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Is Sookie a Magical Null?

[This is a modified version of a post I made on a forum a few months back – so some of you may have read it already.
Since the subject of Sookie being a null came up in discussion on the DITF post, I thought I’d respost it here.]

I recently read the short story, “Lucky” from A Touch of Dead, and was intrigued by Amelia’s explanation of a “magical null”. This is a concept we haven’t seen mentioned in the full length books at all, and it seemed particularly random to have Amelia raise it outside the framework of the main story.

Amelia describes a magical null in fairly simple terms, as an exceptionally rare human who is not affected by magic. While Amelia seems to imply that this refers to witch magic I wonder if we’re meant to be seeing that as usual, Amelia doesn’t quite have the full picture.

Throughout the series we’ve seen a number of instances where Sookie is either not affected, or able to put up a pretty decent fight against various types of magic.

– She is resistant to vampire glamour, but can also submit to it by choice (CD).

LDID: she didn’t go under with the maenad when every other human present did. In fact, Callisto implies that the reaction Sookie did have was in response to the other humans – and not her magic at all. “You were close.” She said to me. “You were very close. Maybe as close as you’ll ever come. Maybe not. I’ve never seen anyone maddened by the insanity of others. An entertaining thought”.

CD: she is very aware of the stay away spell around the outside of club, but she is still able to enter both times she visits.

DTTW: During the witch war, she is very aware of the spells the witches have cast around the abandoned building, and again she is able to overcome their influence and enter.

FDTW – Niall uses magic to deflect attention from the humans in the restaurant during his first meeting with Sookie. Sookie is aware of it, but she is not affected by it.

The Blood Bond: Eric has repeatedly insinuated that the BB is not working in the way he expected it would. For example, he seems surprised when he tells her that “the bond has worked both ways”.

“Gift Wrap”: When I first read this story I thought it completely blew a hole in the theory. Sookie is put under a spell by a fae posing as a were. But after some wider reading I found that in some faery mythology, the fae are immune to most types of magic but can be bewitched by other fae. Which of course, Preston is. Interestingly, Charlaine Harris is following established mythology regarding vampires, weres, shifters and the fae reasonably faithfully.

Charlaine Harris has said that Sookie won’t get any new abilities – but since this trait has actually been evident since the early books, it’s not new. It seems to have been there since the beginning, though it hasn’t received the attention in her writing that Sookie’s telepathy has. Although Sookie knows she can’t be glamoured, she doesn’t seem to have connected the dots with other types of magic yet either. Could that be coming down the line?

If Sookie is a magical null or some variation of this, it would seem to me that this trait is separate to her telepathy, and one that would make her even more valuable and special. Amelia makes a point of mentioning how rare this is and says in the story that she has only met one null before. She also notes that it takes an experienced witch to identify one. Perhaps CH is offering an explanation here for why Amelia herself hasn’t recognised it…yet?

I think this idea needs some refining – and that perhaps it may be a bit off the mark in some respects. Even so, given the examples above and the fact that this idea has been mentioned very specifically by another character, I think that eventually we will see some variation of it starting to play out. I think that definitely we are going to find out that there is something else going on with Sookie that is going make alot of these loose pieces fall into place.

I firmly believe that by the end of this series Sookie will have found her true place in the supe world, and some of us have speculated that it may turn out to be a more formalised, mediator type of role – rather than simply a telepath to be used purely for her unique abilities. She is already doing mediation type work in an informal capacity anyway, mainly because she can’t help getting involved in things she probably shouldn’t. A more developed ability to ward off the effects of different types of magic would be a valuable skill in this scenario – especially when combined with her telepathy.


A Touch of Dead – Essential Sookie?

ATOD2A Touch of Dead (released last month) is a compilation of five previously published Sookie short stories brought together in one cute little volume. Each story has a “slot” in Sookie’s timeline, and is set in between books in the main series.

I’ve heard a few mutterings about this book being overpriced and over hyped. Pfft haters, I say. Sookie-junkies will be fascinated by the extra insights into characters and plot offered here that aren’t contained in the full length books. While most of these stories aren’t integral to understanding the books, they certainly add some extra “shades to the palette” in terms of our understanding of the characters.

Fairy Dust & Dracula Night (both set after Book 4 – Dead to the World)
DTTWIn Fairy Dust, Sookie helps Claude and Claudine to discover what happened to their sister, Claudette. Bet you didn’t know that Claudine and Claude were actually triplets – the third sibling being Claudette who has gone missing in this short story.

I was really looking forward to Dracula Night because, well…it’s all about Eric. So what’s not to like, right? Well quite a bit, as it turned out.

Eric seems to again take temporary leave of his senses and turns into a fawning fanboy in anticipation of a visit from the Prince of Darkness himself, Count Dracula. His behaviour in this story, especially the first half was completely disconcerting and just felt out of character to me. And Sookie seemed as freaked out by his personality transplant as I was. Who is this Eric? The usually cool, calm and unflappable Eric – preening and fluffing, and outright obsessing over table decorations? Running at the mouth with nerves? I kept waiting for Pam to slip him a valium or something. Um, I will have the real Eric back now please Charlaine. And don’t ever emasculate him like that again. Eric tells fucking ELVIS what to do! He is a BAMF – you hear me? A BAMF!

