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Eric Does Dudes – what do you think?

During an interview at the Tribeca Film Festival over the weekend, Alexander Skarsgard dropped this tantalising little hint about what Eric will be doing in season 3 when he’s not having smackdowns with Bill or lusting after Sookie:

ā€œIā€™m not a prude at all,ā€ he says. ā€œI shot a very, very graphic scene two days ago with a man.

Not just “graphic”, people.

Not even “very graphic”.

But “very, very graphic”.

Personally, I’m OK with this. I don’t think this is out of character at all – but I know that some of you have very strong feelings about Eric doing dudes.

So let us know what you think in the poll.

Who do you think the lucky man will be? Lafayette? Godric in a flashback? Someone else?


Who’s the Rat?

Time for a poll….simply because my brain is exploding with the possibilities!

According to Eric, we have a rat in the house. Someone tipped Victor off about the Fae war. And that someone gave him enough information that he ended up sitting in Fangtasia the night all hell broke loose, with his posse and his silver chains, just waiting for a phone call.

Who was it?

Vote in the poll and don’t forget to leave your conspiracy theory in the comments.


POLL: Sookie’s mortality and the Vampire HEA

Since there is nothing – absolutely NOTHING – going on in the Sookieverse to post about today, I thought we could talk about how Sookie’s mortality might play into who she ends up paired with at the end of the books.

You can vote for up to two options.

Tell us what you think, and leave your reasons and rants in the comments!


Poll – Who’s your Second for Book Sookie?

Some discussion in the comments on an earlier post inspired me to make a new poll.

If Eric is not to be Sookie’s HEA in the books, who would be your second pick? And why?

Vote below, and don’t forget to leave your reasons/rants/tinfoil hat conspiracy theories in the comments!


Fashion Hell Poll Results!

The results are in!

And the winner of the most hideous, cringe-worthy fashion crime in Sookieverse with almost HALF the total vote is…..
His Purple Pansyness in Genie pants!

Quinn = Fashion FAIL.

I’m actually surprised – I thought Sookie would take the crown. But considering Quinn’s popularity around here *cough*, his victory might have been a tad predictable.

Eric came in second in his lycra teamed with a trenchcoat travesty.

The rest of the results are below.

That was lots of fun, I had such a giggle finding the pics and writing the posts.

Thanks for voting!


Last Day! Fashion Hell in Sookieverse – #6

It’s the final day of Fashion Hell, and we’ve saved the best for last.

Don’t forget to vote at the end of this post!

Eric – The Infamous Orgy Scene (Living Dead in Dallas)
This is the stuff of Sookieverse legend and it really needs no explanation. But what the hell, we can never go here too many times right?

Hot pink spandex pants, complete with aqua swirls and a trenchcoat…on a 6″4 viking. I realise this will be a controversial inclusion. I know most of you love this scene. And I know he was playing dress-ups for a reason. But what we love about this outfit is what it says about Eric’s personality. The outfit itself? Admit it – no matter how hot he looks in your imagination dressed like that, you are deluding yourself. You are.

Although, I will admit that this outfit does do justice to the GP.
Oh yes.

Look at me with a straight face and tell me you fantasise about this.

Vote away and leave your reasons in the comments. Results will be up in a few days.


Fashion Hell in Sookieverse – #5

On the second last day of Fashion Hell in Sookieverse, let’s take a walk down memory lane….and pull up a spot on the corner.

Sookie Does Josephine’s (Club Dead)

Sookie the Hooker strikes again with a fire engine red mini dress that barely covers her backside, with detachable long sleeves and red stillettos. Yes, you did read that right. Trying to find an image of something vaguely resembling this outfit on Google was hilarious – the search terms “red dress detachable sleeves” returned pages of forum posts of Sookie readers howling about this dress. That, and many, many sites peddling outfits for strippers. It seems Sookie’s hooker dress is quite versatile – I’ve now seen some very creative versions in mesh, lycra, sequins, vinyl, and leather.

One of the things I love about Sookie is how she can go from all class to trailer trash and back again, in the blink of an eye.

~ One of the women thought I looked like a high-priced whore. I decided that was a compliment. At least she thought I was expensive ~ Oh Sook, you make me LOL

Tomorrow: The Final Victim – Eric

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#1 Sookie – When Maenads Attack
#2 Bill – Grateful Gran’s Dead
#3 Eric – Amnesia Tell-All
#4 Quinn – Oops I thought this was an Arabian Nights costume party…


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