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True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten talks Vamps and Boners

Ryan Kwanten as Griff

Ryan Kwanten as Griff

Ryan Kwanten is currently home in Australia doing the promotional rounds for his new film, Griff The Invisible.

In an interview with slightly naughty, alternative radio station Triple J he discusses True Blood, the Mother of All Erections, and Jason Stackhouse – “intellectually stunted root-rat”. That’s Australian for “man-whore” in case you were wondering.

Ryan’s voice is barely recognisable without that Southern drawl!

Sorry I can’t embed this…stupid free WordPress *grumble*.

Ryan Kwanten talks vamps and boners – Triple J Radio


ASkars = GQMF

Here is your weekend eye candy. You’re welcome.

Alexander Skarsgard (and those other two from True Blood) will appear in the December issue of GQ, rocking tuxedos no less. We’ve waited quite a while to see Skarsgard get his due in GQ. Was it worth it? Oh, I think so.

You can’t half pick the former model can you? Or maybe he learned to strike a pose making Zoolander.


Props to anyone who can tell me all the photography tricks used in this shot to draw attention to Stephen Moyer and make him appear taller. It’s getting quite embarrassing the measures being taken now to shove him down our throats.

I like Moyer, but why the hell can’t they find him a decent hairdresser? Seriously, can it really be that hard?


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