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“Oh, Sookie” – Oh, Noes!

Hardcore Truebie Snoop Dogg has just posted this…erm…tribute to everyone’s favourite telepathic waitress on YouTube.

I’m still chuckling as I make this post.

I guess he decided if they won’t let him on the show he’d just make his own.

Thank you Snoop for sharing your dirty, pimpy Sookie fantasies with us…I think.



Lurker-Bill to make his debut on True Blood?

Jennifer Thomas of has posted an article on the first three episodes of True Blood season 3.

There are a few interesting tidbits within, and you should head over there to read the full piece.

This little snippet is of particular interest.

This season’s big bad is the werewolves, which gives plenty of opportunities to introduce (sorry, going for the easy pun here) fresh meat. But the wolves also aren’t taking away from the main characters, but actually adding new dimensions to them. For example, it’s revealed that Bill might have had his eye on Sookie for much longer than normal.


This ties in nicely with the Televisionary review a few weeks back, which revealed the following:

…James Frain’s Franklin Mott…uncovers a very intriguing subplot that could change our perceptions of certain events in the series’ very early days.

Sophie-Anne’s edict? The Rattrays bashing? A bit of both?

Either way, it seems we are going to find out what Bill is up to long before Sookie does.

Thanks Freyja.

Sookeh. Ah must reveal to yew now things of which ah am loathe to speak. At naht, while yew are sleeping, ah lurk in your woods and ah listen to your excessively raucous relations with that detestable Vahking. Oh, and ah am here to seduce yew for mah Queen.


True Blood Bus Ads

@LafayetteTB is tweeting the pic below as a new bus ad for True Blood.

Something is seriously WHACK with Eric’s forearm and hand – and if I didn’t know better I would say this was fanart made from the original cast photo.

Not sure if it’s legit or not, but the Vault have posted it so I guess we’ll see.

If it is, it sure looks like the Powers that Be have got the message loud and clear about what we want to see.


Final Season 3 Promo – W.T.F.

I’ve watched this five times now and I really don’t know what to make of it.

Did he jump in front of a bullet that was intended for someone else?

It just doesn’t make sense that Sookie would shoot Eric on purpose, nor does it make sense that Eric would have to jump in front of a bullet intended for him in the first place – but making sense is not compulsory for this show, so whatever.

This is obviously linked to the first clip, so I’m reposting that here as well. I’m thinking the first clip actually occurs straight after this new one, since in the earlier clip Eric is lying in the hall and has already been shot.

Let it rip, peeps.

PS. Random hip porn. Phwoar. Just had to mention it.



First Look at Alcide

This scan of Sookie and Alcide from EW magazine has just gone up on Twitter.

Not sure about the facial hair – I guess it kind of works for a wolf though.

Source: @ReallyAlly via @JoeManganiello


Casting Call for Hunter

Hunter? Already?

This has come from IMDb, and unconfirmed.

TRUE BLOOD, Episode 309, “Everything Is Broken”

Director: Scott Winant
Writer: Alexander Woo
Location: L.A.
Start Date: Approx. 4/22/2010

[HUNTER] 6 years old to play Hadley’s son and Sookie’s nephew. He’s a distressed, scared little boy who, amid tears and confusion, has a telepathic conversation with Sookie at the aquarium. 7 lines (Some in voice over), 1 scene.



Nom Nom Nom….What happened to your neck, Sook?

Awww…True Blood Sookie’s first visit to the hospital. This is a sentimental moment!


Why does she have multiple wounds…ON HER NECK.

Vampire attack?

Starved, tortured, out of control vampire attack perhaps?

You can clearly see the third finger on each hand – and the engagement ring is gone (thanks Dwimordene).

More Photos:


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