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Amnesia Eric – Just Sayin’

“I’m cold,” I said gently, and he let me lie beside him, pulling the covers up over us. I propped myself up on one elbow and he lay on his side, so we were facing each other. – DTTW

There was a blanket at the end of the bed and he pulled it up over me. He turned his back to me for a moment and I heard his shoes hit the floor. The he got under the blankets with me and propped himself up on one elbow. – DAG
“That confirms my bad opinion of humans in general,” Eric said. He pulled my coat off my shoulders, looked at it with distaste, hung it on the back of one of the chairs pushed in under the kitchen table. “You are beautiful.” – DTTW

“Don’t worry, you’re beautiful,” Eric said quietly. He leaned over to unbuckle my seat belt (to my astonishment), and as he straightened he kissed me again, this time on the mouth. – FDTW

“When this witch is defeated, I would bring you to my side. I will share everything I have with you. Every vampire who owes me fealty will honor you.” -DTTW

“If I live through this,” Clancy said, “I’ll ask you to release me from my vow, Eric, and I’ll seek another master. I find the idea of dying in the defense of a human woman to be disgusting, no matter what her connection to you is.”
“If you die,” Eric said, “you’ll die because I, your sheriff, ordered you into battle. The reason is not pertinent.”
Clancy nodded. “Yes, my lord.” – DAG

…”Victor told our King that I was lying in an attempt to save my human lover from the fae. He said vampire lives must not be lost in the rescue of a human.” – DITF
As I lay wrapped up in Eric’s arms, humming a little wordless tune as I traced the line of his shoulder
with an idle finger, I was bone-deep grateful for the pleasure he’d given me. A piece of happiness should never be taken as due.
“Thank you,” I said, my face pressed to his silent chest. – DTTW

“Eric leaned over on one elbow, and his big hand pressed my face against his chest” – DITF


Dead to the World was written with a clear purpose in mind and reading it, you wonder how we could ever even doubt where Harris is going. Eric is the only suitor to have an entire book devoted to his character development.

He might have had amnesia, but this was not a “different” Eric. This was real Eric, stripped to his core being. Amnesia Eric was the Eric that is beneath the political animal forged of a thousand years of necessity. AE was a deliberate glimpse of Eric’s potential for growth and change.

Just Sayin’.

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Dead in the Family full chapter 1 in DAG Paperback!

Before I start this post, I’m going to do something I have never done before on this blog.

MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The paperback version of Dead and Gone was released in the US yesterday – and it includes the FULL first chapter of Dead in the Family.

You can read it at the Unread Reader.

Hold onto your hats because this is HUGE.

* Eric’s whereabouts during Sookie’s torture explained

* Eric FINALLY admits he loves Sookie and tells her to her face

* Eric could feel everything Sookie was experiencing through the bond

* Eric cries. HE FUCKING CRIES.

Here’s a little teaser: “I hurt with you. I bled with you – not only because we’re bonded, but because of the love I have for you.”

What are you still doing here? Go read it!!!!


Charlaine Harris – Is Eric “worth it”?

Here’s some teasers from an interview the girls at did with Charlaine Harris a few days ago.

You can listen to the full interview at their site, and I took the transcript from here (thanks J9!)

Such a great interview – the questions are really insightful. I’m so sick to death of reading interviews with Charlaine that are all about True Blood… it’s great to see some meaty questions about the books for a change.

Some interesting excerpts:

Q: When it comes to Eric, you have stated in the past that Eric is all about Eric, and we know that there are some Eric supporters who genuinely feel that Eric has genuine feelings for Sookie. And then there are other readers who feel that Eric uses Sookie as a means to an end. Is there a chance that you can tell us how you personally perceive Eric’s involvement with Sookie?
CH: I personally feel it’s a little bit of all of the above. I don’t think there’s any one right answer to that.

Q: Considering how Sookie is now married to Eric—according to vampire law—will Bill respect her decision, and is it possible for Bill to move on with his life?
CH: Well, he doesn’t really have an option with that.

