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True Blood, Season 3 – Official Premiere

I don’t usually post about these red carpet preening parades, and I’m not going to spam you with pics of every no-name bit player and his dog arriving.

Let’s just admit it.

THIS is what we all came for, right?





Ooh! Look who else showed up…

Stay tuned for updates.


Ultimate Truebie Live Q & A Event

As part of the “Ultimate Trubie” hype that seems to have taken over Facebook and Twitter in the last week or so, Alan Ball and the cast of True Blood will be participating in a live Q and A session with fans this evening. This will occur after a rescreening of the Season 2 finale (which I suspect may end up actually being a surprise screening of the Season 3 premiere. We’ll see. God knows no one really wants to sit through that other clusterfuck again, do they? I want to forget and move on).

The event will be streamed live, click the link in the image below for the live stream.

Cast members confirmed to participate are: Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgard, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Rutina Wesley, Nelsan Ellis, Deborah Ann Woll and Ryan Kwanten.

As soon as this is up on YouTube I’ll post it. In the meantime if you’re on Twitter a few SVB posters will be attending and tweeting from the event, so follow them for updates:

Serena – @sailorironmouse
Kathy – @AmeliaTheWitch

UPDATE: Full length Season 3 promo that was aired during the event is now up on HBO.


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