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Lafayette’s New Boy Toy

The role of Jesus Velasquez, Lafayette’s new “love interest” for season three has been cast.

The part has gone to Kevin Alejandro – who has previously been seen in Weeds (one of my favourite shows) and Ugly Betty.

The casting call for Jesus Velasquez:

An attractive Latino orderly in his 20s to 30s. We come to learn he is a gay, Latino, attractive orderly! He’s feeding Ruby Jean at her care facility. As good-natured as he is handsome, he takes his demented patient’s racist gibes in stride.

Ruby Jean would be Lafayette’s formerly dead mother. I hope they provide an explanation for this but I won’t hold my breath…

So what do you think? Can you see this guy having sexy times with Lafayette? True Blood desperately needs some man action. Personally I would prefer some Eric/Laf sexy times but I won’t bore you all with that again. If Ball won’t give me that, then I guess I can settle for this.

What? I told you already, I am a dirty perv!



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