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Charlaine Harris – Not So Keen on WTF Plotlines…

Digital Spy has a new interview with Charlaine Harris in which she finally admits that Alan Ball ran with a plot line in True Blood that she doesn’t like.

How does the series compare to the books?
“They’re very different in a lot of ways. The plot has been altered quite a bit and there’s more material that I didn’t write because they’re having to bring in the secondary characters and buff them up. There are some great differences, but as Alan promised me, he is staying true to the spirit of the books – and that’s what I wanted.”

Have there been any changes that you didn’t like?
“There have been some sub-stories that I wasn’t as nuts about as others, but there hasn’t been anything I’ve really hated. I wasn’t too keen on the voodoo story, but I see now why they introduced it in the second season. Once I saw it, it all made sense.”

Well I never expected anything like that to happen here! Proof that True Blood writers have a sadistic sense of humour.

Keep talking Charlaine. I would give my right arm to find out what she *really* thinks of this mess.

Would you be up for writing an episode?
“No. I’m too busy! I know that sounds pretentious, but I can’t imagine trying to make the time for that.”

Correct answer Charlaine. Her complete non-involvment with True Blood keeps it firmly in the category of fanfic where it belongs.

Next thing she’ll be writing True Blood episodes and Ball will be writing Book 11.

OMFG I think I just felt my brain snap.

How many more Sookie Stackhouse books do you have planned?
“I don’t plan anything! I’m signed through book 13, and I’ll consider whether or not to finish the series probably when I’m writing the next book.”

I was thinking we could be looking for signs of a wind up in DITF, but I guess not. I really do hope that she decides to finish Sookie’s story with the 13th book. As far as the HEA goes she is going to be pushing her luck to even stretch things that far. Alot of readers are getting fed up and it’s a very fine line between creating suspense, and stringing something out well past its use-by date. I don’t necessarily agree with accusations that she is milking a cash cow at this point – Eric and Sookie have a been a slow burn since the beginning, and in fairness to Charlaine I don’t think she’s drawing things out now any more than she could have been accused of doing earlier in the series. I can, however, see a point in the very near future where this will cross into cash cow territory if Sookie doesn’t make a decision.

The only way I could get on board with this series going longer than 13 books would be if the HEA question is resolved – soon – and we see Sookie continue her adventures with that person by her side. I find it hilarious that Charlaine insists her books aren’t romances, yet the question of who Sookie will choose has monopolised the whole series and caused a total schism in the fandom. I would love to read about Sookie with her someone (erm…her VIKING someone) after all of this “will they or won’t they?” drama is off the table. Interestingly, Charlaine is considering this possibility:

I hadn’t envisioned the series continuing beyond Sookie’s final choice, but it very well could. I’ve read some excellent books that took place after the heroine or hero bonded with the love of his/her life. I’m certainly thinking about it.

Interesting choice of words…”Bonded”. Just sayin’.

Anyway, back to the Digital Spy interview…

You’ve said before that you have no plans to turn Sookie into a vampire. Why is that?
“I just think it would be a betrayal of the character. That is totally unappealing to me.”

Finally, how likely is it that you’ll kill Sookie off in the last book?
“Killed?! Oh no, no, no! I don’t think you really need to worry about that!”

I really do think we can strike turned Sookie or dead Sookie off the list of possible outcomes. Harris has been insistent all the way that neither of these things are going to happen, and it’s reassuring to hear her say it again. I would hate either of these endings and I absolutely agree with her that turning Sookie would be a complete betrayal of her character.


Just sayin’

[MA shows up in Gran’s wedding dress]
S: “You have no right to wear that dress!”.
MA: “I know I should have asked, but I couldn’t find you!
You’ll probably never use it anyway.”

S: “I’ve dreamed of this since I was a girl…and in my dreams, I always say “yes”.
B: “Then it ought to be easy”.
S: “Then why can’t I say it?”


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