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Sunday Skars – Redux

Some new eye candy is doing the rounds today, and it set me to pondering just how long it’s been since we indulged in some blatant worship of the pretty that is Alexander Skarsgard.

Okay, so it’s only been a week. But that’s still six days too long. And technically, we were worshipping his ass.

These images come from Skarsgard News – if you aren’t a fan on Facebook you need to become one. They are promising us two previously unseen photos a day until True Blood returns on June 13.

While we’re on the subject of a certain tall blond hunk of Swede, the girls at The Sookieverse have just posted an advance review of Straw Dogs. For those of you who may have been living under a rock for the last year, this is the feature film Alex made with Kate Bosworth. (Thanks Nicole!)


Monday Skars

Yeah yeah, I know I was incredibly slack yesterday and failed to deliver Sunday Skars on time.

I had a hangover. And it was not pretty, not at all.

Moving on, today we have some Metropia publicity shots taken with Juliette Lewis.

I love Juliette. I love ASkars. Put them both together and well…I JUST LOVE.

She is soooo tiny next to him. It’s cute.

More images at the source.


Sunday Skars

Let’s just say you’re hanging out at some hip California music festival on the weekend, listening to some tunes with friends.

You’re lying on your blanky, enjoying the sunshine. All of a sudden, completely out of the blue….AKSARS CROTCH IS ALL UP IN YOUR FACE.

Yes, that is what happened to this lucky, lucky girl when she attempted a crotch grab. Well, she might have been trying to fix his shirt…but I doubt it because that is the last thing anyone with a pulse is doing while anywhere near the GP. Would you care about the shirt? NO.

Some bitches get all the luck.



Sunday Skars

It has been a week of Eric and Skars overload but I’ll tell you this…too much is NEVER enough.

There’s no connecting theme this week, unless random pretty is a theme!

Most of us saw this fine example of jaw dropping arm porn earlier in the week, but only in a thumbnail. Click the pic for the full effect. I do believe it’s time I changed my wallpaper…


Another shot that you’ve probably already seen, but in the magazine it appeared cropped above the waist. Probably to cut out those ugly pleated pants that are giving me horrible Eric wardrobe flashbacks. I love this image, it kind of doesn’t look like him at all though.

I found this on tumblr and I just thought it was cute.

Are you sure you don’t need any help with your little….*ahem* problem, there Skars? I’d be happy to lend you a hand. Really, it’s NO trouble at all…

I fucking LOVE this pic. These two = TOTAL BADASS.
And never mind the Black Tank of Doom and the See Through Tee…at THE SAME TIME!
I am seriously so happy the weather is warming up in the northern hemisphere. Since he loves to recycle his clothing for FIVE YEARS at a time, I’m hopeful that me and the tank and the tee will have at least three more blissful summers together. *sigh*

And finally, a gif from the LA Times interview a month or so back. The headthrow is so very effective with the manliner. LOL.


Happy Sunday!


Sunday Skars

A man can only smoulder into a camera for so long.

Eventually, even the hottest man will let the facade slip, and for a brief moment we see that they are human after all.

Behold GoofySkars!

I don’t think this was actually him trying to be funny here but I laugh every time I look at this, so what the hell:


And finally…Skars with a Pornstache. Really, how can you go wrong?



Sunday Skars

Librarians and college professors are not my usual fantasy fodder.

And I don’t usually find thirty three year old men dressed up like my grandad in a cardie and tie all that hot either.

But hot DAMN. I could be convinced.

I could be very, very easily convinced.

Source: Skarsgard News

This video is scenes from his 2006 film “Cuppen”, and there is much pretty.

The Skarsbrow is off the chain, there’s a damn fine looking black tank making multiple appearances…and watch for a premonition of Eric at :40

by xMissAlexax


Sunday Skars

This image from a few days ago is the source of inspiration for this week’s Sunday Skars.

Let us all bow in worship to the Mighty Skarsbrow, it is an entity unto itself. Its fame is now so widespread, it needs its own agent.

And to finish off some Skarsbrow, Eric style. The brow is kept on a leash when he’s playing Eric. But it will not be restrained!



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