Q: Despite the fact that Sam doesn’t want to be involved in supe politics, he seems to know everything that happens. How does he find out this information so quickly or when will we find out Sam’s role in the supe world?
CH: Well, he certainly follows the supe website very closely, and I think that’s how he gets most of his information. Plus, he’s got a lot of friends in the supernatural community.

[Ummm….WHAT? I’m telling you, there’s something coming down the line with Sam. Supernatural website? COME ON!!]

Q: Is there anything you really regret that you put into the book series?
CH: Oh, God, yes. The blood bond. I really regret that. You don’t know how much I regret that. I must have answered, like, a million questions about it until finally I just said, “Okay that’s it. I’m not answering any more questions about the blood bond.” You know, I wish I had really never, never, never thought about the blood bond.

Q: If you were Sookie, what would you consider?
CH: I would consider whether the good part of being Eric’s girlfriend was worth the bad part of being Eric’s girlfriend. I would consider what the future was likely to hold if I stayed that close to him.

Q: We want to know if you want to leave a message for your fans?
CH: Well, I do hope they’re gonna buy the next book, and I also hope they’re gonna like it. It has a very big ending—an almost Shakespearean ending—and I hope that it isn’t, you know, too over the top. But it was a heck of a lot of fun to write. Just come along with me—I’ll show you a good time.


Sookie, Eric and the Colour Red – Symbolism in Sookieverse

This is a completely random post…but I’m on holidays and my mind tends to wandering!

Have you ever noticed that the Viking has a pretty serious red fetish? Eric and the colour red are associated so strongly in these books I find it hard to believe that it’s not deliberate.

  • His car is red
  • The decor of his bar is themed red
  • DUD – He sends Sookie flowers and the “sexually suggestive” feature flower is red.
  • DUD – Sookie wears a dress with “bright red flowers ” and “red high heeled screw me shoes” the first time she meets him at Fangtasia
  • FDTW – He sends Sookie a new cellphone, it’s red
  • DTTW – He sends Sookie a new winter coat, it’s red
  • DITF – A red rose is prominent between them on the cover.
  • So this got me to thinking. I’ve always felt that Charlaine uses symbolism and motif very deliberately in these books, and it’s especially interesting that for every gift Eric has sent Sookie, when he has been able to choose the colour (new driveway and front door obviously being exceptions), he has chosen red. A colour that Charlaine has strongly associated with his character through the car and the bar.

    Red - the colour of love and lusty vikings?

    Now depending on which side of the fence you sit, the red-out could be a really good thing…or it could be a really bad thing.

    Symbolically, the colour red is obviously associated with love. In the context of vampires it is also the colour of blood, so it’s not really surprising that a vampire would prefer it.

    Some positive connotations of red:

  • Romantic love, sexuality and passion
  • Life – due to its association with blood. Eric certainly has a sense of joie de vivre, and even Sookie notes his chemistry is pretty lively for a dead guy.
  • Courage – this is interesting, as courage is something we associate with Eric as a warrior, and also with Sookie as she has developed throughout the story.
  • Eroticism – needs no explanation really. The sex is hot. Duh.
  • In a metaphysical sense, red is associated with the first chakra. This chakra is linked to a sense of grounding and security, and the basics of survival. Eric and Sookie are both survivalists, if nothing else.
  • Negative connotations of red:

  • Danger – it can certainly be argued that as a vampire he is dangerous to Sookie.
  • Death – well, he is dead. No arguing that really.
  • Anger, rage and aggression – Eric is certainly not immune to these emotions, though he does have the self control that comes with age, and he isn’t prone to giving in to them easily.
  • I just think the way Charlaine has wound this colour into Sookie and Eric’s relationship is really quite clever…and quite sneaky of her. As usual, she’s given nothing away – as an Eric lover I can see the red motif as a positive sign in his favour. But if I didn’t like Eric’s character, a good case could also be made that Charlaine is sending a subtle message that he’s not to be trusted.

    While Eric is tied to the colour red and described throughout the books in terms of his exuberance, life force and passion, Bill has also been given his own themes in a similar way. Bill’s voice is “cool” or “cold” and ice and glass are often used as metaphors for his character. If Eric’s colour is red, Bill’s is most definitely blue. Bill’s only gift to Sookie was a pair of topaz earrings. Topaz is – you guessed it – blue.

