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Just Sayin’

3.01: Arlene – “I’m sorry you fell in love with a serial killer, but honestly, who here hasn’t?”

You oughta know Arlene, since you were engaged to one.

3.02: Talbot – “I just redecorated the guest room. Wait until you see the bed…Bill, it’s marvellous! It once belonged to Countess Elizabeth Bathory, Hungary’s legendary serial killer.

Rumor has it, that she loved to torture virgins and bathe in their blood.”


Fast Facts: Elizabeth Bathory’s bloodlust was the stuff of legend. So legendary, in fact, that she is often compared to Vlad the Impaler – the historical figure upon whom Count Dracula is based.



Finale Spoiler Pics

Like almost everyone else around here I’m on a self-imposed, spoiler restricted diet right now.

Well, I thought I was. But then I saw these and, well…FUCK THAT.

I’m on it like a fat kid on cake.

I’ve hidden these juicy, ERIC-CENTRIC finale pictures for the benefit of those who have more self control than I.

Spoil Me, Evil Temptress


Claudine has been cast

The role of Claudine Crane, Sookie’s fae protector, cousin and friend has been cast for True Blood.

The part has gone to Lara Pulver.


Season 3 Casting Call – Claudine!

A new casting call is out for S03 E07 – “Hit the Floor”. And I am very pleased to see this one!

[CLAUDINE] 30s-40s. A beautiful, kind and loving figure who knows a lot about Sookie, she appears to Sookie in a golden vision. However, their utopia is abruptly dismantled when Claudine issues Sookie a mysterious warning. Possible recurring.

She “knows alot about Sookie”? Oh, I can almost see Niall on my TV right now. I’m gathering after a bit of snooping around that certain parts of fandom are not at all happy about True Blood doing the fae storyline. I’m presuming that’s because it’s a pretty good indication that Ball doesn’t plan to eventually ditch the books completely, as they’d hoped.

Getting jerked around by Alan Ball sure does suck, huh. Poor dears. I wish I had some sympathy but the last two years have me fresh out.

I am not even going to contemplate what the “mysterious warning” might be. Too many horrifying possibilities there. Maybe it’s to stay away from empty parking garages and open trunks. Probably not.

Claudine actually appeared in the unaired pilot episode – watching from the bushes as Sookie rescued Bill from the Rattrays. She was edited out of the final cut for reasons unknown, but I’m really glad to see she’ll be brought back into the story. It’s interesting how many characters first introduced in DTTW are being brought out this season.

A screencap of Claudine from the unaired season one pilot episode.

Image: Loving True Blood in Dallas


Hello….Debbie Pelt? Really??

The black-haired woman I’d pegged for Debbie was wearing a gold silk blouse and skintight brown leather pants, with boots…
..Her own straight black hair had been cut in asymmetrical clumps, tiny locks of different lengths, making her look a little like a dog in a very good show, maybe an Afghan. Her narrow face increased the resemblance.
Club Dead

And from that, somehow we are getting…this.

Isn’t she…..what’s the word I’m looking for here?


Yes, that’s it. She’s “cute”.


OK Alan, you did it. You shocked me. You surprised me. Actually you damn near left me speechless.

I am moving on to other news before my head implodes.

And in other news, Eric will be groping the boobs of some waitress.

[BUXOM SWEDISH SERVANT GIRL] Female, 20’s, Attractive. This servant girl is seen in a flash back to 900 AD with Eric (ALEXANDER SKARSGARD). Eric kisses her passionately and fondles her breasts. ROLE HAS NO LINES AND WILL REQUIRE PARTIAL TOPLESS NUDITY

I have no issue with Eric having sex scenes with random women. He is a vampire and that’s what vampires do. I have no issue with them setting Eric up to be a player, even in life, because he is. He’s not attached to anyone and he’s hot as hell so he’s allowed to be.

So fine, play this up but can we please see something redeeming about him? Would it kill them to throw us a bone here?

Source: SpoilerTV


The King of Mississippi speaks! (Remember him?)

So hands up if you’d actually forgotten that Denis O’Hare had been cast in this part?

I did.

The actor has been silent since just after he was cast last year, and the True Blood camp have been very quiet about his storyline.