This story was clearly an attempt to “cutesy” him a little. Perhaps Harris was aiming to make him more endearing. Well it failed on me and I already love him. Maybe she was trying to make him more appealing to Bill fans by giving him a sappy, spineless side. I doubt she achieved much of that either – at last check they still hate him so it’s Situation Normal there. I jest. In all seriousness, I guess the point of all this schmoozing was to show both Sookie and the reader that Eric’s ego actually does know bounds, and there are still some things that impress him. Being that we are now five books on from this story – and Sookie still likes to tell herself Eric is a self absorbed egomaniac most of the time – I think you might need a bigger stick Charlaine.

There was but one redeeming line in this sappy-sap-fest and it came courtesy of Pam, of course. “Thank you for helping Eric when I couldn’t”, Pam said. “My maker is a big idiot about the prince.”

We are SO on the same page girlfriend.

One Word Answer (set after Book 5 – Dead as a Doornail)
DAADSo hands up if you were as confused I was in Definitely Dead (Book 6) when Sookie started talking about Mr Cataliades and Queen Sophie-Anne as if they were her long lost BFF’s? Then she started rambling on about Hadley’s murder, and I started to think that I’d missed a memo. I actually dug out the previous book to check that I hadn’t missed a chapter.  No, I didn’t so….what the hell?

As it turns out, Sookie meets both Mr C and Sophie-Anne for the first time in One Word Answer. They arrive in Bon Temps to inform her of Hadley’s death, and to give her the opportunity to pass judgement on her killer.

Not only do we find out what happened to Hadley and get a sneak peak at Sophie-Anne before she takes a central role in the next book, but reading between the lines a little there are also some tasty hints about Bill’s Dirty Secret. You know the one? Of course you do.

Of all the short stories, One Word Answer is probably the one that contributes most to the bigger story, and it definitely makes the whole Hadley situation in Book 6 much easier to follow. If you only read one of the short stories, this would be my pick. Then you won’t be flipping through your copy of DAAD until it’s dog eared and falling apart, trying to work out what you missed like I did.

Lucky (set after Book 7 – All Together Dead)
ATDIn the story that probably held the least interest for me, Sookie and her friend Amelia Broadway are asked to investigate a business-related problem for local amateur witch/insurance agent, Greg Aubert.  There is only so much luck to go around in Bon Temps, and it seems Greg is commanding more than his fair share.

My interest was piqued though at Amelia’s explanation of a “magical null” – a human who is unaffected by magic. According to Amelia, these humans are exceptionally rare. We have never seen this concept explored in the full length books. Is this one of those little “bombs in the garden” that Harris is keeping to set off later? She admits that she does this when she writes, and it struck me that the magical null was mentioned more than once in this story. Like we should be taking notice of it. Our Sookie appears to be quite resistant to various forms of magic – maenads, vampires and witches all seem to find her slightly problematic when it comes to making her submit to their influence. Hmmm.

Gift Wrap (set after From Dead to Worse – Book 8)
FDTWIt’s Christmas Eve, and Sookie is home all alone. Niall Brigant, her fae prince relative decides to give her a Christmas gift that he knows she will appreciate. His gift comes in the form of a fairy disguised as a Were – a Were who shows up naked and injured in Sookie’s woods. “Hmmm…a hot, naked, injured guy in her woods?” I hear you say. “We can’t even begin to imagine what Sookie might do with him.” Let’s take a wild stab – the same thing she did with that other hot, naked, memory-impaired guy she found in her woods a while back? Seems like this little boy lost routine is guaranteed to bring out Trampy!Sookie every time.

We all know she’s a hornbag, Niall. You don’t get any extra points for working that out.

I personally don’t mind this story, but we can pick it apart anyway. Coming so late in the series, some readers have felt that this incident cheapened Sookie and essentially had her behaving like a two-bit whore. The second big whinge is that it is just plain creepy for her great-great-grandfather to be sending her a good screw for Christmas, no matter how much she might have needed one. I can kind of understand that some people would find that…offputting.

But let’s not forget that Niall isn’t human. He isn’t constrained by the social mores that we humans observe. He knew Sookie hadn’t been getting any for a while – what with Quinn on the outs and Eric preoccupied in Shreveport with that pesky takeover. He knew she enjoyed sex, and he knew what would appeal to her. So he sent it, hoping it would make her happy. And it did. He doesn’t have any moral hangups to contend with, so I’m cool with that. Maybe next Christmas he’ll give her one of those Twilight dildos.

If you can’t get enough of Sookie and her world and want to know every last juicy detail, you should find A Touch of Dead to be a worthwhile read. If nothing else, it’s a great way to kill time until Dead In the Family is released next May.


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