So that I don’t bore you and myself by constantly writing things out in full, here’s a list of acronyms I use…otherwise known as my lazy-arse shorthand.

CH: Charlaine Harris
SVM: Southern Vampire Mysteries
AB: Alan Ball
TB: True Blood
AS/ASkars: Alexander Skarsgard
His Purple Pansyness/HPP – Quinn
SM: Stephen Moyer
AP: Anna Paquin

E/S – Eric and Sookie

B/S – Bill and Sookie

HEA – Happily Ever After
SFP – Stupid Fucking Proposal (the True Blood one)
GP – the Gracious Plenty (the Book one)

The Books

DUD – Dead Until Dark – Bk 1

LDID – Living Dead in Dallas – Bk2

CD – Club Dead – Bk 3

DTTW – Dead to the World – Bk 4

DAAD – Dead as a Doornail – Bk 5

DD – Definitely Dead – Bk 6

ATD – All Together Dead – Bk 7

FDTW – From Dead to Worse – Bk 8

DAG – Dead and Gone – Bk 9

DITF – Dead in the Family – Bk 10 *due for publication in 2010


My ramblings on the Sookie Stackhouse books, and the HBO series True Blood. Everyone I know is already half crazed with my plot and character assassinations, conspiracy theories, theme explorations and general obsessing, so now I'm going to share it all with you. Spoilers and Viking worship are have been warned!

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