head around the changes I’m hearing about. I loved Club Dead and to hear that Alcide’s sister is older and a biker chick? Really? Doesn’t AB know the law about siblings in Were families? The older child gets the Were gene. How can that be here? Guess she’ll be adopted or something. IDK just not looking forward to it at all. Yes, I will watch it but I won’t be expecting it to be great, so that like you, my hopes won’t be dashed when it isn’t. Maybe AB will surprise me. I’m hoping he will if I can be honest. Even the lure of a naked Eric isn’t making me look forward to next season. I know, I know…

    • 23 VikingLover
      January 27, 2010 at 5:52 pm

      “Even the lure of a naked Eric isn’t making me look forward to next season. I know, I know…” – I’m with you on that one. Actually the more I hear about this whole “naked Eric” thing, the more nervous I become. I fear it’s for all the wrong reasons.

  17. 24 Suki
    February 4, 2010 at 6:31 pm

    Okay, I am so beyond disappointed in Alan Ball, and really having a hard time looking forward to Season 3. Yes, he improved some characters and created some interesting plotlines, but he has destroyed beyond repair the basic essence of the book series. It’s a love triangle and follows the same template as many other classic love stories. Would we want to see a Gone with the Wind series where a slightly scoundrel-y Rhett develops unredeemably bad character flaws? Would we want Elizabeth Bennett to love Mr. Wickham while watching Mr. Darcy abuse people? Charlaine Harris didn’t begin Eric’s journey into the Rhett/Darcy role until after Book 1, which makes me seriously question whether Mr. Ball ever read beyond that first book. The series can be described in many ways, but it is definitely not a love triangle, and so I think a poor adaption of the books.

    So, you want to make a series out of Gone with the Wind? Okay, so give Prissy her own love interest, introduce the women in Belle Watlings’ whore house, give Rhett an unexpected long-lost father, but don’t make Rhett a bad man and don’t make Scarlett glued to the hip of Ashley Wilkes. If you’re going to change the two main characters so drastically, just write your own civil war era show and leave the book for someone else to adapt.

    So, TB Eric is no longer the guy the audience hopes will get the girl, which may be just fine, because we no longer value the girl so much either. Book Sookie is a great herione because she is feisty, loyal, brave, and independent. She makes mistakes, but she tries hard, so we root for her. TB Sookie is completely dependent on Bill, and frankly, I think the show wouldn’t miss her a bit if she were gone.

    Charlaine Harris’ series is a classic love story set in an unusual place–a world with outed vampires and supes. Mr. Ball has made his series a story that focuses on the fictitious world and not on the love story–at least not on the love story the books tell. It’s not a bad premise for a show, but it’s not the story of the Southern Vampire Mysteries.

    • 25 walgigi
      February 4, 2010 at 7:47 pm

      [So, TB Eric is no longer the guy the audience hopes will get the girl, which may be just fine, because we no longer value the girl so much either.]

      I completely agree with you. She’s not even the protagonist of TB. She is just Bill’s satelite…

  18. 26 Emily
    May 4, 2010 at 11:58 am

    I know this post is a bit old to comment on, but I thought I’d just add my own thoughts.
    I love pretty much all the same things you do, Godric, Jason, Lafayette.

    But I have to say I share your disappointment with Sookie’s character. The part that really annoyed me was when she was talking to Hugo about dating a vampire and he asked her if she ever worried about what would happen as they grew older and the vampires stayed the same. Sookie just said ‘I never even thought about it..’ That made me so angry! I remember her having an argument with Bill in the books about that very thing.

    Sookie likes to question everything, she says in the books that she spends a lot of time on her own so she likes to store things up to question them when she has the time. I liked her intelligence in the book, the way she had thoughts that had never occurred to the vampires, and it upsets me to lose such an empowering, intelligent Sookie. I’m just hoping we get to see some of that in season 3, cus at the moment I’m not even seeing what Eric finds so endearing about her.

    Sorry about the rant!

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