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Heads Up!

HBO are airing a new True Blood promo during tonight’s Vampire Diaries finale on CW.

Eric Northman and Damon Salvatore in one hit?

I think I just died from the awesomeness.

I will update this post with the trailer as soon as it’s available.

VAMPIRE DIARIES FINALE DISCUSSION HERE. This post is for the True Blood Promo only.


Someone please call me an ambulance because I’m about to have a fucking stroke!!!


The Vampire Diaries

While it’s slightly off-topic for this blog, I’ve been getting into this show and from the comments recently it seems alot of you are, too.

So rather than hijack the comments on the True Blood/SVM posts like we have been, I thought I’d make a post specifically for those of us who want to obsess over Elena, Stefan and Damon (at least until we have some more Sookie, Eric and Bill to obsess about).

So if you’re into the Vampire Diaries, feel free to jump in and discuss. I have given this post it’s own category over there —> so that we can find it easily.

OK, I’ll start.

I love Elena because she’s everything that True Blood Sookie should be. She’s smart, sassy, and she doesn’t take any shit…even from Stefan, who I want to hate because his shiftiness and mindgames remind me of Bill. Elena asks all the right questions and she uses her brain and mostly saves her own ass (or at least tries to) when she gets into trouble.

Damon Salvatore, you rock my world. You smarmy, evil bastard, you.

And for the love of all things dead and fangy, WHAT is the deal with Elena and Katherine???!

So sound off. What do you love, hate, or want to see happen most on this awesome show?


My ramblings on the Sookie Stackhouse books, and the HBO series True Blood. Everyone I know is already half crazed with my plot and character assassinations, conspiracy theories, theme explorations and general obsessing, so now I'm going to share it all with you. Spoilers and Viking worship are have been warned!

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