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What is wrong with this picture?

The Sookie Stackhouse series has just been released in the UK and Australia with new covers to coincide with the release of Dead in the Family.

These covers are the most vulgar, blatant display of money grubbing cross-promotion on the part of a publisher I have ever seen.

Seriously, can you people even make a half-assed attempt to at least APPEAR to give a shit about artistic integrity? We all know that you don’t, but hell, you can at least TRY. “Mary-Anne” has absolutely nothing, zero, nudder and ZILCH to do with the book on which you have chosen to plaster her image. In fact, “Mary-Anne” is actually a mere bit player in a completely different book, and she is never even mentioned in From Dead to Worse. And if artistic integrity isn’t something you’re interested in, spare a thought for paying customers. Some of them would like to have the full series with matching covers, and switching them halfway through is just fucking RUDE.

I understand that covers are changed when a series is re-released and the original artwork only ever appears on the original release. Really, I get that. And for those of you who haven’t seen Lisa Desimini’s original cover artwork without the titling and HBO marketing all over it, I would encourage you to check it out. It is creative and beautiful, and contains lots of little nods to the storyline as cover art should.

Publisher – please take note.

I would classify myself as someone who is a fan of True Blood, but who loves Charlaine Harris’ books. Seeing them DEFILED (and I hesitate to use that word here, but I will), with ill-chosen True Blood promotional images is enough to send me fair off the rails.

In the two years I have spent immersed in this fandom, I’ve seen the books bitched about, slagged off, criticised, scoffed at and ridiculed more times that I care to count. Those who view them as nothing more than an inconvenient thorn in their backside have chanted ad-nauseum that these books have NOTHING TO DO WITH True Blood, and the two will never be comparable since Alan Ball is doing HIS OWN THING. Yet when I’m looking at the characters I’ve grown to love through these books on screen, and I’m wondering if the person responsible for putting them there has even half a clue what they’re about – that’s a tough pill to swallow.

For anyone who can’t understand that, I would ask them to reflect on their expectations for The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter films. It’s really not that complicated.

So a note to the publisher, if I may.

Those who prefer the show and wish to ignore the books on which it is based seem to be fully catered for.

I happen to prefer the books, and I would very much like for you to keep Alan Ball and his fan fiction the FUCK OUT OF THEM.


FDTW – Reread Wrap Up

We have just two days left until we complete our reread of From Dead to Worse.

As the original post is now quite choked with comments and getting quite difficult to follow, I thought we could do with a fresh place to wrap up.

Did the reread raise even more questions than it answered?

What are some of the questions you feel were answered, or that you might have gained a fresh insight into?

What’s your latest half baked conspiracy theory?

For me, I think this is one of my favourite books of the series. The focus is very much on the political machinations of the vampires, and the takeover and the subplot of Quinn’s involvement had me riveted. Sookie finally seems show a vague inkling that her fortunes are tied to those of the vampires with whom she chooses to associate – and for the first time she seems to really take an interest in what is going on above her head. Keep it up Sook…some political nouse will serve you well in the coming books, I think.

Before moving on to our Dead and Gone reread in the next few days, we’d love to hear your final thoughts about Book 8.


From Dead to Worse – Reread

I was planning to start a re read of Dead and Gone in the next week or so, for those of us who wanted to brush up before the release of Dead in the Family (in 22 DAYS!!).

Since reading the full first chapter of the new book, and in particular the intrigue concerning Victor and Felipe I’ve decided to go back further – back to when these two first came on the scene.

The first chapter of DITF has thrown some unexplained events in FDTW into a whole new light.

Just a few of the questions I’m pondering:

* Is Victor planning a coup to oust Felipe, as Eric seems to believe? Or is Victor merely a puppet – playing the bad guy while Felipe keeps his hands clean?

* Was Victor behind the parking lot assault of Felipe, Eric and Sam by Sigebert?

* What is Victor’s previous relationship to Bill? (“Aaah…Compton!”)

* Why does Sam know so much about Felipe’s affairs, and is this connected to his presence in the parking lot the night Eric and Felipe were attacked?

* Why is Copely “just call me Cope” Carmichael interested enough in Sookie to be running a full scale background check on her life? And what are the terms of his business dealings with the Nevada vamps, who Sookie gives him an “in” with?

* WHO had the motive and the knowledge about the fae war and Sookie’s involvement in it, to tip off Victor in Dead and Gone? I’m sure there’s going to be a clue in FDTW somewhere that we missed, because we thought Victor and Felipe were on the same team.

* And the really BIG question – Why the FUCK is Bill on the cover of this book when he is hardly in it? (OK that’s not really relevant, but it irks me and I need to vent).

My plan is to finish FDTW by April 26, and then finish DAG by May 4 (a few days before the DITF release date).

If you’re interested in joining me in a re read and discussion of book 8 over the next two weeks or so, jump right on in.

I know I’m a total slack arse at keeping the comments on topic because…well generally I’m a slack moderator…but I’m going to be a bit stricter with this post and ask that we do try to keep discussion to this book and it’s plotlines, rather than meandering across the whole series. It’s just more conducive to discussion to keep things fairly focussed.

I’m up to chapter 3 already so get on it people!

PS. Speaking of rereads…a little fairy told me that it might be pertinent to give “Gift Wrap” another once over before the release of DITF. Just sayin’.


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