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This is a guest post by Viking Lover.

After a long, and sometimes excruciating, nine month wait, True Blood’s Season 3 premiere is now only one week away. Judging from all of the spoilers released and the promos we have seen, I think this new season is going to be one hell of a ride. I am extremely excited!

In anticipation (and celebration) of the premiere, SVB thought it might be fun for all of us to post our Season 3 predictions. I have really enjoyed reading everyone’s analysis, theories, and predictions over the past few months so it will be fun to consolidate them into one place then meet back here at the end of the Season to see how many we got right.

So to kick things off, here are my (sometimes crazy) Season 3 predictions:

Eric and Sookie: I think the writers are going to combine the emotional intimacy and trust that was reached in LDID and Club Dead into S3. There is a lot that I have seen in the promos and heard in interviews that remind me of their relationship in these two books. I predict we’ll get one genuine and real (no more dream sequences please!) kiss between them by the end of S3. I also predict that Eric will pay for Sookie’s house cleaning/repairs by the end of the season.

Eric: I am extremely excited that our beautiful TB Viking will now be up front and center where he belongs. I fully believe that we will see his character evolve – hints of which were already apparent during the middle to end of last Season. I do believe this evolution will be a gradual process, I do not expect grand gestures in the first episode, but I believe that by the end of S3 we’re going to see an interesting growth arc in our Viking. Don’t get me wrong, TB Eric will never be a saint and he will always remain a complicated character, but that’s just the way I like him. He will always remain a true to form “vampire”, but he will be a vampire that genuinely falls in love with a human. And I think he’s going to fall quite hard for Sookie.

Bill: Ah Bill, Season 3 will not be a good one for you my friend. Bill’s descent in S3 will not be a graceful one and I’ll be honest, I’m looking forward to seeing the fall. It has been a long time coming and validation for us EL’s is long overdue. Not to worry, our time has finally come! We will see some truly awful things from Bill this season that will not be easily explained away. Some will try but they will not succeed.

Bill’s Kidnapping and Rescue: No matter what type of misdirection AB tries to throw our way, I still say Bill is kidnapped by Russell (with Lorena’s help). Since Bill works for QSA, I believe that he has inside information that Russell wants and I do not think it will have anything to do with the selling of V since Russell himself seems to be distributing it within is area. I think it will be something far worse and he wants to use this information as leverage against Sophie Anne. His goal is to force her to form an alliance with him and consolidate their territories, since an obvious takeover would lead to too much attention from the Vampire Heirarchy.

Russell knows that Bill can be easily manipulated to give him what he wants (by threatening Sookie) and he also knows that Bill is ambitious. He will try to woo Bill but his attempts at gaining his confidence will ultimately fail. Bill will go along at first but in the end will refuse to turn on QSA. Russell, growing impatient and exasperated at Bill’s lack of cooperation, will order the Weres to torture Bill in order to get the information he seeks. The Weres will take Bill to a location outside of Russell’s compound and that is how Sookie and Eric will be able to gain access and mount a rescue without Eric being discovered by Russell. Debbie Pelt will discover the plan, alert the Weres (one of which is her fiance), and the Weres will set a trap for them. They will overpower Eric (similar to how Bubba is captured in the books), and Debbie Pelt will lock Sookie in a room with a starved and “sleep” deprived Bill. Bill, in a state of total blood lust, will attack Sookie and this will involve an attempted rape. Meanwhile, out of guilt, love, and remorse, Lorena will free Eric, and together they will kill the Weres. Eric will reach Sookie in time to save her from Bill but she will be extremely injured by then. Lorena will help Eric get both Bill and Sookie out and Russell will end up killing Lorena for her betrayal.

Back at Alcide’s, Eric will take care of Sookie (similar to LDID after she escaped the FOTS) and will try to save Sookie’s life by attempting to give her his blood. She will refuse it because she’ll be afraid of strengthening the “ blood bond” between them. He and Alcide will be forced to take her to the hospital.

Russell: Russell will turn out to be the equivalent of Steve Newlin – he’s very unhappy with the state of vampire affairs. I think he and his little army of Weres are gearing up to start a “race” war and are trying to instill fear through the murder of both vampires and fangbangers, in order to make it look as though the two worlds cannot coexist. I think his ultimate goal of trying to acquire QSA’s area involves obtaining more wealth to fund this operation.

Franklin Mott: Russell sent Franklin Mott to Bon Temps to obtain information that he can use against Bill. Franklin will turn out to be a not-so-nice guy and he will turn on Tara, just like in the books. Lafayette will have to save Tara yet again and he will turn to Eric or Pam for help. I don’t feel this will be resolved in S3 though – I think it may continue into S4.

The Magister: The Magister is more concerned with Russell’s plans than with the selling of the V. He and the AVL want to keep this as quiet as possible so he forces Eric, by using the V and Pam’s safety as leverage, into taking Russell out. This is when Eric will have to seduce Talbot to gain access to the mansion. Talbot will die trying to save Russell’s life.

QSA and the V: I still think there is more to the V selling than money. It seems to me that QSA did not force Eric to start selling V until after he was already in Dallas. Before that time, Eric was cracking down on the selling of V. This tells me that whatever information he acquired intrigued QSA enough to force him into distributing V. Therefore, like many of you, I think it will turn out that QSA is trying to locate a very powerful V addicted witch. Based on what we now know about QSA’s obsession with daylight, I think she is hoping this witch (and Sookie’s blood) will help her attain her goal of walking during the day.

Yvetta: I still believe the witches sent Yvetta as a spy. Both Eric and Pam will begin to “smell a rat”, and Pam will feed Yvetta misinformation in order to trap her and confirm their suspicions. Yvetta will fall for the bait and Pam/Chow/Eric will interrogate her to find out who sent her. Yvetta, being a witch herself, will spell Eric with amnesia as revenge and Chow will kill her accidentally before they force her to reverse it. This will all lead into S4 where the witches will seek revenge for Yvetta’s death and will try to mount an attack against QSA.

Now it’s your turn. Share your predictions for Season 3 here!


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