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Sophie-Anne – Crazy Day Walker?

I’ve recently been listening to the audio-commentaries on the newly released Season 2 DVD.

Alan Ball, Daniel Minahan (Director) and Rutina Wesley provide the commentary for Episode 11, Frenzy.

This being the episode in which Sophie-Anne is introduced Ball and Minahan had a bit to say about her character, and where she might be headed in season 3. While he never gives much away, Ball’s overall characterization of Sophie Anne seems to be quite different to the queen we know from the books.

And that has me wondering – do we need to reconsider the basis of some of our speculations on her future role?

Here are a few tidbits from the commentary:

On the dioramas in the Queens dayroom:

BALL – We put these dioramas in front of the windows because the Queen has a fetish for acting as if she can still walk during the day. Which is something that will be further explored and explained in S3.

He then goes on to say that the costume designer’s choice to dress QSA in white works well with where they plan to go with her “obsession with light and sunlight”.

Is it possible Sophie-Anne was turned against her will and isn’t happy about being a vampire?
Shit, does that sound like anyone we know?

Bitch, you is crazy. You know it. I know it. And I need to leave, RIGHT NOW.

BALL (on SA) – this is the introduction of a character that will end up having a major impact on Sookie’s life.
I wanted to introduce her in this slow quiet way as opposed to being a crazy freak. Because believe me, she will be a crazy freak at some point.

This isn’t the first time Ball has referred to Sophie-Anne as crazy.

It is also mentioned that Sophie-Anne’s line “I do look forward to meeting her” – was an improvisation from Evan Rachel Wood.

On Hadley:

MINAHAN: Hadley is an interesting character. We really tried to show her interest when they mentioned Sookie in this scene because it’s going to figure in later on.
BALL: Because she’s Sookie’s cousin…she’s an interesting character. There are things about her we will find out.

Book QSA is ruthless, cunning, extremely intelligent and always three steps ahead of everyone else. I guess alot of us have tended to attribute the same qualities to her on True Blood, even though we haven’t really seen how this queen fits into the overall power structure or how she interacts with the vampires within it.

Is she actually an unpredictable rogue who acts on instinct, rather than with calculated planning? How did she become queen, anyway? Watching the scenes between QSA, Bill and Eric again after viewing this commentary, I am struck by how both Bill and Eric seem to be barely tolerating her – humouring her, in fact. TB Sophie-Anne is only around 500 years old – significantly younger than the queen in the books. Could she be more impulsive than the QSA we know, and how might that play out in season 3…particularly in view of the fact that it seems inevitable her drug dealing is going to get not only her, but probably Eric and Pam into big trouble with the Magister?


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