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UK TV Interview with Stephen Moyer

I hate Bill.

You all know how much I hate Bill and most of you probably share the sentiment.

Such is my loathing for the character of Bill, that I often find myself wishing that the guy playing him on True Blood wasn’t so damn likeable.

I just watched this interview Stephen Moyer gave on British TV a few days ago, and I have to say I laughed out loud.

While Moyer is usually fairly relaxed and open in interviews, he seems a little more…I don’t know…disarmed perhaps, being interviewed on his own turf by a fellow Brit.

Watch for the Bill fangs, and in part two for the most hilarious imitation of a 14 year old Twilight fan you will ever see.

Even though there’s not much Bill love around here, I have to hand it to Stephen Moyer. He really is a charming guy.

Part 2

Source: Lastlimbo via The Vault.


“Horrid Inevitability”

“There was a slight difference in the way he looked up at me in the next moment, and I had a feeling of horrid inevitability – like when you see your car begin to roll downhill…and you know there’s no way you can catch up to it and put on the brakes, no matter how much you want to. That car is gonna crash.”
~Sookie, Dead to the World~

Why do I think of that quote every time I see pictures of these three together?

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ASkars = GQMF

Here is your weekend eye candy. You’re welcome.

Alexander Skarsgard (and those other two from True Blood) will appear in the December issue of GQ, rocking tuxedos no less. We’ve waited quite a while to see Skarsgard get his due in GQ. Was it worth it? Oh, I think so.

You can’t half pick the former model can you? Or maybe he learned to strike a pose making Zoolander.


Props to anyone who can tell me all the photography tricks used in this shot to draw attention to Stephen Moyer and make him appear taller. It’s getting quite embarrassing the measures being taken now to shove him down our throats.

I like Moyer, but why the hell can’t they find him a decent hairdresser? Seriously, can it really be that hard?


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