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All Together…and totally…DEAD!

Just like any other day, the mail man came at lunch time.

I wandered outside, expecting to find nothing more than the usual retail visual pollution and bills.

Instead, my mailbox contained nothing short of FANGIRL CRACK!

My wonderful Twitter friend @navicita went to a book signing a few weeks back, and had the divine Ms Harris sign this copy of All Together Dead for me.

I haven’t fangirled like this since I was a sweaty, hormonal thirteen year old and Duran Duran announced a world tour.

Simon LeBon still makes me want to hump the closest stationery object, and he will UNTIL I DIE.


If anyone is looking for me, I will be in a darkened corner licking Debra’s feet for all of eternity.

That is all.


Gratuitous Supernatural Nudity

There are no words.

For two days now, I have been taunted by rumors of an open-robed Eric appearing in a new promo. I have hunted high and low for this promo and it appears HBO have just released it online…while I’m trying to get a post up, here are some stills from askarsswedishmeatballs.

This damn thing should be high rotation on HBO, what the fuck is WRONG with them?

I would sit in front of my TV for six hours straight without a pee break to see this.

And in other True Blood naked man meat news, @JoeManganiello tweeted this last night. Apparently there was an article with it but I found it hard to summon up much interest in reading anything with this in my face.

It is here if you’d like to try your luck.

I gotta tell you, I was not feeling this guy for Alcide at all when he was cast, and I’m reserving my opinion until I see him in the role.


I demand a face off between Eric and Alcide in season 3. I DEMAND IT.


True Blood, Season 3 – Official Premiere

I don’t usually post about these red carpet preening parades, and I’m not going to spam you with pics of every no-name bit player and his dog arriving.

Let’s just admit it.

THIS is what we all came for, right?





Ooh! Look who else showed up…

Stay tuned for updates.


Sunday Skars – Redux

Some new eye candy is doing the rounds today, and it set me to pondering just how long it’s been since we indulged in some blatant worship of the pretty that is Alexander Skarsgard.

Okay, so it’s only been a week. But that’s still six days too long. And technically, we were worshipping his ass.

These images come from Skarsgard News – if you aren’t a fan on Facebook you need to become one. They are promising us two previously unseen photos a day until True Blood returns on June 13.

While we’re on the subject of a certain tall blond hunk of Swede, the girls at The Sookieverse have just posted an advance review of Straw Dogs. For those of you who may have been living under a rock for the last year, this is the feature film Alex made with Kate Bosworth. (Thanks Nicole!)



“If there were an international butt competition, Eric would win, hands down—or cheeks up. He
would get a large, large trophy.”
~ Sookie, DTTW ~

It’s been too damn long since we’ve had some decent Skarsporn.

Go nuts.


And I’m posting these because I guess someone might find them sexy…or just funny…like I do.

But really, Alan. Of all the man-on-man you could have done?


Pennydreadful thinks Sam and Bill’s love-in might play out something like this….

Bill: I find myself strangely in the grip of a powerful homoerotic attraction to you, Mr. Merlotte. Might I call on you sometime?
Sam: (with innocent bewilderment) Call on me?
Bill: Yes, might I visit with you at your home…so that we may engage in physical congress?
Sam: (still confused) Physical congress? I’m confused…I didn’t think you vampires had the right to vote.
Bill: I was asking if we might enjoy the sweet forbidden bliss of coitus together…
Sam: Dammit, Bill…stop using all those high falutin Victorian euphemisms. Anyone would think you’ve been cryogenically frozen for the past 150 years. Now what exactly do you want?
Bill: Hot sweaty mansex in your trailer?
Sam: (pauses) Oh hell…sure why not. You can come back to my place but if you tell that I have a “lovely home” you’re going to get a nasty introduction to Mr. Stake…


Monday Skars

Yeah yeah, I know I was incredibly slack yesterday and failed to deliver Sunday Skars on time.

I had a hangover. And it was not pretty, not at all.

Moving on, today we have some Metropia publicity shots taken with Juliette Lewis.

I love Juliette. I love ASkars. Put them both together and well…I JUST LOVE.

She is soooo tiny next to him. It’s cute.

More images at the source.


Midweek Skarsporn

Some scans of the VMAN magazine shoot have just appeared – here is a tease. The interview and the full set of pics are over at The Nest.

Note to magazine stylists: This man is 33 years old. Does he LOOK LIKE RPATZ TO YOU??

It seems to be all about the hair, this week.

Ridiculous hair aside, check the thumb/hand/bitey lip porn down there.

Remember to breathe.

Click for wallpaper sized versions….and you can also view at VMAN Magazine.


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