    I love these books, there’s so much between the lines.


    Eric & Quinn: “A” is for Alpha – Round #2

    My last ramble about Eric and Quinn looked at how these two play off against eachother as romantic rivals, and the impact that Quinn’s presence in the story has on Eric’s actions and his emotional responses to Sookie.

    That is one facet of the Quinn/Eric dynamic, and this post will look at another – Quinn’s political ties and his intentions towards Sookie.

    As we touched on previously, Eric’s suspicion of Quinn is palpable from the outset. While on the surface it would be easy to chalk this up to good old fashioned jealousy, their first meeting leaves us feeling that Eric’s dislike of Quinn runs much deeper than this. The very first mention Eric makes of Quinn, even before their meeting on Sookie’s porch indicates that their paths have crossed before:

    Eric’s eyes widened. “So the contest was today. I’d heard Quinn was in town. Usually, he keeps transgressions to a minimum.” – Dead as a Doornail

    In All Together Dead, Eric corners Sookie in the parking lot at Merlotte’s and grills her about her feelings for Quinn, not for the first time:

    “Eric,” I said, and my voice was shaking. “I don’t know why you’re here, and I don’t know why we’re having all this drama.”
    “Are you Quinn’s now?” His eyes narrowed.
    “I’m my own,” I said. “I choose.”
    “And have you chosen?”
    “Eric, this is beyond gall. You haven’t been dating me. You haven’t given me any sign that was on your mind. You haven’t treated me as though I had any significance in your life. I’m not saying I would have been open to those things, but I’m saying in their absence I’ve been free to find another, ah, companion. And so far, I like Quinn just fine.”
    “You don’t know him any more than you really knew Bill.”
    That sliced down where it hurt.
    “At least I’m pretty damn sure he wasn’t ordered to get me in bed so I’d be a political asset!” out for splinters there, Tiger.

    Eric is right to be suspicious of Quinn. He was sent to secure Sookie by Sophie Anne, just as Bill was – the only difference being that Quinn was open about who he worked for from the beginning. But just like Bill, he was feeding Sookie a line about why he was really there. Recruiting Sookie to her employ for the vampire conference was only one of the reasons the Queen sent Quinn to her. Remember that Sophie-Anne had already tried to secure Sookie on a more permanent basis once already and failed (or more precisely Bill failed) – and she wasn’t the type to give up easily. There’s a theory that says Sophie Anne’s long term plans for Sookie involved a blood bond and possibly turning her, as she did with Hadley. This certainly makes sense for Sophie-Anne’s goals, as she would have far more control over Sookie through a blood bond and then eventually as her maker. She may even have intended Andre to undertake that role, after his actions in Rhodes. Either way it doesn’t seem that SA intended to simply keep a little human on her payroll. There’s no doubt that the clever, conniving queen would have wanted a more secure arrangement over the long term. Given what Sookie knew about Sophie Anne, Hadley and Bill by the time All Together Dead rolled around, she should have been suspicious as hell of Quinn by then. Except for briefly entertaining an idea much earlier that he’d been involved with Hadley’s murder, she is not – “At least I’m pretty damn sure he wasn’t ordered to get me into bed so I’d be a political asset.” WTF Sookie! For an intelligent girl I really don’t understand why you are so utterly stupid when it comes to men.

    As Eric quite correctly pointed out, since when does the Queen send a shifter to conduct her business? After Bill made such a monumental screw up of his mission, it would have been pointless to send another vampire covertly. So did Sophie Anne send Bill off to Peru to get his screwy-up-arse well out of the way, while she sent in a shifter to try again? I think there is some evidence for this. Having observed Sookie directly and through Bill for quite some time by this point, Sophie Anne knows her well enough to understand how Sookie reacts to lying and deception, so she changes tactics. This time, instead of outright deception Bill-style, Quinn’s strategy is to be open about his connection to the Queen. This openness seems to throw Sookie off the scent but Eric discerns Quinn’s game early. Which makes his readiness to rip Quinn’s throat out the first time they come face to face a little more feasible. Eric knows Sookie has to work Quinn out for herself, since she would only put it down to jealousy if he openly questioned his motives. In the Merlotte’s parking lot scene in ATD, he is once again trying to lead Sookie to reach her own conclusions about what is bleedingly obvious to him.