In this interview he finally spills the beans on Russell Edgington, shows off the accent he will be using for his character, and drops a few juicy spoilers. Mostly Bill Compton related.

You can view the video here, transcript is below.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Have you started filming True Blood?

Denis O’Hare: “I have shot two episodes of True Blood. ”

Are you as evil as they say you’re going to be?

Denis O’Hare: “No! I’m charming. I’m not evil – I’m charming. I’m the Vampire King of Mississippi. And I actually got my fangs today.”

What did they feel like?

Denis O’Hare: “They do a mouth cast, you know what I mean, and then they make them. And then you get rubber fangs, and then you get hard fangs. Hard fangs hurt and rubber fangs feel great.”

Are we going to see you sucking on people?

Denis O’Hare: “Definitely. Yeah, definitely.”

Okay, but they say you’re the big villain…

Denis O’Hare: “No. I have a point of view. I’m for vampires and I want them to get their rights. I want them to be preeminent, and I’ll do what I have to do to make that happen.”

[What? I thought he was one third of a “triumvirate of evil”. Don’t tell me Alan has been making shit up again.]

And it doesn’t matter who you kill to do that?

Denis O’Hare: “It’s not about killing, it’s about persuading. I’m very charming.”

How easy is it to say, “Oh yeah, I’m playing a vampire”?

Denis O’Hare: “You know what? It’s a riot. It’s a total riot. But it’s great to say, ‘I’m the Vampire King of Mississippi.’ That’s much better.”

Is that the accent you use?

Denis O’Hare: “That’s the accent I’m going to use. It’s a good one. I have a great model, a guy down from Meridian, Mississippi – a good guy.”

Okay, everybody else in the cast gets naked. Are they going to make the King of Mississippi get naked?

Denis O’Hare: “I hope not. I mean, you know what? I’m not ashamed of my body but I am 48 and it’s kind of like I’ve managed to go this long without doing that, you know? I mean, my sisters will be really unhappy – they’d be grossed out. I just think it’s better for everyone.”

You’ve already filmed two of them… Have you been terrible in those or are these good scenes? [and no, I didn’t mean his acting but the actions taken by the King in those scenes] What are you doing?

Denis O’Hare: “They’re fantastic scenes. The writing is unbelievably good. You know what’s great about it is that even though you’re a vampire, you’re human. And so I had this great scene recently with Vampire Bill [played by Stephen Moyer] and it was a scene between two people talking about the people that they love, and what you do with that love. Because my boyfriend in the thing is 700 years old…I’m 2300 years old and we’ve been together for 700 years. And I have this great line where I say, ‘Spend eternity together – that’s commitment.’ But, you know, the script is deep. It’s not just frivolous, and I love that about it.”

Did you watch the other two seasons?

Denis O’Hare: “I did. I was a fan, I was a fan.”

Did you read the books?

Denis O’Hare: “I read a couple of the books, just to kind of get background. You know what? They’re a different thing. I think what Alan [Ball] does is incredibly unique, and what Charlaine [Harris] did was incredibly cool because she created this world. And then he takes that world and he changes it.”

It’s still the same basic world.

Denis O’Hare: “Same basic world, yeah.”

It’s almost an alternate universe, in some cases.

Denis O’Hare: “Yeah. But in the books, I’m like 22 and have brown eyes. I’m not 22 and I have green eyes, so…”

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Pam = HBIC

It’s Friday, and I’m bored at work and feeling snarky. It must be time for a LOL.

Not much happening on the news front at the moment – except for the casting call that came out yesterday for Debbie Pelt and about 15 million other new characters. Season 3 looks to be shaping up to be even more scattered and hectic than season 2. How are they going to fit all this in?

And what, Debbie Pelt wasn’t psycho enough for you Alan? Now she needs a drug problem to make her really, really “crazy”? Why do all these bad characters need to have an excuse to be bad on True Blood? Well all except Eric, who is the spawn of Satan and has no excuse at all. Debbie was a textbook psychopath – plain and simple. She didn’t need any other personality deficits to make us hate her. How are we supposed to hate someone with a drug addiction driving their behaviour?

Pam – HBIC of them all – is not amused.

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