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Just Sayin’

3.01: Arlene – “I’m sorry you fell in love with a serial killer, but honestly, who here hasn’t?”

You oughta know Arlene, since you were engaged to one.

3.02: Talbot – “I just redecorated the guest room. Wait until you see the bed…Bill, it’s marvellous! It once belonged to Countess Elizabeth Bathory, Hungary’s legendary serial killer.

Rumor has it, that she loved to torture virgins and bathe in their blood.”


Fast Facts: Elizabeth Bathory’s bloodlust was the stuff of legend. So legendary, in fact, that she is often compared to Vlad the Impaler – the historical figure upon whom Count Dracula is based.



Just Sayin’


Important Event #1
Bill would like to impress Sookie, her grandmother and the good folk of Bon Temps who are still a bit skeeved out by vampires. See Bill give a speech at Adele Stackhouse’s history club in front of the whole town, no less! This is a Big Deal.

He wears his Sunday best – casual, clean pressed shirt, and an inoffensive beige suit. Conservative and genteel, Bill is the very epitome of a Southern Gentleman.

Important Event #2
Bill requires an audience with his Queen, in order to secure her assistance with a pesky maenad. See Bill visit her palace, sans Sookie or the prying eyes of anyone from Bon Temps. This is a Big Deal.

He wears his Sunday best. Contemporary and stylish, Bill is the epitome of an urban metrosexual male in a black leather jacket, funky dark denim…


Damn, Bill! You look HOT! Really, you do! Especially when you swagger your fine ass down that walkway. In fact, I was so distracted by your triumphant return to your former hotness, that I didn’t even notice how completely removed from your usual clothing choices this ensemble actually is! You trickster Bill, you look nothing like the Bill Compton we know so well! You know, the one with a penchant for the slightly old fashioned in dowdy neutral tones. Jeans? Leather? You should keep it up! It’s sexy!

Important Event #3
Only 48 hours after his visit to the Queen, Bill plans to ask for his fair lady’s hand in marriage. See Bill take her to dinner and dancing at an upscale French restaurant. This is a Big Deal.

He wears his Sunday best – dark suit, crisp white shirt and a tie which is tastefully coordinated with Sookie’s dress (a deliberate choice, of course). Conservative and genteel, Bill is once again the very epitome of a Southern Gentleman.

Maybe Bill’s makeover wasn’t really working for him?

That’s the only possible explanation for this completely bizarre, out of character version of adult dress-ups…isn’t it?

“Not everyone wants to dress up and play human, Bill” – Diane (S01 – “Mine”).

Just Sayin’.

And while we’re on the subject of leather dress-ups…is anyone in the mood for a conspiracy theory?



Just Sayin’

Season 1, Episode 2: First Taste

Sookie is bashed by the Rattray’s while Sam lurks around the parking lot. Bill feeds Sookie his blood.

Season 2, Episode 11: Frenzy

Eric: Why should I help you? Shifter.
Sam: Because I need your help. We need it. And hopefully some day I might be able to give you something you need.

S: So can you help us or not?
E: I do know someone who might be able to offer something useful…might.
[And Eric “might” help you Sam. If you give him something useful in return.]

S: You have my cellphone number. [He does? Since when?]
E: I’ll let you know if I learn anything of use to you.

Bill: That was really quite desperate of you. Trickin’ her into drinking your blood, so she became attracted to you.
E: Unlike you, who fed her your blood the very night you met.
B: How do you know that?

E: So you’re not denying it?
E: Isn’t that convenient?

Shifty shifter is SHIFTY.

Just sayin’.


Amnesia Eric – Just Sayin’

“I’m cold,” I said gently, and he let me lie beside him, pulling the covers up over us. I propped myself up on one elbow and he lay on his side, so we were facing each other. – DTTW

There was a blanket at the end of the bed and he pulled it up over me. He turned his back to me for a moment and I heard his shoes hit the floor. The he got under the blankets with me and propped himself up on one elbow. – DAG
“That confirms my bad opinion of humans in general,” Eric said. He pulled my coat off my shoulders, looked at it with distaste, hung it on the back of one of the chairs pushed in under the kitchen table. “You are beautiful.” – DTTW

“Don’t worry, you’re beautiful,” Eric said quietly. He leaned over to unbuckle my seat belt (to my astonishment), and as he straightened he kissed me again, this time on the mouth. – FDTW

“When this witch is defeated, I would bring you to my side. I will share everything I have with you. Every vampire who owes me fealty will honor you.” -DTTW

“If I live through this,” Clancy said, “I’ll ask you to release me from my vow, Eric, and I’ll seek another master. I find the idea of dying in the defense of a human woman to be disgusting, no matter what her connection to you is.”
“If you die,” Eric said, “you’ll die because I, your sheriff, ordered you into battle. The reason is not pertinent.”
Clancy nodded. “Yes, my lord.” – DAG

…”Victor told our King that I was lying in an attempt to save my human lover from the fae. He said vampire lives must not be lost in the rescue of a human.” – DITF
As I lay wrapped up in Eric’s arms, humming a little wordless tune as I traced the line of his shoulder
with an idle finger, I was bone-deep grateful for the pleasure he’d given me. A piece of happiness should never be taken as due.
“Thank you,” I said, my face pressed to his silent chest. – DTTW

“Eric leaned over on one elbow, and his big hand pressed my face against his chest” – DITF


Dead to the World was written with a clear purpose in mind and reading it, you wonder how we could ever even doubt where Harris is going. Eric is the only suitor to have an entire book devoted to his character development.

He might have had amnesia, but this was not a “different” Eric. This was real Eric, stripped to his core being. Amnesia Eric was the Eric that is beneath the political animal forged of a thousand years of necessity. AE was a deliberate glimpse of Eric’s potential for growth and change.

Just Sayin’.

Image: aecr


just sayin’

Season 1, Episode 11: To Love is to Bury.

I watched season 1 of True Blood before I read the books. On the first watch I was oblivious to pretty much everything, including the scene below.

On my second watch of season 1, this shot came on screen and I damn near spat my wine out my nose.

That tiger would have stood out to a bookie regardless of where they stuck it – it’s not exactly subtle – but in ERIC’S office?

Let the cockfight begin!

Just sayin’…babe.


Just Sayin’

S1 – Episode 9: Plasir D’Amour

Bill: Sookie must be protected.
Eric: Now that sounds like an edict. But it couldn’t be…because I would know about that.

S1 – Episode 10: I Don’t Wanna Know

Sam: I thought you, of all people would understand.
Sookie: Why? Because I’m dating a vampire?
Sam: Because you of all people, know what it’s like to live with a secret.

Sookie: I don’t hide who I am.
Sam: I’ve wanted to tell you for years!
Sookie: I kissed you! And I know you wanted to do more than that.
When were you gonna tell me? Before? Or after?

S2 – Episode 12: Beyond Here Lies Nothin’

Bill: I am grateful that you would reveal your gift for the sake of the town.
Sam: It took me this long to realise that you suffer alot more hiding something, than you do if you face up to it.
Bill: *guilt face*

Sam’s moment of clarity foreshadows Bill’s betrayal.

Just sayin.


Just sayin’

[MA shows up in Gran’s wedding dress]
S: “You have no right to wear that dress!”.
MA: “I know I should have asked, but I couldn’t find you!
You’ll probably never use it anyway.”

S: “I’ve dreamed of this since I was a girl…and in my dreams, I always say “yes”.
B: “Then it ought to be easy”.
S: “Then why can’t I say it?”


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