    Let myself in. Naked in ur tub. But don't call me Alpha.

    Quinn’s ties to Sophie Anne aren’t the only reason Eric doesn’t trust him. If we grant that originally Quinn was sent by Sophie Anne to finish what Bill began, the queen’s death during the takeover should have been the end of that. But oh no. Then we find out that Quinn happens to be under the thumb of the new regime as well due to a debt he incurred to them while protecting his mother. The new regime are just as interested in having a telepath as the old one – with the additional agenda of kicking Eric in the nuts to keep him in line as the only surviving sheriff of Sophie-Anne’s regime. Quinn continues to hang around after Sophie-Anne’s death and the takeover of Louisianna, and if his intentions looked suspicious before – now they just outright REEK. Yet again, Quinn is in a position where he can be easily manipulated via threat to his family into giving those who control him access to Sookie. It’s probable that Quinn’s return to Area 5 in defiance of Eric’s orders and his desperate, last ditch effort to win Sookie back was actually at the behest of Felipe de Castro himself. FDC would surely rather see Sookie involved with Quinn – who he can threaten and manipulate with ease, than see her blood bonded to Eric who is showing an increasing willingness to defy and out-maneuver him where Sookie is concerned. Looking back, it seems that Eric saw trouble in Quinn from the beginning and put the pieces together a long time before Sookie did – “You don’t know him any more than you knew Bill’.

    Why, of course he did. He is smart that way and THIS IS WHY WE LOVE HIM.

    I do feel that Quinn cares for Sookie, and that perhaps he even loves her. But the most sensible thing Sookie ever did was give him the boot over his mommy issues. His feelings about his family lead him to make the most unbelievably stupid mistakes. While Quinn is indebted to vampires, Sookie will never be safe with him.

    I feel like there’s a major showdown on the wind for Eric and Quinn. Not only do they want the same woman, but there is definitely something political going down between the two of them as well. They seem to have a history going back before Sookie, and Eric totally smells a rat around Quinn and his dubious associations. With Quinn having to align with Nevada to protect his mother and sister, and Eric looking more and more like he’s about to move against Nevada to become King (this is another one of my conspiracy theories – I told you have more than I can poke a stick at), I’m betting we haven’t seen the last of the alpha posturing between these two by a long shot.


    Eric and Quinn: “A” is for Alpha

    One of my favourite things to mull over in the Sookie books is the interaction between Eric, Sookie and Quinn.  In a series of posts over the next week or two I thought it’d be cool to look at this in more detail – Quinn as Eric’s main rival for Sookie, and how the personal and political undercurrents between Quinn and Eric might play out later in the series.


    I know Quinn isn’t a popular suitor, and I count myself in the camp that doesn’t want him near Sookie with a bargepole. Let’s face it, the tiger has issues and his creepy habit of calling strange women “babe” is only the start of them.  Quinn tends to be pigeon holed as just another suitor that doesn’t really have a chance and I know, alot of us wish he’d just disappear.  But he won’t!  Now that Bill has found his place in Sookie’s life and it’s not a romantic one, it’s becoming clearer that Quinn is meant to be Eric’s main threat and Sookie’s alternative love interest for the remainder of the series.

    I hear you groan. But bear with me here people, this may not be a bad thing. The dynamic between His Purple Pansyness and Eric is really fascinating.

    Quinn has similar status in the shifter hierarchy to Eric’s status amongst the vampires. Both of them hold influence amongst their kind. They are very similar in some respects – both “alpha” males, both charming, good looking, and powerful. And they are both completely accustomed to getting what they want. It’s very clear from the first time they interact in the books that Eric views Quinn as his only real competition for Sookie – and that he considers him a far more serious threat than Bill.  In fact, it’s pretty obvious from the outset that both of these men recognise each other – not Bill, not Alcide and certainly not Sam – as the main rival for Sookie.  Both of them have uncharacteristically big emotional reactions to interference from the other.

    The first time we ever see Eric and Quinn interact sparks fly.  In Definitely Dead, Quinn arrives to take Sookie on their first date. Eric is already at the house, already in a foul mood, and he comes about as close to completely losing his shit as we ever see him get. He goes straight for Quinn the second he arrives, demanding to know what he has been telling Sookie about her role at the vampire conference. Sookie says he has “fang showing”, and he is so angry his eyes are “throwing sparks”. She also notes that “something lay underneath this”, and that she is a symptom but not the source of their animosity. It is clear from this scene that Quinn and Eric knew each other before their cockfight on Sookie’s porch – so what’s the backstory with these two?  

    In FDTW, Eric is so threatened by Quinn that when the opportunity arises to ban him outright from Area 5, he does it without hesitation after he is satisfied that Sookie is done with him. He has never taken such measures against any of Sookie’s other love interests, even though it is well within the scope of his authority to do so.

    Eric asks Sookie multiple times if she loves Quinn, or else confronts her about her feelings after almost every scene involving the three of them.  He never asks her how she feels about anyone else, not even Bill. Eric tells Sookie she is “his lover – not Quinn’s, not Bill’s, not Sam’s” – and it’s no coincidence whose name is mentioned here first. When Quinn ignores Eric’s ban and comes back into Area 5 in DAG, Sookie says “I could feel rage on the wind. It wasn’t my rage.” Eric knows Quinn has defied him and come back to see Sookie, and she feels his rage through the blood bond. Not long afterwards, Eric shows up on her doorstep. Five books pass after DTTW with no Eric sexy time – and all it takes is for Quinn to show Eric he is willing to defy him, and suddenly he can’t get Sookie back in the sack fast enough. When the blood bond is forged in Rhodes, Eric deliberately flaunts his obvious pleasure in the process purely for Quinn’s benefit.  Marking territory takes on a whole new dimension for Eric when Quinn is around. Yet he has never felt the same compulsion to taunt Bill with the details of his physical relationship with Sookie, even though Bill knows damn well that they’re having one.  Why?  Because he didn’t need to assert himself over someone he didn’t consider a true threat.

    In one of the few moments I ever liked him, the cocky tiger had the balls to tell Bill to his face that he “isn’t even on the list” where Sookie is concerned in DAG. So it’s clear that Quinn, like Eric, sees this as a two man battle now as well.  Quinn’s emotional responses to Eric are volatile and often show him as emotionally stunted (which he is but he is usually good at hiding).  His tantrums over Eric are too numerous to list – but who could forget him telling Sookie in DAG that “Eric loves his little piece of Louisiana more than he’ll ever love you”.  Hands up if you wanted to stab him in the eye? Oh me.

    Quinn has no problem killing for Sookie – he has already killed Andre and freed her from what was, at the time,  a very dangerous threat. He’s also sounded Sookie out about killing Eric much to her horror, and I get the feeling that regardless of her objections he would take out Eric in a heartbeat if the opportunity presented itself.  Eric killed Longshadow in defence of Sookie, as well as a few others along the way – but he won’t kill Quinn unless it’s in self defence. He has certainly had opportunities, and in DAG Quinn gave him a free shot when he defied his orders yet Eric still showed restraint. Aside from knowing that it would hurt Sookie, Eric wants her to choose him because she wants him, not because there’s no one else left. This is what stops him killing or interfering with her other love interests…and just one more reason why Eric is awesome and Quinn is a tool. Quinn went from mildly irritating to the very top of my shit list when he started talking about killing Eric.

    Part of Quinn’s function as a romantic interest for Sookie is to give her an opportunity to recognise another Bill – albeit in a slightly different disguise, but that’s for the next post. For Eric, he provides another alpha to square off against – worthy competition if you like.  Quinn forces him to confront how he feels and act on it, and he does it quite successfully.  Quinn is due back in the book after DITF apparently, and I can’t wait. I hate him as a love interest, but I LOVE how he is the only character in the whole series that can send our usually unflappable viking totally off the rails and bring out his insecure streak. When he does show up again, you can bet it’s going to be ugly for all concerned…and not the least for Eric.


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